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Chris Rock

Defends Tracy Morgan, Then Backtracks

6/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Rock came to the defense of fellow comedian Tracy Morgan after Tracy's homophobic rant became public ... then backed off his support a little, saying he doesn't "support it at all."

Morgan's rant went down during a show in Nashville last week. Among his remarks, he said if his son ever came out to him, he "better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death."

Morgan has since apologized for the remarks, but Rock had Tracy's back on Friday when he tweeted, "I dont know about you, but I dont want to live in world where Tracy Morgan cant say foul inappropriate s**t."

But Rock got back online last night and explained that he hadn't heard everything Tracy had said, until now. He explained, "wow i get it that s**t wasn't called for and i don't support it at all. now can i please go to the tony awards without getting my ass kicked."


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"God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve"
That's true and they were also caucasian, not black. This man needs to realise that he shouldn't be picking on a minority, as he is one.

1193 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Since Harvey allowed someone to print a whole section of Black jokes, I suppose I am within my right to post my own.

In one of Steve Harvey's acts he said, "What did yall think about that long movie the Titanic. White people are always jumping into some chit. We know what is going to happen, so, just bring on the water and drown the M'Fkrs. This is on a DVD I have. Should M'Fkers protest, should whites protest? There were whites in the audience but I guess they don't read trash rags to let you know about the jokes, they just pay money and hear it.

Before you pitch a bitch, All three Black comedians on that night used the N word countless of times. They spoke about weakness, strengths, habits and ignorance. There are parts in this DVD that I fast forward because I don't want to hear it. IT WAS A COMEDY SHOW.

When we have to be call monkeys in non comedy settings, being called worthless, wishing us death, all because of something we cannot change, I don't see that as fun, but hate. I have heard white people make black jokes in their shows and people there understood where they were and had the option to never pay to be present again. On the other hand, I have heard these same words used against blacks when a comedy show was not in view. I dealt with it.

I really hope some of you sensitive gays try and take this matter to court. I would jump up and down with happiness, then the ones in court can listen to DVD's from other Comedy acts and feel real stupid about all but killing Tracy.

What gives you so much knowledge that you think you can hear comedy and know that that person really meant what he said? If you could do that, perhaps you could assist the children who are gay and want to commit suicide because of it.

People have a choice about their sexual activities, people have a choice about their visits to a comedy show. That is your business.

If gays were really proud, they would not whine so much or they would do something different. Have you noticed how many times gays use the word "straight?" Hello......... If you think you are going to kill comedy by outing Tracy's acts, think again. What makes you think gays should be hurt by hearing a comedy act about you, but not get upset about comedy acts about mentally ill children? There are people who will keep filling every seat at shows, and there is not one damn thing you can do to stop it.

I hate this has happened because I adore so many who choose to be with the same sex, and I will continue to do that because I enjoy their talents. Please don't make it bad for all gay people. When you continue picking, as you have for the last few weeks, you urge people to say things they normally would not have said. Everyone who tell gay jokes is not a bigot against the life style, just as I have had to learn that not every non white person who makes jokes or heat of the moment rants, are not prejudiced against me.

My most favorite person in entertainment is Elton, love him, but he might call someone a

Gosh people, lets get on with our lives. This helps no one, no causes. I know you are sick of my rants, but, I have even been upset with our black activists when they complained about certain situations. I don't think the white actor who ranted and said naughty racial words in his home, but was taped by his lover should catch heat about it. She should.... for trying to start a racial war. When we learn to know the difference between heat of the moment rants, jokes and pure hatred, we will learn that understanding, but not supporting can work wonders.

Now my last on this subject......I have read recently about gays being concerned about young people killing themselves because they are gay. If they do, you should not try to blame anyone else. We are in control of our lives, but children do need help. What you are doing here, is telling those children that you all have no backbone, you are telling them that other people who do not believe as you do are haters and if you happen to hear somethng that got your undies in a knot, scream to the world and make more people listen to you. When people say anything against your life style, the first thing you do is call them names, say evil things about them, and expect a fake apology to dry your weeping eyes. It is you, your actions toward non gays, and your constant crying that is going to have more negativeness for young gay children. As adults, our job is to protect our children not teach them to let every negative word send them to the medicine cabinet, but to stand taller.

With all the name calling, evil acts, seperations, differentials, unfair treatments, it is not common to hear of a Black child committing suicide because of racial hatred.

Put a lil love in our hearts....start over....I'm willing.

1193 days ago


Yes, you may, Chris Rock. And you can hold you head up like the proud and decent man that you are. Live and let live.

1193 days ago


two peas in a pod.

1193 days ago


No, it isn't funny for Morgan to be criticized for his remarks--appropriate, but not funny (just as his routine wasn't funny.) The article here is about Tracy Morgan, thus the comments are about Tracy Morgan. No one here has said that it's okay to make fun of a religion.

1193 days ago


Tracy Morgan is often buffoonish and constantly unintelligent and his attempts at comedy reflect those facts. I would not pay 1 penny to see or hear him. Ignorance like his is never entertaining unless you're a fool too.

1193 days ago


Hollywood will not tolerate disparaging talk about gays. The gay lifestyle is part of the inner fabric of Hollywood and permeates the pinnacles of power within that community.

The minute Rock opened his mouth his handlers, who are gay or bow to those that are, put the hammer on him. Now he just Chris Pebbles.

1193 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Last time......Does anyone remember a certain movie about a certain comic becoming the first black President....Do you remember in that movie ...there was a line saying...." Did_____kill JonBene?" Now that is something that should have ROCKED the comic's future payday. Coward.

1193 days ago

tom slick    

CHRIS ROCK is a ****** anyway and a RACIST....his FIRST inclination was right one,, then he got scared...grow some balls people..let the IDIOTS take you to KEEP backing off and ALL your rights will soon be MONITORED EVER time you say a WORD! **** are FUNNY..joke about them..just like Kentuckian jokes..ya don,t see them crying do ya..? Hell no, it,s the TWINKS and BLKACKE who are RACIST..white folk don,t care, they have the BRAINS to know it,s a JOKE..but in REALITY..the ONLY one,s who like **** are..MOM, DAD...and BUBBA!

1193 days ago


welcome to a gay world these ******** cry and wine about every thing ppl been makeing racist jokes 4 ever and no one says anything but they always want apologizes for these ppl thats because deep down they know its not right no matter how right it feels on the surface,some **** should stay behind close doors if you dont want ppl commenting on it

1193 days ago


Gay ppl need to quit trying to act tlike they're special! Not everyone enjoys being around gay ppl. Doesn't mean they hate you, they may just be uncomortable. I thought his jokes were hilarious. And the comment about his son, I don't think he would really do that, it was just making the joke funnier. I don't see WHY he should have to apologize! I thought we live in a country where we have free speech ppl! Just cuz you don't like what he said, TOO BAD! He can say whatever he feels. Anytime someone says what they feel about gay ppl they wanna takwe things to a whole new level. Being gay is not normal ppl! It is NOT how God intended for you to be! That's just some NASTY gross and disgusting things they to to the same sex!!

I say Tracy, say what you wanna say and do what u gotta do without apologies! PPL always trying to be so politically "correct". As if these ppl don't make remarks about other ppl!

1193 days ago


@ Gonesi: U are very right... but I'm sure that gay people would feel offended if they were viewed as people that need compassion. Someone with a disability more likely than not understand there is something wrong with them and embrace the compassion... But gay people, mostly, see nothing wrong with being gay; therefore, compassion might be insulting

1193 days ago


Yeah Chris, sometimes the "defend a brutha before you know the facts", bit doesn't work so well, does it? Wrong is wrong - regardless of the color of who says it.

1193 days ago

Hope Flotes    

He didnt say ****** he said ***** its a big differnce yall trying to be funny

1193 days ago

brian clelandf    

crazy **** from these people, they don't realise they have fans from all races, sexual orientation etc etc... they seem to forget that it's us who pay for there lifestyle, serious! and another one who has been at it is soulja boy!!! massive rant on his twitter about *******. someone get onto that one, cause it is bad!!!

1193 days ago
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