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Gary Busey

Drama on

Horror Movie Set

6/22/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey is at the center of a new controversy after a woman allegedly complained about the actor's behavior on the set of his new horror movie.

Sources connected with the upcoming movie "Mansion of Blood" tell us, Gary had simply become too difficult to work with -- and was booted from the production after a woman on set complained about inappropriate comments Gary made. 

According to sources, Gary had already finished shooting about half of his scenes -- so the script was rewritten ... and another actor filled in to shoot the rest.

Gary's rep tells us, "The situation was plagued by contractual issues and misunderstandings from the outset. Gary considers this episode concluded and has no further comment on the matter."

We contacted producers ... who DENY Gary was fired ... telling us, "Mr. Busey remains in the cast of the movie" ... and insist Gary has "committed no improper acts in connection with his role in the movie."


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No surprise here, typical fare for Gary, . . . and, a Halloween mask would NEVER be needed!!!!!!

1196 days ago

Dark Side    

So sad, that he has (a person)wasted his life like he has done. It is also so sad that he has all this sympathy outreach when he could care less. He needs to MAN UP and take notice at what a sickass drug user he is. Until that time that he does he is just another pile of rubbish on the street waiting for whichever way the wind tosses him.

1196 days ago

Strange things happen on the set of Mansion of Blood!

1196 days ago


Totally get the brain injury matter. But WTF about those TEETH????

1196 days ago


artie help. 5 hours ago
@twilightmom, you're the 1 st person to EVER show any compassion on this blog, good for you and those you come into contact with.
@artie help
Thank you! (=
We had a slogan in my nursing class when we graduated:
"'s not just what I do, its WHO I AM"

And I've tried to live that every day since then, whether with my patients or in my daily life. Eh...cheesy sounding I know. But.....
Thank you again, and the same to you!
Tmom. {o:

1196 days ago

Gary Busey friend    

Worked on the set know Gary he did all and more yes he grabbed groped over 4 women made sexual comments, it was awful he should apologize at least. The Movie Mansion of Blood and the producers put up with allot, he even mistreated a 101 year old actress Carla Llammelle on set.

1196 days ago


I'm tired of people making excuses for "slow" or "injured" people. I don't care how he got to be the way he is, it does not excuse his inappropriate comments or behavior. Making excuses for him condones his behavior on the grounds his feelings will get hurt. Good. Don't make inappropriate comments and you won't get fired!

1196 days ago


I worked on the crew for the film "Mansion of Blood." We currently have 2 days left of production. The report is vague, but I'll give you guys a few more details. We waited almost 2 hours for Gary to get a certain flavor of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. He refused to act in scenes with younger, more attractive actors. Who is this guy kidding? Who isn't younger and better looking than Gary Busey? He head butted one of the actors in his scene with him. The straw that broke the camels back was when he began flirting and groping one of the producers girlfriends. As far as his performance once we got him to set, he was a pro and knocked his scenes out fairly quickly. Only my 3rd feature film, but I have quite a war story.

1196 days ago


that sexual harassment is again a textbook example of dis-inhibition. Some people with TBI's lose the ability to control impulses. Many emotional, and sexual impulses come from the deeper part of the brain (the so called reptile brain). Those impulses are kept in check by the frontal lobes, where reasoning is. When the frontal lobes are damaged, then a person loses the ability to restrain themselves. They lack the ability to say "Hey that's a bad idea".

To blame Mr Busey for his behavior, would be like blaming a paraplegic for not walking. Both have suffered an injury that can not be healed by current medical technology, yet one is socially acceptable and one is not. Mr. Busey's Brain is broken, he can never heal, he can learn to cope with proper treatment, but it doesn't help when people assume his behavior is a choice.

1196 days ago

Angie Diego    

He is an eyesore... how did he get into hollywood, was he good at blow**** or something? At this point in his life, the only acting he'll be good for is cheap zombie flicks....

1195 days ago


As a flight attendant for over 24 years, in all my time- biggest psychopath freak of a passenger is Gary Busey. It was a flight from Hell , he even physically threatened a female passenger- disrupted the entire flight , complete crazy. I considered landing early and having him arrested it was that bad so I can only imagine how he was on set. So Twilight Mom- you have NO idea what your talking about. He is not sweet or misunderstood, he's bat **** crazy and threatening

1195 days ago


This idiot can't act his way out of a paper bag (which by the way he should wear to cover that ugly ass big toothed monster mug. Go back to the basement and bitch to the empty room where youve been watching reruns of when you were lucky enougfh to have had a job as an actor, IDIOT> FIRE HIM IF HE CANT KEEP THAT BIG TOOTHED SLOBERY DIRTY FACED MOUTH SHUT>

1195 days ago

Susan Star    

I know for a fact that he was not fired because I know the producers and they told me that he did a great job. In fact they even released a statement to TMZ with the truth but TMZ and Harvey Levin is too chicken to release the true statement because they are worried they will be sued for not checking the story properly! Just wait you will see the truth in the press very soon and TMZ will look totally stupid.

1193 days ago


I know the producers and they told me that the story is not true and that TMZ has the true statement from them saying that Gary is still on the movie and did a great job but TMZ is too chicken to post the real truth because they didn't check their sources, and now TMZ is going to be liable for a huge lawsuit!

1193 days ago

Alexandra Cramer    

I acted in this movie and Gary Busey was very cool. This is all lies, in fact his publicist was with him on set the entire time. Why do people lie, for 15 minutes of fame. How lame!

1193 days ago
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