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Tracy Morgan:

I'm Going Back to Nashville to Apologize

6/13/2011 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan is so committed to fighting the anti-gay message he spewed during a recent comedy routine in Nashville -- he's going back to the city next week ... to apologize to everyone he offended  face-to-face.


Tracy spoke with Jarrett Barrios today -- the President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- who tells us, GLAAD reached out to Tracy about an in-person apology in Nashville next week ... and Tracy agreed on the spot.

If that weren't enough -- Barrios tells us, Tracy also plans to visit homeless gay teens at the Ali Forney Center in NYC this week ... teens disowned by their parents because of their sexual orientation.

The cherry on top -- Tracy also plans to film a PSA for GLAAD's upcoming "Amplify Your Voice" campaign.



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What a chump this guy is. He made some very valid points, now he's bowing down to homosexual terrorism. These people are sick and need help. Homosexuality IS NOT natural!

1192 days ago


PRO US 3 hours ago

CarolynAB 3 hours ago

Tracy, just understand that you may be blackballed no matter what you do or say.

Just look at the fine actor Isaiah Washington, who was forced off "Gray's Anatomy" after he used an anti-gay slur. He did a PSA too. But now this father of five has been prevented from getting gigs because one minority group--gays--has it in for another minority group--Black people.

Fight the power.

Yes, sure. There are no Black Gays or Gay Blacks. Whatever you say.

Good point PRO "US". Mental illness can affect people of all races.

1192 days ago

Kowny Krush    

Would someone please explain to me why this no-talent P.O.S. was on the same historic stage that Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Ernest Tubb and other greats once performed from?

1192 days ago


i can't believe you ignorant bigots can't see the natural beauty of having a guy ram his boner into another man's hairy butt so it comes out all covered in blood and semen and poop.

excuse me, i have to go barf my f'ing guts out.

1192 days ago


Funny how comedians hide behind the old,"I tried that joke and it fell flat. Oh well moving on". Comedians think that just because people pay to see your dumb ass on stage that it's open season on every subject. Fire him from the show.

1192 days ago


funny thing is i always thought he was gay

1192 days ago


This was probably a deliberate set-up to get mass attention for their cause. It did come off as lame when Chris Rock was flip-flopping. The other indicator is that the American culture will do just about anything to satisfy her greed.

1192 days ago


I wonder how his son feels about his "funny" show? And it wasn't the one line everybody is ranting about but basically the whole damn show was a gay-bashing crazy **** rant. I listened to it online and couldn't even hear him out it was so bad.
He needs to not only apologise to the gays, the people of that town, but his son and family. And maybe go adopt a homeless gay kid or two or three. He can afford it and it would save some lives. Don't hold your breath.

1192 days ago


Dear Gays,

The world doesn't revolve around you. If you can't handle the world around you, stay in the closet!

Sorry but your kind isn't going to be welcomed everywhere

1192 days ago


I'm very concerned about the comment that he would kill his own kids, that's more shocking and disturbing to me. I think child protective service should be called.

1192 days ago


What people seem to miss when discussing this subject is the real feeling of the speaker when saying what they do. Rickles always ends a set with a feel good love-them-all attitude that warms the crowd and smooths over whatever burrs he raised. The difference with Tracey is that there was none of that. Everybody has a preference as to what they would prefer their children to be. He was voicing that opinion but squashing people in the process. You can joke about people all you want - IF you still care about them. When that basic human caring is gone - its ice cold callousness. I'm a Christian and in no way condone the Gay lifestyle but the Bible reminds me over and over that all sin is bad, that I've made endless errors in my life - so I shouldn't ever hate on someone because of a choice they made or continue to make. All I can do is set the best example I can. That's it. And keep caring about everybody around me. If you hope for change in someone you have to realize that it can come tomorrow even if they are closed to the idea today. Patience and understanding - that is the Biblical way. And its a powerful influence on the world around us. :) I believe Jesus expects us to be patient with the people around us because He is patient with us. Its a beautifully infinite reciprocity.

1192 days ago


I'm concerned about this. Tracy said horrible, horrible things but it's not like he said it in a press conference, on a talk show or the street. He said it in an act. It wasn't a funny act, but it was an act nonetheless. He's a true, veteran comic that says very outrageous stuff at every show. It's sad to see him have to do an apology tour.

1192 days ago


I honestly think he went on this rant because alot of people have questioned his sexuality (children don't mean nothing "Tracy"); he's done alot of female characters - SNL - and is just generally not funny! His act belongs at the neighborhood backyard party where the guest are BLASTED!! THEN MAYBE he'd be funny to the crowd (but he still may need to have a weapon search!) And then again, saying he'd like to do Obama's wife, he should have been shut down right there!!! This guy is lucky to have a "professional" career at all because he ain't funny!! At least not "ha ha funny"!

1192 days ago


Don't punk out Tracy! You said what you feel! Don't give in to pressure.

1192 days ago


and so the MEA CULPA tour continues.....

not sure at this point if it will truly do any good

people (mainly Hollywood) will forgive him in theory
but in reality
they will never forget
and always be suspect even if only in the back of their minds

1192 days ago
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