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Photog to Lindsay Lohan: You Lost, Now Pay!

6/13/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan hasn't paid her settlement in a lawsuit with a photographer ... according to the photog who's now turning up the heat to get his money.

As TMZ first reported, a photog named Scott Nathan sued Lindsay's clothing line, 6126, claiming he was never paid for his work.

The lawsuit settled for an undisclosed amount back in December -- and according to docs filed last week, 6126 was supposed to be making payments beginning in March ... but so far -- zilch. Now Nathan is asking a judge for an order to enforce the settlement -- attaching bank accounts, etc.

A rep for Lindsay tells TMZ, "We don't comment on any pending legal situations with third parties."


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Rogue Warrior

Here's her clothing line site and Lindz is looking mighty fine!!!

1207 days ago


Here comes another "stalker." Watch out, Nathan!

1207 days ago


Rogue Warrior 37 minutes ago

He probably charged way too much and did a poor job, thus NO PAYMENT!!!


Then she'd better sue every last photographer who takes a picture of her because these days she looks awful in all of them.

1207 days ago


You are right in stating how much depends on how the company is set up. If it is a LLC, then she is only liable for whatever she invested in the company. However, IF she signed do***ents after the court hearing stating that she will make payments beginning in March, than she is committed to paying.

1207 days ago

Rogue Warrior;jsessionid=1E27DB6F845079F265AA9B6A738702CC

Corporate Liability for Business Debts

Corporations and LLCs are legal entities, separate and distinct from the people who create and own them (these people are called corporate shareholders or LLC members). One of the principal advantages of forming a corporation or an LLC is that, because the corporation or LLC is considered a separate entity (unlike partnerships and sole proprietorships), the owners and managers have limited personal liability for the company's debts. This means that the people who own and run the corporation or LLC cannot usually be held personally responsible for the debts of the business. But, in certain situations, courts can ignore the limited liability status of a corporation or LLC and hold its officers, directors, and shareholders or members personally liable for its debts. When this happens, it is called piercing the corporate veil. Closely held corporations and small LLCs are most likely to get their veils pierced (corporations that are owned by one or just a few people are called closely held corporations, or close corporations for short).
Effects of Piercing the Corporate Veil

If a court pierces a company's corporate veil, the owners, shareholders, or members of a corporation or LLC can be held personally liable for corporate debts. This means creditors can go after the owners' home, bank account, investments, and other assets to satisfy the corporate debt. But courts will impose personal liability only on those individuals who are responsible for the corporation or LLC's wrongful or fraudulent actions; they won't hold innocent parties personally liable for company debts.
When Courts Will Pierce the Corporate Veil

Courts might pierce the corporate veil and impose personal liability on officers, directors, shareholders, or members when all of the following are true.

There is no real separation between the company and its owners. If the owners fail to maintain a formal legal separation between their business and their personal financial affairs, a court could find that the corporation or LLC is really just a sham (the owners' alter ego) and that the owners are personally operating the business as if the corporation or LLC didn't exist. For instance, if the owner pays personal bills from the business checking account or ignores the legal formalities that a corporation or LLC must follow (for example, by making important corporate or LLC decisions without recording them in minutes of a meeting), a court could decide that the owner isn't entitled to the limited liability that the corporate business structure would ordinarily provide.


As a Lilo supporter, I'm puzzled with some of the content on her website and it appears, like everything else, she was given bad advice regarding the operation of her company.

1207 days ago

Dr. M    

Whether or not the photog did a good/bad job is irrelavent = this has gone 2 court - Lindsay lost
So -
Pay the freaking bill -
How much can it be ?
Shalom Aleichem Lindsay
Dr. M

1207 days ago


Monthly payments mean you dont have money to pay in full, so you go on a monthly payments

This guy served Lindsay papers when she was in court for her VOP, she just walked off the elevator when he handed her the papers, so he is sueing her, not the company. She hired him

I agree with Truth comment, she owes SCH thousands and her credit cards ect.

The Lohan trolls will be spinning this all day..Enjoy a day of lies

1207 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This doesn't mean she's necessarily personally on the hook, but I'm sure her company is. Hopefully they're profitable and can address this because Lindsay can't afford anymore bad press.

There seems to be no respite for Lindsay Lohan. Just as she seems to be getting her life together piece by piece, her plan is being thrown into turmoil by a lawsuit.

Lindsay and all other concerned parties are to appear in court tomorrow for a settlement conference in a lawsuit filed against LiLo’s fashion company 6126.

The main question here is whether LiLo will show up or not and if she doesn’t, what will the legal stand be on that. The attorney for the plaintiff, Phillip Nevinny, told E! News that it would be “interesting” to see what the U.S. District Judge Jay Ghandi does in the situation.

Scott Nathan, a photographer, filed suit in April, claiming non-payment of dues owed to him by 6126. He was supposedly hired in 2008 to take promotional photos of Lohan for her clothing line in return for a 1 percent share of the profits. Nathan claims that despite using his copyrighted images for the company’s promotions and also in the publicity of Lohan’s single “Bossy”, no financial reparations were made.

“I think this is an example of yet another corporate entity running over the rights of an artist,” Nevinny says. “It is just wrong on every level. We are confident of our position and the truth will come out in trial.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what Rancho Mirage’s favorite new inhabitant does.

1207 days ago


If she signed court papers stating that SHE will begin making payments, than SHE IS responsible. You are also correct in stating that she has really lousy legal advice when it comes to her business decisions.

1207 days ago

Seal Team 6    


Ah, that's who served her then? Interesting.

Since this has already went to court and a judgement has been handed down, Lindsay has to pay him, or suffer consequences.

I am very surrpised she hasn't declared bankruptcy yet, although that won't void any court judgements.

1207 days ago


messenger 4 hours ago
This is for the directors of 6126 to deal with, it has nothing to do with Lindsay personally. I guess TMZ are desperate for Lindsay 'hits'.

Guess that answers the question of what happened to Susan!

1207 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

TheMare, "IF, she signed court papers. We don't know the details of the settlement reached and I highly doubt Lindsay is "personally" responsible for repayment. Hopefully she and her partner haven't been using profits from the company to pay themselves while neglecting repayment of this settlement.

Her clothes are pretty hot, she could do a much better job of marketing them though. She has relied on her mom way too long now and Dilo is not equipped to be a "manger" of any kind. Dilo couldn't manage a McDonald's let alone a Hollywood star.

Nathan is suing 6126 and Universal Music Group for copyright infringement, fraudulent business practices, breach of contract and other alleged wrongdoing. He is demanding what he says is his rightful share of their sales, plus unspecified damages.

Read more:

1207 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Nikki 3 hours ago

"We don't comment on any pending legal situations with third parties."

That what Dina said.....LMFAO!

----------------------------------------------------------------messenger about an hour ago
This is for the directors of 6126 to deal with, it has nothing to do with Lindsay personally. I guess TMZ are desperate for Lindsay 'hits'.

Oh Yeah messenger you get that WRONG message out there
Since this is Lindsays Line it has everything to do with her. If this was a positive thing YOU messenger would be singing a different color, now wouldnt you

NICE TRY DINA.....Still laughung, cause your so broke, TMZ should dig and see how broke Dina is


I wouldn't doubt Dilo is broke, she goes PUBLIC every time a child support payment is late! Dilo needs to get a real job at a gas station or something because she has imposed herself into Lindsays career for far too long.

Beat it Dilo!!

1207 days ago


I see 6126 still has the fire sale going on. All clothing is still 50% off! I'm guessing there is no longer any profit for Lindsay or Kristi to take any type of salary.

1207 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Usually, when one has an attorney, the plaintiff's attorney will "serve" the defendant's attorney. It's interesting that didn't happen in this case. Also, if Lindsay was the one sued and served, it appears he's suing LINDSAY, and the judgement was against her, not necessarily the company.

Does anyone know the status of the civil case against Lindsay by the young men she basically carjacked?

1207 days ago
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