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Lindsay Lohan -- House Arrest Roof Party!!!

6/13/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan suffered through day 18 of her house arrest yesterday -- by having a bunch of friends over to her kick-ass Venice apartment for a super fun rooftop BBQ!!!


Lindsay is only expected to serve another 2-and-a-half weeks in captivity ... sweet, glorious, relaxing captivity.

UPDATE: One source close to the shindig tells TMZ the gathering was "very mellow." We're told Lindsay invited over some of her close friends because she simply missed hanging out.

And get this -- we're told the gang capped off the BBQ by watching last night's premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."


Ziggy Ziggy

Wow this is "Doing Time" ?? Where do I sign up lol

Paybacksab*tch Paybacksab*tch

Gee, this seems really dreadful for her, I hope she can survive the remaining two weeks. Poor thing.

pat pat

I can't believe this. I really hope someone sends this pic to the judge or someone in the judicial system over there so they can see what a joke they've become.


No Avatar


Whoever writes some of this drivel should go and talk to the chief lawyer that runs this show and ask him if she's following the order of the court.

Then, move on already. Seems as though every time she's on that roof, some TMZ employee who must feel deprived of a life has to throw out snide remarks about her.

She's living the life of a clean beach girl, spending time with friends. It's not a major celebrity event.

1230 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Sausage Fest there, other than LL. Interesting .........

1230 days ago


lisa 56 minutes ago

Friends, or people she pays to hang out with her?


The question would more accurately be:

Friends or paying customers?

1230 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hey andy, you ok hunny?

1230 days ago


When under house arrest you are supposed to miss your normal way of life for goodness sake.
Too bad she misses hanging out. I for one find her sense of entitlement mind blowing.

1230 days ago


LOL! Okay, everybody, sit on the ground and let Lilo tower over you so Dina can get the boob shot TMZ will pay money for. Ain't no other way to pay the bills. What kind of hostess hauls their guests outside to sit on the ground? The kind who needs fake pap shots to sell. Pathetic!

1230 days ago

john smith    

Sausage festival, lol, Ronson must be pissed, I'm sure there's some girls there that aren't in the picture.

1230 days ago


messenger 25 minutes ago

@ John Smith

Not personally, I haven't seen Nicole comment for ages, hope she's ok.


Those Lohans are just a laugh a minute when they talk to each other.

1230 days ago


Nice slap in the face of the judges who let her have it easy.....again! Wake up CA judicial system! You all look like a bunch of idiots! Celebrity justice only goes so far and when she gets "out" and commits further crimes, maybe this time hurting an innocent bystander, I hope each and every single judge that gave her a slap on the wrist get charged!!!

1230 days ago


BRW - Looks like Lie-ho likes multiple sausage fests. Maybe she likes to climb those Poles, heheh.

1229 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

John Smith,

Lindsay doesnt share. All the sausages are hers. :) Ali may be there somewhere though. Who knows.

Sausage Fest at Lindsays!

1229 days ago

john smith    

No wardrobe malfunctions?

1229 days ago


That roof is so dinky, all they could do was sit in a chair and is a sore ass

1229 days ago


I think they are playing "Duck, Duck, Goose"!

1229 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lu, Lindsay most certainly could care less what you and the clam bakers think! FACT!

Listen to the Lebron James interview after last nights game then you'll understand how people with fame deal with H8rs and their take on them.

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1229 days ago
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