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'Pawn Star' -- Bargain Deal for SICK Maserati

6/13/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those "Pawn Stars" guys are BALLIN' ... because Chumlee just bought a BADASS Maserati -- and he used his haggling skills to knock a ton of cash off the sticker price!!!

TMZ spoke with Chum who tells us ... when he walked into the Vegas dealership Thursday, the guys wanted around $100k for the jet black whip. But Chum was able to drive off with the car for only $85,000.

The Old Man would be proud.


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en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, big whooop. $15 grand off a $100 thousand dollar car. what? is he gonna buy a chevy celebrity with the saved cash?? a super-duper gold rimmed decked out one, that is....

1198 days ago


HEY TMZ! ! !

An $85 Maserati sitting unsold on a dealers lot is not a "sick ride"

In fact an $85k sports car is not "bad ass" either.

But I guess if you work at TMZ driving a 1995 Saturn you would think this was a big deal.

1198 days ago


Funny how people type " 'nuf said", then continue to type.

I am always amazed at bloggers who have magic KNOWING FOR A FACT that someone doesn't have an education, even though THEY HAVE NEVER MET THAT PERSON.

Some of the posts (fat, stupid pig) reflect a deep seated Chum-phobia!

I wonder how many T.V. shows the spiteful folks posting here appear on.

That's right....NONE!

Maybe it's Chumley-envy?

1198 days ago


Wonder if he will drive it to the local Subway for another one of their horrid bits of product placement. Loved Pawn Stars up to that moment. Way to jump the shark.

1198 days ago


if ya earn it you can spend it as yoou wish.

1197 days ago


en Todo Momento!! 5 hours ago
yeah, big whooop. $15 grand off a $100 thousand dollar car. what? is he gonna buy a chevy celebrity with the saved cash?? a super-duper gold rimmed decked out one, that is....


you are just jealous cause thats more then you make in a year!

1197 days ago


It's used and it has ****** rims on it. It's worth $60...K tops...

1197 days ago


yeah it is true most of us can save money on our car insurance by making few simple changes look online for "Auto Insurance Clearance" you will be amazed. In this stupid economy we all need to find ways to save. With high gas prices where else can you save for travelling?

1197 days ago


I have to admit, and im sure some of you can agree, if it wasnt for Chum I wouldnt of watched the show for as long as I have!

1196 days ago


lol most of the comments seem to be out of pure jealousy, the sad things is so what if he bought a car, why is that even news??

1196 days ago


You people are idiots. Go back to school and gain some knowledgment. Of course he bought the damn thing for himself. How would a pawn shop make money buying brand new cars from a dealer? think for 2 seconds you dimwits.

1196 days ago

Big Joke    

Well folks why don't you lockup your trailers and go for a walk and play with your cell phones for a few hours because that's about how simple you sound...get over it. These people are running a very successful business and Pawn Stars is the top show on cable. At this point the show is viewed in over one hundred countries. Bottom line, these people are making tons of money and if Chum buys a car..GOOD FOR HIM!!

1193 days ago

a dude    

When this dumb as a stump fat tub buys a car like that, you know the world is a ****** up place!

1175 days ago


Trust me the dealer made money. NO salesman would ever lose money on a deal unless he was going to get free advertising for it. plain and simple.

1130 days ago


What he doesn't realize is the car's sticker price was $78,000 including all taxes and fees.

1129 days ago
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