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Soap Star -- I've Been Threatened By 'Psychotic' Fan

6/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

(ACT 1)
Enter Thom Bierdz ... former star of "The Young & The Restless" ... he's scared and angry after his former assistant allegedly became "delusional, deranged" and "psychotic" and threatened his safety.


(ACT 2)
Thom goes to L.A. County Superior Court and files a request for a restraining order against the young man, Buck Winthrop -- who, at one point, lived with Thom at the actor's L.A. home. Purely platonic, so Thom says ...

(ACT 3)
Thom, fearing Buck will trash him all over the Internet ... begs the judge to "prevent him from slandering me on Facebook, Twitter, etc."  Thom now waits while the judge comes to a decision ...


(ACT 4)
The judge .... (DRAMATIC PAUSE) ... DENIES Thom's request -- claiming "slander, etc. on public sites is not subject to a [restraining order]."


(ACT 5)
Thom ... refusing to accept defeat ... tells TMZ he will continue to pursue his case against Buck ... and vows to emerge victorious, one way or another.


Tune in next week ... unless this soap gets canceled too.


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LAGA - Love Affair Gone Awry...

1227 days ago

billy cema    

A soap star threatened by probable extortion. Quick, you writers of Y&R, make this a storyline, ASAP!

1227 days ago


What is truely interesting here is that there is not a single negative posting about Thom Bierdz anywhere on the internet by this alleged "stalker" Not one word because I looked. One has to really wonder how credible Thom Bierdz is in this matter. There are two sides to every story and this one sounds very fishy. Thom Bierdz is not exactly a star, or young or media worthy. Why would any one post negatibe things about him and who would care. What is ironic is that Thom is now engaging in the exact behavior he tried to stop. Sounds like he is a little bit off his rocker!

1227 days ago


Thom is a kind, talented man. He's had alot of tragedy to deal with at a young age, and he was able to re-invent himself as a very acclaimed painter, and returned to acting on his own terms. As with many busy people who have the means, they have assistants to help them with their schedules, errands, etc, and it is very hard to know up front the stability and reliability of these folks, and when those professional relationships go bad, it can be very hard to deal with. I'm on your side, Thom, as would anyone who had the privilige to actually meet and get to know you a little.

1227 days ago


thom can always try to get another judge if he does think buck is a threat and could harm him but with out physical proof like bruises from buck since all buck has done so far is just argue. till buck really does something violent thom is going to fall short of getting a restraining order . though he could always if buck starts telling thom private secrets sue for slander. other wise so far legaly its thom word against buck about if buck is now becoming a viloent stalker to thom

1227 days ago

Buck Winthrop    

Thom Bierdz is a pathological liar and a paranoid schizophrenic and not a single word of this insanity is true. At no time have I ever been an assistant to Thom Bierdz. That is in his delusional mind. I am a respected publicist and bestselling author of "Delusions of Grandeur" (see amazon) The very idea that I could be the assistant of this person is absurd. To have an assistant you really need to have a career-and money.

The extent of my involvement with this troubled person is that I was a house guest in his apartment (not home, an apartment--and not a nice one btw) We were not friends, or roomates or ANYTHING.

Thom attempted to draw me into his crazy world of delusional insanity and dim-witted business schemes but that is not what I came to California for and Thom is not someone that I want anything to do with on any level.

When I moved out (when he was gone because I feared his psychotic wrath) I informed him by email that "We are not friends Thom and you will not be seeing or hearing from me ever again." end quote.

This rejection of his offered friendship sent Thom into a classic manic episode and he flew down to LA Superior Court like a madman and begged the judge to issue a restraining order to "prevent me from bashing him on the internet" The judge laughed at him.

At no time was there any threats made to Thom Bierdz. They existed all in his crazy troubled mind.

I am not an "obsessed fan" I am not "stalking him" and I present no "threat to his safety" What I long for is to wash this awful experience out of my mind forever and for this very deranged man to check himself into a hospital for much needed medical treatment.

1226 days ago

Thom Bierdz    

I wish Buck Winthrop the best medication and help. In regard to his post that a concerned friend just sent me (I do not read message boards) he is "projecting." The words he uses to describe me with are exactly who and what HE is. Exactly. In fact, the reason he threatened me was because he was expecting medication in the mail and I asked him to change his address. The police and courthouse have all this do***ented information. All I have seen Buck do is trash people. I hope he received his medication.

1226 days ago

Buck Winthrop    

From the mind of a sociopath... What sort of person runs to the courthouse to seek a restraining order to stop someone from bashing when he is the one that is making outrageous claims? He was laughed right out of court with his hysterics. Everything out of his mouth is a lie--which will all come out in the court proceeding for libel and slander, making false statements, and deframation of character. The police and court laughed at the claims made. No threats were ever made (except in Thom Bierdz schizophrenic mind) Had there been any real danger, threats or merit to these claims the police and/or courts would have taken action. There was not so they didn't. All he did was make a fool of himself--something he does very well. He does not need to worry about anyone bashing him because he does such a great job all on his own.

Thom Bierdz should get back on his anti-psychotic medication immediately and stop projecting his crazy delusional behavior on others...

Everything out of his mouth is a lie....

1226 days ago


I don't know Thom at all, (frankly never heard of him sorry), but the fact is, I do know Joe... I mean Buck.... and Thom should be careful, very careful.

1214 days ago


BUCK WINTHROP:His real name is Joseph Francis Regan III from Stony Brook, NY born 7/28/1962. He is a convicted criminal and was arrested for Fraud Felony E in New York and was in prison in Virginia where he also violated his parole. He stole more than $20,000 from his mother Marilyn Regan, who just died 2 weeks ago. He forged her credit cards and put her in so much debt she had to rent a room in some strangers house in the 80’s. His brother is a retired NYC Detective and states that his police record can be found in public records online. Hoping he would change his family never prosecuted him for the thefts.

He leaves victims wherever he goes. He invades their lives, always looking for an angle to take advantage of them. He was not a model in New York nor was he a successful publicist there. I read his bio from NY and almost every word is a lie. He once threw a cast iron trophy, full speed into at his brother's head right in front of his mom and his brother was bleeding profusely. His brother's memory of "Buck" is that he is dangerous and demented.

None of his family has spoken to him in 25 years but he was recently contacted because he was in her will. She left him 1 dollar.

All of this is public record. Buck Winthrop, you are a liar, a scam artist and a phony. The whole world now knows you are a convicted felon, a thief, a liar, a FRAUD.

1184 days ago


I have known Thom for about two years now......great guy, great friend. If I have to choose....I'm on Team/Thom !

1182 days ago
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