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Tracy Morgan:

I'm Going Back to Nashville to Apologize

6/13/2011 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan is so committed to fighting the anti-gay message he spewed during a recent comedy routine in Nashville -- he's going back to the city next week ... to apologize to everyone he offended  face-to-face.


Tracy spoke with Jarrett Barrios today -- the President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- who tells us, GLAAD reached out to Tracy about an in-person apology in Nashville next week ... and Tracy agreed on the spot.

If that weren't enough -- Barrios tells us, Tracy also plans to visit homeless gay teens at the Ali Forney Center in NYC this week ... teens disowned by their parents because of their sexual orientation.

The cherry on top -- Tracy also plans to film a PSA for GLAAD's upcoming "Amplify Your Voice" campaign.



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Oh, and BTW, GLAAD sold-out to AT&T for $50,000 to publicly support their merger with T-Mobile. That's the kind of POS organization it is. NAACP also sold-out and they did it for several million dollars in "donations".

1192 days ago


What a kiss up! Well if you aren't a man, best not to insult homos, because homos will show everyone just how homo you are too!. and no I dont promote that.

1192 days ago


he hates gay people. he loves gay people. he hates gay people. he loves gay people. he hates gay people. he loves gay people. do words have no meaning anymore?

1192 days ago

PRO US    

Does that mean that he wouldn't kill his son for talking in an effeminate tone of voice?

What's next? He'll come out as a gay man to prove how sincere he is about his apology?

How could he say what he said in the first place?

Stupid is as stupid does.

Worse than stupid, he's just not funny IMHO.

1192 days ago


people will do anything for attention, and any kind of publicity is good publicity. 30 rock's still ending, right?

1192 days ago

PRO US    

CarolynAB 3 hours ago

Tracy, just understand that you may be blackballed no matter what you do or say.

Just look at the fine actor Isaiah Washington, who was forced off "Gray's Anatomy" after he used an anti-gay slur. He did a PSA too. But now this father of five has been prevented from getting gigs because one minority group--gays--has it in for another minority group--Black people.

Fight the power.

Yes, sure. There are no Black Gays or Gay Blacks. Whatever you say.

1192 days ago


If any LGBT teenager/adult is experiencing difficulties and needs to talk to someone, please email

A free service to anyone who needs some advice.

1192 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Gsharon 710 39 minutes ago

Gladd once again can scratch their asses. Let me tell you, NEVER will I believe an apology when given, if the joke was in a comedy setting.

The people who want to, will continue to see Tracy's shows. All Gladd and their followers are doing is teaching future gay children to demand that the world accept their life style or yell bloody murder. You are putting them in danger. People will only take so much. Now stop slowing our country progress down by bitching about your rights, comedy, and thinking you have acted like a man. YOU CANNOT CALL OUT EVERY COMIC IN THIS WORLD. YOu cannot use your thoughts to make another seem like something he is not.

Everybody should be bitching about the red mess littering our streets where children are welcome. I guess you think you have made big points in the last few weeks, but you have set yourself and innocent others for targets of humiliation.

How the hell can you be concerned about children who kill themselves over being gay, when you spend more time trying to glue your lifestyle onto others? How can you teach your children that they should cry like a bitch when someone dare say the word faqqot? Huh? You are weak, spineless, sinful and you cannot make people like you, agree with you, or accept you.

There have been more severe problems people have had to face in this world, and if they bitched all the time, they would have a decrease in their number. It is you, that are being responsible for gay children killing themselves. Half of this mess would not be said or read, if you just stop using the media to demand respect for yourselves. Some teachers you are. Not just because you are gay, but because as adults, we have to teach children that people in this world are not always nice, but you can't let that stop you from living a productive life.

Since you want to dictate other's lives, just think how much money was spent for clowns to dress in red, decorations all for a low down dirty lawyer who scared prison officials chitless. You could have used that money to start a fund for your gay children who wants to kill themselves. Do you think we like seeing you switching down our streets, in front of our families? Yet you are so hot to demand that non gays who dare say anything that does not fit into your lifestyle, be hit in the pocket.

You all are full of chit and whatever happens, blame yourselves. Remember, truth, even though it hurt, is more effective than a masked apology. This world was doing their own thing until you had kinks in your drawers and decided to start a war. You are not inside these people's heads and your brain is not so much better than others that you can tell when a person means things hes says, be it in a comedy setting, or in public. If you can read people that well, spend the time helping other gays who are having problems dealing with it, and stop trying to play mind readers.


Ditto, I love the TRUTH!!!!

1192 days ago


Atta boy Tracy !

1192 days ago

Al Russell    

All these celebs with their lame apologies are just pathetic. Nobody is stupid enough to believe they have a shred of sincerity. We all know that Morgan, and all the others, are only apologizing because they are under pressure from their employers to do so. Those shows are primarily written beforehand. Yeah, there's some ad-libbing, but he obviously had the topic penned into his notes. People don't "accidentally" spew hate speech. You have to believe it to say it, and I've never heard of a bigot who suddenly saw the light within a few hours. Well, not unless they stood to loose a huge wad of cash. I'd have more respect for him if he owned what he said and just admitted what we all know anyway, that he's a raging homophobe.

1192 days ago


I am so sick of everyone apologizing for something negative they say about gay people. Get over yourselves, and your double standards. Just be thankful you don't have to be in the closet anymore!!

1192 days ago


Who cares if he made fun of some gay people? I don't. I hate this politically correct world we live in. People can do whatever they want, wherever they want, however they want. And when you condemn, chastise or criticize them, let alone make jokes about them your the bad guy! Why is it ok for African American comedians to make fun of their own race and use racial slurs when doing it but a comedian can't make fun of gay/lesbian people?

And on a side note....I shouldn't have to explain to my 5 yr old why two men are kissing each other and grabbing each others crotch and butts when we go to the zoo for a family outing!

1192 days ago

real deal    

That sounds pretty gay.

1192 days ago


Sorry, Pal; too little, too late.

1192 days ago


society is giving too much power to glaad . . . grow a pair and quit thinking you're special, life's hard for everyone.

as for Tracy Morgan, well he just ain't funny. period.

1192 days ago
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