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TMZ Live: Arnold's Mistress Speaks - Did She Lie Too?

6/14/2011 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patty Baena claims a compassionate Maria Shriver cried with her when she copped to having Arnold's love child ... We have our doubts. Plus, Eli Roth talks to Harvey the mensch and Charles about Twitter bullies...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big stuff today: Eli Roth drops by unexpectedly, Arnold's baby mama speaks out, & Candy Spelling selling her house to a HOT heiress.
(7:30) Arnold's baby mama spoke to Hello! Magazine and you won't believe what she said ... no seriously, you may not believe what she said.
(12:30) Surprise! Eli Roth shows up unexpectedly -- or four days late depending on how you look at it.
(14:45) Eli explains his Twitter exchange with Russell Crowe -- the one that got Crowe in trouble -- and rips the people who called Crowe anti-Semitic.
(19:50) For some reason, the conversation with Eli gets gassy.
(23:30) Candy Spelling's MASSIVE mansion is being sold to a RICH, HOT, YOUNG heiress. Anyone smell a reality show in the making?
(32:00) More ridiculous -- a $2 million ring ... or a $100 million house?
(36:30) The war rages on -- are pit bulls inherently dangerous? We play the 911 call made the day Jesse James' pit attacked another dog.
(45:30) A lively appearance by Harvey's new fish Rib-eye.
(46:30) Kim Kardashian's mom has Kris Humphries whipped -- but come on ... the guy HAD to know what he was getting into.


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reasonably certain that fish is a female. If I recall correctly, the males have much smaller fins.

1229 days ago


Harvey Rib-Eye is a male beta....females are alot smaller without the pronounced fins

1229 days ago


The bad dog used to be Rottweilers and German Shepherds, now German shepherds are the most popular police and military dogs. People who want a mean dog gravitate to mean breeds. That's why more of that breed continue to be aggressive. The new growth in attack dogs is Akitas. In Victorian times Pit Bulls were considered nanny dogs. Also the difference between a boxer and a pit bull is minimal, pit bulls actually cover 3 or 4 different breeds and often a boxer is viewed as a "Bully" breed.

1229 days ago


Nevermind, had it backwards. That is a male, the females are the ones with the small fins...

1229 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

Q: is president obama talking about erection envy/penis envy in that clip?????@@@@!!!!! omg!

1229 days ago


you need to call Caesar Milan, the dog wisperer, he rehabs all type of dangerous breeds..

1229 days ago


If you respect someone you don't sleep with their husband in their bed...then continue working for them as though nothing happened.

1229 days ago


Arnold took advantage of a subordinate. Sexual harassment plain and simple. Where's Gloria Alred?

1228 days ago


I was bitten by a pittbull(approx 1yr old)trying to save my dog(he pounced on top of my dog). i feel what it boils down to is a dog is a dog and we never really know what triggers a dogs behavior. it could be a scent a body dog has been attacked 3 times 1-pittand terrorized for bout a yr, 1 rot, and a big red dog i called clifford. hes very skiddish now. there are lil dogs that are as mean as hell and have gone after my dog. i have a jack russell. i believe all dogs can be saved. ive been told over snd over again by dog owners hes never been aggressive. i dont care all it takes is 1 wrong moment. dont be a hater always try and save dogs of all kinds then if it doesnt work then put them down.

1228 days ago


I live in Thailand where Rib-Eye type fish come from (Siamese Fighting Fish). Rib-Eye is Male - absolutely. CHeers.

1228 days ago


Ribeye is a male beta (some people call them Siamese Fighting Fish because when they simply see each other their gills flare and they are ready to rip a new one - even if they see their own reflection in a mirror). You can tell Ribeye is a male because of his smaller, sleeker body design and long, flowing fins. Female betas are larger and thicker and have stubby fins. Do not put another male beta in the tank with Ribeye. There will be a disaster. And if you see ring of air bubbles around the top of his tank. don't panic. That's just a place Ribeye thinks he is preparing for his progeny.

My schedule is really whack. So I appreciate your online version to watch when I can. Thanks. Ron.

1228 days ago


@Harvey and HB,
The Pit bull does not secrete a special enzyme that locks their jaws shut during combat,they secrete endorphins(as do humans) that dulls their pain receptors making it hard to get the animal to comply with the owners /handlers commands.A tool called a 'breaking stick' is often needed to leverage their jaws open while the dogs are engaged.@Charles, I can smell fear and other emotions in humans as well as animals...

Great info@

1228 days ago


It's so wrong what they are saying about pit bulls!
Since 1975, fatal attacks have been attributed to dogs from at least 30 breeds.
Example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family's Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds.
A pit bull is a athlete dog and extremely strong on his neck and jaws a attack will result in serious injuries.
To own a pit bull, is to own a special forces and it need the training!

1228 days ago


About Jesse's pitbull, and pitbulls in general. I would love to see you guys get a hold of Cesar Millan and have him weigh in on what he thinks should happen to these dogs... the breed in general. His beloved dog Daddy was a pitbull and he still owns several.

1228 days ago


Pit bulls are for grown up bully's.

1228 days ago
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