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Girl Sues Playboy

Over Sexy Trampoline Jump Injury

6/14/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman, the Playboy mansion, a photographer and a trampoline ... what could possibly go wrong?

A lot ... according to Denise Underhill -- who's filed a lawsuit against Playboy, claiming she suffered a devastating knee injury during a bouncy photo shoot at the mansion back in 2009.

According to the suit, filed in LA Superior Court last month, Denise claims she was "requested to jump on a trampoline ... in order for photographs to be taken of her."  We're guessing Denise has a huge smile. 

During the jumping session, Denise claims she tore the meniscus in her right knee ... but instead of proper medical assistance, she was merely given crutches and sent on her way.

In the docs, Denise claims "There were no warning signs posted ... as to the dangers posed by the use of the equipment." She has a point, even shampoo has directions. 

Denise claims the injury required surgery -- and she's demanding more than $25k for her troubles.

A call to Playboy was not returned.


No Avatar


Do you really expect anything different from whores and their john?

1163 days ago


Trampolines are not safe. There's a man in my city who is a quadrapalegic from jumping on a trampoline when he was in his teens. His neck landed on the metal rim and paralyzed him. I would never buy one for my kids.

1163 days ago

Sin D    

"There were no warning signs posted ... as to the dangers posed by the use of the equipment." D U N C E.

1163 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Hef should reach into his pajamas and take care of her.

1163 days ago


So I guess she is so ditsy she needs to have those nets put up around the trampoline like a toddler. I guess common sense doesn't work well for her. It is an unstable surface that you are jumping on. This just needs to be chalked up to another out of work "playmate" needing money. I wonder if anyone has pics of this chick on a trampoline when she was younger. I can't imagine she is that stupid to think you can't get hurt on a trampoline. Ever watch Americas funniest home videos? It happens. She could have always said no to the trampoline request. It wasn't forced upon her. Just requested. Idiot!!

1163 days ago


This women is a complete idiot who is just looking for a free payday. I happen to own a trampoline, EVERYONE knows they can get injured on them, any physical activity you do you risk getting injured including something as simple as walking. If she was injured playing something like volleyball would she be suing?

It would be different if she hurt herself due to something being wrong with the trampoline but that does not seem to be the case. It would be different if she was a minor who got on the trampoline without her parents consent and got hurt but this was not the case either. These two ways would be the only way she would be able to sue, all she is doing is wasting her time and money and making herself look like a greedy idiot, I am sure she is the laughing stock of the mansion right now

1163 days ago


Who says trampolines are safe? Usually it's from jumping up into the Air and flying off and hitting the edge or completely off into the ground!!! This is why they have netting around them these days.

My problem here for one is she's suing 2 years later! That bad Knee could be the result of a number of things sense then!!! Hell she may have had issues before then!

1163 days ago


She was at the Playboy mansion - not a hospital. What did she expect them to do - perform knee surgery there? Didn't she realize she had an injury? Oh, wait, she was posing for Playboy. Answered my own question. It's not the mansion's fault she couldn't jump on a trampoline and smile at the same time. NOt everyone is coordinated.

1163 days ago


This is a creative pleading by an ambulance chaser. Trial lawyers SUCK!!

1163 days ago


Things that are very dangerous:
Sky Diving

1163 days ago


I'd be willing to bet there are warning labels on the trampoline. Everyone I have ever seen has them sewn into the pad tself!!

1163 days ago

Angie Diego    

Another bimbo looking for a quick buck by making up a fake injury

1163 days ago


She is just money hungry and attention starved!

1163 days ago


Guess you don't have to be smart to be a playboy model!

1163 days ago


What's with " a woman" comment? Like it wouldn't happen with a man? Men don't sue?

1163 days ago
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