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Nic Cage -- The Man Hunt for Weston

6/13/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage had gone missing last week in the hours before he went off the hinges and had to be subdued by cops ... and the guy who had to beat him down had been sent by Nic Cage to find him.


The one-man search party was 39-year-old Kevin Villegas (left) -- who worked as an assistant for Nic Cage for the past 5 years. We're told Kevin's primary responsibility was looking after Weston.

But Tuesday, when Weston went M.I.A -- sources tell us Nic dispatched Kevin to track down the 21-year-old and bring him home. Kevin quickly located his target in L.A., but we're told, Weston was resistant and aggressive -- even threatening to rip off Kevin's "Christian f**king head."

0612_weston_fight_video_smallSources tell us Kevin immediately reported the situation to Nic ... who instructed Kevin to call 911. When Weston realized cops were on the way he flipped out and attacked Kevin with the roundhouse kick.

We're told Kevin -- who served with the U.S. military -- feared for his life because Weston is a highly-trained fighter ... and attacked Cage with a flurry of punches.

Cops came and Weston was hospitalized for a mental evaluation. Weston says he may press charges.


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northern gypsy    

sounds like W.C. babysitter (N.C. employee) had enough...
we can only imagine what errands he's had to do for N.C. regarding his son...
i agree with other bloggers...if W.C. is mentally ill...
N.C should apply for conservership...or...let the kid find his own way...

1227 days ago


First off if Nic was worried he should have become a Daddy and went and found him himself. the lazy sob. And I am a Nic Cage fan.. Why? I still don't know hah...

But thats bull**** the MMA joke has no right to beat his ass if Weston tossed the first punch. There is no where in the law that saws that or if so and so hits you etc....

You have a right to defend yourself and a right to stop the threat. I think after the 2nd punch the threat was over. You do not have a right to jump on top and keep hitting them.

More people would be charged if more fights were video taped. 99% are not so it turns into a he said he said.. With no clear lack of proof one side went overboard they can't do anything.

1227 days ago



You really don't know what you are talking about. You seem to think 'reasonable force' is limited to one counter punch and that subduing someone who clearly is out of their mind and trying to attack you can constitute "kidnapping".

The fact that Weston is being held on a psych hold speaks to his state of mind and his inability to stabilize his own behavior. Weston was still combative and disruptive the whole time he was he was being filmed.

I'm seriously laughing at your blatant stupidity.

1227 days ago


I love it when someone who TRIES so hard to look tough and bad, wearing black all the time, leather, tattoos, and the goth bs etc gets their ass kicked. Especially when they got their ass kicked by someone MUCH smaller then them. If you have to try to look tough, you are not. It's all fear based . . not being tough.

1227 days ago


Perhaps Weston only has this babysitter because daddy wants to do a little damage control to his already disreputable image. Not only is he a hard core Christian (which Weston is OBVIOUSLY not), but he's a fraud and a tax dodger. Something tells me daddy has overstepped a few boundaries and Weston needs to press charges against HIM.

1227 days ago


Hard to comment on a story relased by TMZ. Now they'ved changed the entire story around and reading some comments here, its best not to even say anything if we weren't there, or well be the idiots. I find it kinda odd Nick can't handle his own son and has to hire someone to track him down and apprehend him. Who knows what the truth is at this point? TMZ are a bunch of exaggerators and sensationalist liars. Is Weston acting like a spoiled brat? Maybe but then again maybe the dude was being disrespectful to him and calling him names.
Was his mother right about Nick? Maybe.

Oh well. I just hope Nick and fam can be at peace with eachother and that Weston and his wife are doing alright.

1227 days ago


Cape 4 hours ago

Um, Cage sent a man to bring his 21 year old son home.
21 year old son. Adult. As in no longer has to do what daddy says.
I can tell you now that if one of my parents sent a buffoon after me as an adult, to take me home, I would have kicked his
a s s too.
What right does this man have to track down and order a 21 year old man around? What right does Cage have to force his adult son to go anywhere against his wishes? I hope the kid does press charges against this goon of his fathers. If the kid is mentally ill, ok, let Cage prove it and get conservatorship,legally, not just send a random goon to "Bring him home". If he was 15, yes. 21, WTF?
I have this weird quirk.. I believe in freedom and the right of an adult to be treated like one.


1227 days ago


If Weston does press charges, Kevin will have no reason to keep all the dirty little secrets of the Cage family. We will finally know if Weston has a mental problem and what's really going on in Nic's family. Press charges, Weston!! I really want to hear all the dirty laundry that will be aired by Kevin!!

1227 days ago



1227 days ago


I don't care if he kicked him he didn't have to punch him that many times. He probably didn't even kick him hard because when the little guy was on him he couldn't even get up. He give him a little kick and he was mad that's why he got on him and punched him so many times but as you can see he didn't have to do that. The guy probably was trying to force him to go with and he is a grown man he dosn't have to do what that guy says. That guy should have went to jail for trying to force him to go with him then punching him that any times when he was on the ground not doing nothing, I'm sure he was really mad when the guy punched him so many times and wouldn't get off him. If the guy was trying to kick because he was putting his hands on him trying to make him go with him the little guy could have have just walked away. He trying to get away with beating his son like that saying he was scared and he was a trained fighter, it's like if your really scared you will run get and away from the guy not get on top of him. That little guy is a liar and he should go to jail you don't do that to someone son your supposed to be looking after just because he gave you a little kick, you walk a away and leave him alone and none of that would have happened. If I was Nicolas Cage I would be so pissed of I would kick the guys ass that did that to my son.

1227 days ago


"What is wrong with Weston that he needs his dad to pay someone to look after him? Not to sound mean, but Nicolas Cage's mother has schizophrenia (see link below). Perhaps his son has inherited some mental health issues"

It oftens skips a generation and starts in late teens, early 20's for males. I feel extremely sorry for the guy if he gets it--it was certainly not his choice or fault :(

1227 days ago


Celebrity kids are totally spoiled rotten and screwed up!

1227 days ago


He looks like a thug

1227 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

What? What happened to the story about his trainer telling him he couldn't order a particular entree? As usual, TMZ's reporting is absolute crap.

1227 days ago


Ah Nic, ya must be so proud!

1227 days ago
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