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'NJ Housewives' Sued Over Bloody Attack on Cop

6/13/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You're staring at the bloody face of a man who claims he was attacked by several members of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" back in February -- and now he's seeking his revenge in court.


TMZ broke the story -- a campus police officer from the University of Illinois at Chicago named Adolfo Arreola claims he was chillin' at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic back in February, when Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo and other members of their family beat the living crap out of him and his family.

Now, Adolfo, along with several family members, have filed a lawsuit -- describing the attack in detail.

In the docs, Adolfo claims things got out of hand when Teresa began spraying champagne in the club -- and blasted Adolfo's mother-in-law right in the face.

Adolfo claims Teresa "mocked" his mother-in-the-law after the spraying -- and then, "without provocation" Giudice and the other cast members physically attacked Adolfo.

Adolfo claims the "NJ Housewives" stars "brutally and savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped on and smashed glass" on him AND members of his family ... including his mother-in-law.

Adolfo and his family members are suing for unspecified damages.


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Sorry,not not buying it.If it were Teresa and Joe,maybe,not with Caroline thrown into the mix.Caroline is too level headed and not going to risk being thrown in jail in a foreign country.

Something doesn't make sense and there's more to this story.....

1229 days ago


Watch the show and you have NO PROBLEM BELIEVING this man and his family. The should call the show ThE REAL GARBAGE CANS OF NEW JERSEY.

1229 days ago


my bAD, I thought he was Caroline... I know it's been said, about three other times... but now I'm saying it... so there. Those folks are GHETTO!!! I watched it for one season, where her dumb son couldn't cut law school and then claimed he had a "disability" and wanted the school to "accommodate" him [by letting him slide]. This all took place in plain daylight for all the world to see - AND THEN - the idiot attempted to apply to other law schools... duhhhhh... I guess was supposed to have heard that he's "disabled" and if they don't let him slide, he's going to sue. Well, I guess enough somebody's saw the show and he was shot down from every school he applied.

Those people need to be put in cage and kept at a zoo...


1229 days ago

44 Magnum    

It's appauling how these women behave. It's also appauling to see what reality TV has done to our society. The way grown ups behave on these shows is absurd and pathetic. These housewives make women look SO BAD. You have no idea. The most disturbing thing is there's at least a dozen reality housewives shows on TV. The few that I've seen makes me never want to get married. I would never put up with these obnoxious women. I try to respect women...but I keep losing respect for them when all I want to do is gain respect for them. Sad but true.

1229 days ago


Where was the lawsuit filed? I don't think he has much standing filing a suit in the US for something that happened outside of it's jurisdiction.

1229 days ago


I love RHNJ... Caroline is awesome, i love all of them..

1229 days ago

ed hardy    

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1229 days ago


Ok first it has taken this long to get the story out? I don't buy it for a second that Caroline, Teresa, and their families would do anything like this at all! Second, is if this did happen it isn't Bravo's fault and they shouldn't be heald accountable! Third while I know Teresa can flip a table, I doubt this ever happened, I think what happened is this he got into a bar fight in the Dominican Republic, they probably were in the bar but not the agressors! Come on people when you tell a story make it pass the smell test!

1229 days ago

Octave Garnier    

F*** the police!

1229 days ago


They are all mobsters on that show they fight each other like that what do we expect but I will still watch just like all the rest of you because we love to see this **** !!

1229 days ago


Ok...1) why are we just hearing about this NOW.. 2)there's more to this story...

1229 days ago

Seal Team 6    

This guy just wants money. Teresa accidentally sprayed the woman with champagne. The guy PUNCHED Teresa in the face. He deserved the beatddown. People were arrested, everyone had an attorney, and there was court. Justice was served. The jurisdiction is the DR, not the US. This case is dead in the water.

1229 days ago


they are kind of ghetto....why do Caroline act like she is 'Mother of the Year' when her son couldn't even make it thru law school....did any of her kids finish college??

1229 days ago


We are not just hearing about this story now. This was covered when it first happened. Teresa sprayed the bottle all over a woman. When people were angry and said something Teresa started yelling and Joe stepped in and punched the guy. If you watched Teresa's brother's baby's christening you will see these people erupt into fists fights pretty quickly.

This was a while ago but I think I am remembering it right.

1229 days ago


These New Jersey people are all garbage. And Caroline is the queen of the trash juggalo mobster wanna-be's.

I hope this cop and his family gets a huge multi-million dollar settlement from these creeps and Bravo.

1229 days ago
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