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Crystal Harris

Ditched Hefner

Over Money and Music

6/14/2011 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner was left at the altar because his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris wanted two things -- a bigger allowance and a career in the music biz.

Sources close to Crystal tell us she was fed up with the "couple hundred dollar" weekly allowance she got from Playboy -- and wanted to make her own cheese.

We're told Crystal purely focused on launching her music career -- even with the wedding just days away.

Sources involved in planning the massive wedding say Crystal felt like she "couldn't be married to Hef and have a successful music career" -- even though millions and millions of people are married with careers ... and with MUCH less money.


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Maybe she got Hef's latest medical assessment which said he was in great shape and young for his age. She should have picked a man of 90 with one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave.

1226 days ago


Hefner is under the delusion that $200.00 a week is "rakeing it in". Maybe in 1958 it was, not so much today, especially if you have to have sex with an 85 year old man for it. Hefner has probably not been in a store since 1958 has has NO idea what things cost in the year 2011. He probably thinks gas costs around 25 cents a gallon and bread costs 10 cents.

This chick could rake it in as a stripper and have all the young dudes she wants, why waste your youth like that, especially since Hefner could very well live another 10 years or so.

1226 days ago


OMG!!! OMG!!!

He sold a supercarrr:

1226 days ago


Can't say I blame her. Hundreds of dollars is NOTHING in Hollywood. She was only with him for the money and he had to know that. Why else would a beautiful woman young enough to be his granddaughter be interested in him? And he probably wasn't interested in her for anything but her looks either. I don't believe for one second that either of these people actually loved each other. Their relationship was a trade and since the offer wasn't good enough for Crystal, she left him. Good for her.

1226 days ago


Since Hef and Crystal are not getting married I'm not going to sleep tonight. Who gives a sh*t, I wrote that this wedding would never take placy and it didn't. Crystal thought that being married to Hef that she could have both,well Hef had other ideas. Since she was only getting a couple hundreds dollars a week she thought I'm not going to live this way. This goes to show that Crystal was only in it for Hef's money. Hef called and audible when he saw the blitz coming. Hef's in Crystal's out. Now let's see if Crystal can launch a singing career. She'll probably have to sleep around before she gets someone to discover her. There will be some stupid "Sugar Daddy" who will come to Crystal's aid and when he finds out she's a good digger he'll send her packing.

1226 days ago


She's no dummy. Waking up to him might involve hospice care. It's like what would you charge a 80 year old man to marry him, have sex with him and take hime to the bathroom at 25. I would maybe give hime a price for 3 months of my life and that's all. but to give up ever having children and give up my youthful experiences for money. "I'm good". It has got to be something for the man that built his life fortune on selling sex to not be able to buy sex.

1226 days ago


Just heard her song... IT SUCKS!

1226 days ago


I only glanced through the most comments so it appears I am the only one who might feel this way but here goes anyway.

I actually watched The Girls Next Door and Holly's World and Kendra. It has been said on The Girls Next Door and possible repeated at some point on Kendra but the girls that choose to live with Hef are basically kept on a very short tight leash. That is the reason the twins did not last very long. My point being in my mind there is some truth to the idea that Crystal couldn't not pursue the music career she wanted while married to Hef. I remember and episode of The Girls Next Door where they made a pretty big deal about Holly, Bridget, and Kendra spending a night away I think in Las Vegas to do something that was Playboy related and how Hef did not like them to be gone overnight. In all honest if Hef were to want Crystal home every night (and I don't see him going on tour with her) it makes sense.

I alway*****ed that things did not work out with Hef and Holly because regardless of what anyone think I honestly believe she really did love him, not for money or whatever. I have realized now that she is probably somewhat lucky that things did not work out that way because she now has a career and life she really enjoys being in Peepshow in Vegas.

Call Crystal a golddigger all you want (I never really liked her and hated The Girls Next Door with her and the twins, I figured everyone else did to that's why it ended) but I think she has legitimate reasons even if its not completely related to having the freedom to have a music career even if some of her reasons for leaving were related to money or whatever.

1226 days ago


I don't know why it edited me saying



1226 days ago


You've gotta be kidding me. Haha I'm not surprised tho, and just in time for her stupid song she released right. Like she actually thinks she has a chance at a music career?? TMZ called it the this years summer anthem....uh I DON'T THINK SO!! She fails, the song is a flop. Its hilarious how many people just think they can be a big star when they have no real talent from within......greedy mo fos.

1226 days ago

Rex Shaw    

Dreams of being a Rockstar, have sex with Hugh Heffner = DUMB.

1226 days ago


usually the golddiggers wait till the old man dies... maybe she realized Hef is immortal lol i hope her singing career chokes and is only a success in china!

1226 days ago



what career? she goes with old guys because they are rich: what kind of career is that?

1226 days ago


People here are seriously feeling sorry for Hef???

He's made a living turning women into grotesque caricatures of "sexual liberation" - marketed the playboy bunny image to GIRLS too young to even understand what they've become a willing billboard for. He is truly a vile example of humanity and people feel sorry for him?

I can only conclude you're either jealous guys who wish they could live in the same misogynistic fantasy world created by Hef - or women who have unfortunately drunk the Kool-Aid and actually believe that playboy is a symbol of true sexual liberation. That, or you're on crack.

Hef - this is Karma. And I'm making the prediction now: You'll die a sad, old and lonely man, with a stench of impending death and failing bowel control driving away even your most sycophantic of bunnies. And then when you'll die, they'll make a mint airing your dirty laundry through whatever media outlet made the highest bid. It will be hilarious watching the world speaking ill of you, with no chance of recourse. Oh how I'll laugh! Good times!

1225 days ago


hold the hell up...

You guys are mad at her for NOT gold digging and instead, trying to make her own career work *shakes head*
You guys are messed up.

1225 days ago
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