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Soulja Boy:


I'm No Racist Homophobe!

6/14/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Soulja Boy claims he's the latest victim of an evil hacker -- who broke into his Facebook account and posted a disgusting homophobic, racist rant over the weekend.

The rant -- aimed at "haters" who posted negative comments on the rapper's Facebook page -- included the lines, "IM TIRED OF WHITE PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN!! THEY TREAT US SO WRONG!! f**k THEM."

The rant continued, "I'm gonna keep talking sh*t to these white f*ggots until they unlike my page. f**king weirdo stalkers!"

Now, in a statement to TMZ, Soulja says, "I wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that my Facebook got hacked."

He explains, "I had administrators on my account that no longer work with me. The hackers used these old accounts to post hateful messages.  This was not done by me or anyone on my team and I'm upset that I am being labeled as a racist and homophobic person."


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He is so full of ****! He said the same thing about his Twitter account a couple of months ago when he went on a rant and then deleted the tweets and claimed he'd been hacked. Dumba$$.

1194 days ago


This guy is a lame! Pretty stupid of a entertainer to downtalk whites in genral, thats gonna hurt his record sales! lol Oh and to make things worse he now claims to be a real g? lol Sippin syrup and sh*t, hes a little kid who needs to realize hes not tough! lol

1194 days ago

Fat Mike    

Weiner did it!

1194 days ago


Hacked must be the new dictionary definition for:

"I will say what I want, but if I get caught, it wasn't me!"

1194 days ago


whatever, just go back to being a hated chauvinist, rapping about ejaculating on "hoes," so you can stick shirts on them to make them look like superman. this idiot is a piece of trash.

1194 days ago


Maybe Weiner's weiner is now into the hacking business?

1194 days ago


So tired of the "hacked" excuse. Just admit you did it. People would respect you a little more for telling the truth than to tell a lie.

1194 days ago


darn those hackers, they just want him to look bad

1194 days ago


Anthony Weiner's Twitter account "was hacked too"! LOL

I love it that when African Americans are racist. Instead of being a man and take accountability for what he said!!

He just lies!

I am sure it was a "White Guy' that hacked his account too!! When does the double standard end.

1194 days ago


It use to go like.....

1. The Dog ate my homework
2. The Check is in the mail

Now the big excuse is "My acct. was HACKED!!

Yeah Right!

1194 days ago


I've heard of him. Never heard anything bad about him so until further notice I will let him slide.

They are just words not sticks and stones: Maybe if some others would take that mantra we wouldn't have a bunch of wound up angry people. Blacks, Mexicans, Feminists, Gays; they all go bonkers when someone makes a comment they deem inappropriate.

Oh no, he called me a cracker. Crap, that guy just called me a Mother ....... Oh what am I going to do?. Oh woe is me.

1194 days ago


what are the odds that he'd be hacked just like Weiner was!

1194 days ago


@ John,

African American and Hispanic*****E White people. There is not a day that goes by where i am NOT treated like S#iT by Minorities be it that the Dr's office, Retail Store or wherever. They do NOT hide their hate either and the Hispanic Women can really get nasty so when they act up its best to ignore them.
This truly saddens me because i have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind but that seems to be the way the World turns in 2011. :(

1194 days ago

Joey Y    

Maybe his rhymes were hacked as well. That would explain why they are ALSO so unappealing.

1194 days ago


Look at the racist posts here on TMZ. Maybe he should have said what he said.
Withall the back and forth racist comments that exists in places like this, trust is never gonna be established between folks, so why be surprised when someone calls it out?

1194 days ago
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