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Dirk Nowitzki DETHRONES LeBron in Cleveland Beef

6/14/2011 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about adding insult to injury -- a day after LeBron James' dreams were dashed to pieces, one of the biggest delis in Cleveland renamed its famous "King" sandwich ... after Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki.

TMZ spoke with Earl Stein -- the co-owner of Corky and Lenny's in Cleveland -- and he tells us, the deli redubbed the $10.50 sandwich in honor of Dallas' victory over Miami Sunday night.

What was once the "King Size Corned Beef Sandwich" is now the "The Dirk Nowitzki Corned Beef Sandwich."

We haven't tasted it ourselves -- but it looks delicious ... and probably goes real well with an ice cold can of spite.

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Way to go Corky And Lenny's!!!!!

Kenny what's up buddy? Save me a pastrami on Rye, I'm coming home to visit VERY soon!

Time for a Dirk sandwich with a cream soda...

1206 days ago

chaz lane    

Wouldn't LeBron have to be king first before he's dethroned???

1206 days ago


Bitter much?

1206 days ago


One of the most disgusting things ive ever seen.

1206 days ago


I agree with many of you all talking about Cleveland needing to get over James. Some said Cleveland was over James. Not really, when you have the govenor sending a letter to Dirk praising him for staying? When you have a Deli naming a sandwich after a guy who has never worn a Cavaliers uniform? Over James really? Please! As a Bulls fan it broke my heart to see Miami beat Chicago, but that's how it goes. What you Cavalier fans have to realize is that all this LeBron hate ensures that another superstar will NEVER come to Cleveland. Not too many guys in the draft can do what James did for Cleveland for 7 years. It may take another 20-30 years to find another LeBron, and chances are he won't want to play for Cleveland, not the way you ran James out of town. He does and says some stupid things sometimes, but he still gave Cleveland 7 good years and you're mad because he wanted to actually win a championship? BE made with Cavlier ownership, they failed you not LeBron.

1206 days ago


EE is is "piece" not "peace" and JW exactly when did we run him out of town? He choose to leave on his own.

1206 days ago


@JW "BE made with Cavlier ownership, they failed you not LeBron". Did you no*****ch last yrs playoffs against the Celtics? Lebron laid down like a dying dog in those final 3 games JUST like he did with Miami this year. The Cavs ownership brought hand picked players and coaches in for Lebron and still nothing. The only difference this year is he has no one to point the blame on except himself.
The Cavs had better runs with the players like Ehlo, Price, Daugherty and Williams then they did with the so called "King".
Cleveland will get over Lebron in their own time. People are bitter more because of the way he left then then why he left.

1206 days ago

Just saying    

Spartacus you're right on. I thought Cleveland fans were like a bad rash. But at this point they're more like Herpes, a disease that will never go away. It's truly sad and pathetic. Lebron took a pay cut to go go Miami. He wants a ring. And he did what he had to to do that. The media is sucking all of this up. The finals wouldn't have been as exciting had it been the Bulls or the Celtics playing Dallas. Period. I don't agree with ****iness of the big three at the begining of the season, but I'm sure it won't be like that last year. I admire Lebron for the way he's reacting to all the negativity. Hell even his mom embarrased him. Given his early-life cir****tances, he's showed more moral than the Ohio freaks. And if they're just having fun hating on him, then I'm glad something gives them the strength to get up every morning. btw, congrat to Dallas. Well deserved.

1206 days ago



1206 days ago



1206 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Mm that looks good. Just needs mustard & a half-sour on the side.

1206 days ago


It shows how much the city of Cleveland cares about their players. The city of Cleveland is riding another city. Why not name the sandwich after one of the Cavalier players. Weak city, they only care about you if you are a good player, I guess no one on the Cavs team is good. Plus the city of Cleveland didn't think LeBron was going to the Championship, but he did. I would be happy to if another city was thinking about me ALL the time. Move on because LeBron has.

1206 days ago


How sad are the fans in Cleveland that the only championship they can celebrate is the DALLAS Mavericks. By there parties they are admitting what everyone else knows they and there sports franchises are LOSERS. So the only the way they can celebrate is when someone else wins. Pathetic
Speaking of pathetic the owner of the cavs(small letters for small team) exemplifies how big of losers the whole sports franchises are. He continually cries about Lebron leaving. What does he do to improve his team NOTHING the same thing he did when the KING was there. He was happy to make the playoffs but he had no desire to win. If he had the desire to win he would have brought other players in (real players not 2nd teir alsorands)to help win. He by his in action told the real truth he was willing to make millions off Lebron and the fans but not willing to pay millions for the players needed to really win. LOSERS

1206 days ago

Lori M    

Before anyone comments on Cleveland fans go read the Yahoo story by Dan Weetzel: http://tinyurl.com/3wym4s4. LeBron and the Heat were hated by millions more than just Cavs' fans. Chicago and New York were dissed too. Finally, that is NOT a Corkey and Lenny's sandwich. It's a stock photo. C&L's come dressed on rye.

1206 days ago


you could feed an entire african village with that sandwich. disgusting.

1206 days ago
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