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TMZ Live: Will Anyone Care about Sheen's TV Return?

6/13/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does Charlie Sheen have enough fans left to be a primetime TV star again? Plus, if Tori Spelling was speeding to escape photographers when her accident happened, who's to blame -- her or the paps? You won't believe what one TMZ user had to say...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Topics today: Sheen's new show, Tori Spelling blames paps for car crash, Bret Lockett says he NEVER MET Kim K. in person... and much more!
(8:57) Rep. Weiner sent half-naked pictures of himself -- that he snapped INSIDE the House Members Gym -- and we have them!
(10:30) Who should determine if Weiner gets the axe?
(17:10) Charlie Sheen is landing a brand new show -- and Harvey has all the details. So why does Charles think it's a "huge risk"?
(20:20) Will Charlie suffer the same fate as the "Friends" and "Seinfeld" stars?
(26:30) Breaking news! Gary Dourdan was popped for Ecstacy possession.
(28:35) Tori Spelling blames a pap -- not one of ours -- for her car crash. What rules do TMZ's photogs have to follow? Harvey breaks it down.
(34:00) Surprising ... a lot of people are AGAINST Tori on this one.
(39:30) Bret Lockett admits he's never come in contact with Kim K!!! Now we know why he dodged Harvey's questions on TMZ Live last week!
(47:30) Harvey's fish -- it has a NICE HOME, people! Calm down!  And yes, someone feeds him on the weekend!


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Weiner is just like any other stupid man. He was thinking with his c*ck and forgot that he has a public life. It happens time and time again. It's incredible, really! However, he didn't share it with anyone, really. His wife forgives him, I guess. Whatever. Not THAT big of a deal.....well, IT is, but it's mostly an embarassment.

1226 days ago


is harvey buzzing today or what ??
staring into space

1226 days ago

Vanessa H     

Some people are able to work at the same time as listening to TMZ Live. :)

1226 days ago


Harvey your arms are HUGE!!! Do you pump up before the show? If not God Bless you you look great.

1226 days ago



1226 days ago

Diane Buckner    

He bald faced lied! He was on the major television shows and LIED! Is he trustworthy? Probably not. Yes he can stand on camera and hold his junk all he wants to, but HE LIED when asked and he chose not to tell the truth...

1226 days ago


He is a narcissistic arrogant sex offender. Anyone else would be up on charges. Why isn't he? He's doing this stuff at his work place and with teens. He has only shown the tip of what he has done. He is disgusting to look at. He looks like a worm when he rants around like he does. So offensive. He isn't sorry for what he's done only that he got caught and everyone knows it.

1226 days ago


The success of a series starring Charlie Sheen, beyond initial curiousity, will depend on the writing unless-God forbid-it's a "reality" show.

1226 days ago


Harvey whats up with your arms do you pump up before the show? If not God Bless you you look great!!!!

1226 days ago


I got here late today so I don't know if you have said this already-Judge Marilyn Millian always says say it and forget it --text it and reget it...In regards to Weiner pics.

1226 days ago


Another change:

TMZ Live used to answer really interesting questions that people have.

Now, they're just reading listener opinions about things. *Much* less interesting!

1226 days ago


FACEBOOK IS DOWN. :-/ Love you Harvey! Sexy beast. xoxo

1226 days ago

shari francis    

i really do not think that Anthony Weiner should remain in congress due to the fact that he acted lewd and unprofessional. he also is practically a flasher! just doing it through the internet. OH he is also a big liar! but that never stop any politician.

1226 days ago


first off, I live in NYC and do not care what someone does in their personal life. what they do for their constituents is all that counts. many of history's most influential politicians are complete d-bags as human beings. and some honorable men are worthless politicians.

I BEGGGGGGGGG OF YOU to ask everyone in your newsroom if they have sent ANYONE a pic of themselves naked. please please please!!!

speaking of poor choices - Your two favorite porn stars (Kim K. and Paris) wouldn't be notorious if they hadn't made similar poor choices and had sex on video. (and by the way, Kim K is a fame whore...she deserves Lockett. they SHOULD marry!)

1226 days ago


What Weiner did is pretty common in this days age and I feel he should not be punished by anyone other then his wife. But as soon as issues start being neglected and mismanaged the people of his district should wonder if that would have happened if there wasnt this scandle.

1226 days ago
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