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TMZ Live: Arnold's Mistress Speaks - Did She Lie Too?

6/14/2011 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patty Baena claims a compassionate Maria Shriver cried with her when she copped to having Arnold's love child ... We have our doubts. Plus, Eli Roth talks to Harvey the mensch and Charles about Twitter bullies...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big stuff today: Eli Roth drops by unexpectedly, Arnold's baby mama speaks out, & Candy Spelling selling her house to a HOT heiress.
(7:30) Arnold's baby mama spoke to Hello! Magazine and you won't believe what she said ... no seriously, you may not believe what she said.
(12:30) Surprise! Eli Roth shows up unexpectedly -- or four days late depending on how you look at it.
(14:45) Eli explains his Twitter exchange with Russell Crowe -- the one that got Crowe in trouble -- and rips the people who called Crowe anti-Semitic.
(19:50) For some reason, the conversation with Eli gets gassy.
(23:30) Candy Spelling's MASSIVE mansion is being sold to a RICH, HOT, YOUNG heiress. Anyone smell a reality show in the making?
(32:00) More ridiculous -- a $2 million ring ... or a $100 million house?
(36:30) The war rages on -- are pit bulls inherently dangerous? We play the 911 call made the day Jesse James' pit attacked another dog.
(45:30) A lively appearance by Harvey's new fish Rib-eye.
(46:30) Kim Kardashian's mom has Kris Humphries whipped -- but come on ... the guy HAD to know what he was getting into.


No Avatar


Harvey, what about furnishing that house $$$$$

1226 days ago


Do you think Arnold will spend father's day with Joseph?

1226 days ago


i dont understand all these people who critcize others on what they buy..........people buy corvettes which go over 200mph what do you need a car like that dfor

1226 days ago


black is truly beautiful. I see Harvey has successfully transformed into a black dude.

PS Harvey you can sell the ring but that house will take you years to sell plus you will sell it at half the price - like candy did. Stop hating on Kim

1226 days ago


I think any dog can be aggressive, pit bulls are just better equipped.

1226 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Harvey, you usually have good judgement, it's TIME for JJ to lay the dog down! Actually, you just kind of stood up for other dog owners.

1226 days ago


That 22 year old chick can afford Ahhnold as HER maid!

1226 days ago


Certain breeds of dogs (pit bulls, rottweilers, german sheperds, et al) have a biological thing wherein their jaws shift & do a clamp on to prey that is formitable.

I lost a bichon frise to a rotweiller do to this

1226 days ago


so, any word as to why Crystal called off the wedding to Hugh???

1226 days ago


This is bull****. It's true that pitbulls do have a tendancy towards agression. But it comes down to the owners not knowing how to deal with pitbulls. And your story about "nothing beoing more terrifying than a pitbull off leash" is the dumbest statement i've heard.

1226 days ago

Vanessa H     

A Pit can be a very good dog if the owner can handle and control them ... If the owner is not someone who can handle them and train them correct then that's when you get the ones who attack ..they are very strong and this is why they can be deadly.

1226 days ago

the Seeker    

pitbull fights in Queens are the best and the beer is ice

1226 days ago

Sara D    

You probably hear of more pit bull attacks because people are stupid and often confuse other similar looking breeds with a pitbull. So pitbulls are the one to blame.

1226 days ago


There's no "enzyme" that makes a dog dangerous. Please don't perpetuate junk science. The blame lies entirely with the owner.

1226 days ago

David Conner    

Put the owners down and not the dogs. The owners train them to be aggressive. If the raise them in a loving atmosphere they will be loving.

1226 days ago
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