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Crystal Harris

Ditched Hefner

Over Money and Music

6/14/2011 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner was left at the altar because his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris wanted two things -- a bigger allowance and a career in the music biz.

Sources close to Crystal tell us she was fed up with the "couple hundred dollar" weekly allowance she got from Playboy -- and wanted to make her own cheese.

We're told Crystal purely focused on launching her music career -- even with the wedding just days away.

Sources involved in planning the massive wedding say Crystal felt like she "couldn't be married to Hef and have a successful music career" -- even though millions and millions of people are married with careers ... and with MUCH less money.


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I read the book bunny tales, or something like that by the girl who left right b4 the GND started, the allownaces got smaller and smaller, if you left for a week for a family emergency, no allowance, strict curfew and no freedom what so ever. Other than free cosmetic procedures and no rent with a desire to occasionally go to celebrity events "monitored" it was pretty much like a jail with no bars. The other girls at least had each other, poor krystal was alone with a now 80 year old man who knows better than to anti up cash, as that is a tool to escape.She also had no reality show cash like the other girls to rathole for later. Now she's left with a golddigger, famewh##e reputation and nothing else. At least the other 3 came out ahead. No one should feel bad for hef, he had thousands of woman and being a playboy was more important than love, so now he dies alone!

1229 days ago


The only way this gal is getting a music deal is if she sings naked!!!

1229 days ago


Well hefs pre-nup must have been ironclad. Probably showed she wouldn't get anything if he died or she divorced him. Some of these big stars should be usings hefs attorney. Obviously the fact that she has to sleep with him and not getting anything in the long run must have turned her off.

I guess gold diggers have their limits. I'm sure if there was no pre-nup she would be going through with it.

1229 days ago


No surprise!!! He is an old slimy man who is well beyond his expiry date! If he was poor no young thing would give him the time of !!

1229 days ago


GASP!!!! you mean it's NOT true love???????? Oh yeah, like that exists>

1229 days ago


That type of advise do you think Dr. Phil McGraw is going to give Hef now that Crystal has left him for Dr. Phil's son Jordan? LOL

1229 days ago


Holly would have never done that... I think she is the only one who really genuinely loved him... I hope they get back together... Crystal is a nobody

1229 days ago


Holly was a gold digger, like the rest. Everyone who is saying that he should get back with Holly - are just stupid. Holly is a user, social climber and opportunist. When Hef refused to marry her and/or have kids with her ~ she bailed.

Why do you guys act like Holly is genuine and innocent?

She's just like all the other wh//res who leech onto Hef.

She started catting around with that fugly Cris Angel and dumped Hef, because Hef refused to marry her, so she could be heir to his fortune.

Holly is an attention wh//re and sk/nk.. She is JUST as bad as Crystal Harris and all the other girls who will suck on that shriveled, old man's pen1s for $$$$..

1229 days ago


So she's a gold digger... so shocked...

1229 days ago


Hugh Hefner granted up in age, he is still sharp as a tack and no fool.

Oh golly gee, the wedding is off. Big surprise. She's 25 he's what 86? Didn't work for Anna Nichole Smith.

If Crystal Harris is really any good, she wouldn't need Hefner.

1229 days ago

Don't Know What You Got Till Its Gone    

They just need a couple Magik Mats and they'll be fine. Over a 100,000 sold in the first week! Get yours while you can.

1229 days ago


Hufner gets an allowance from Playboy company...what did she expect? To become the wife of a millionaire? She would get an allowance becasue he's on a pension.

1229 days ago



I read that book too. I must say the punctuation, grammar and spelling were horrendous. But the portrait that Izabella St James painted was NOT pretty.

The girls have a curfew and only get a few hundred bucks. Hef takes viagra, then has sex with multiple girls and allegedly without a condom. He will pay for plastic surgery - such as breast implants though. He is allowed to sleep with multiple women and a lot of times he does them one by one - with the other girls in the room watching. The girlfriends are NOT allowed to date outside of Hef though, so it is a one way street. If you get caught cheating or out after your curfew, then you get kicked to the curb.

According to the book, Holly pushed her way in - to be the HBIC (head b/tch in charge).. The portrait of both Holly & Bridget was not flattering at all.

For the people who claim Holly really loved Hef - get a clue!

Why would a 2o-something year old (the age Holly was when she got with Hef) -- want to be with an 80 year old man who is a philanderer and man-who/re?

Holly is just as greedy, materialistic and vain as the others.

She did NOT love Hef.. She wanted a kid and to get married -- to make sure she got a big piece in her inheritance... When another rich celebrity started paying attention to her -- Cris Angel --then she dumped Hef.

1229 days ago

Rob Base    

Sandra 11 minutes ago
No surprise!!! He is an old slimy man who is well beyond his expiry date! If he was poor no young thing would give him the time of !!

Thanks I would have never thought of that great point. I think you are just mad because even at his old crusty state he still would not go for a heffer like you. You keed calling him a creepy old man and he will keep f**king hot young girls. So if he was with some skanky old hag like you he would be happy. All woman are whore's for a price. The ugly ones like you just keep bi**hen!

1229 days ago

Lovely Rita    

A SIXTY YEAR difference is too gross to overlook! I don't care how much money or Viagra Hef has. Seriously. Holly was the only one who could put up with him and he blew that. He needs to act his age.

1229 days ago
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