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Amber Portwood 911

'She's Going to Hang Herself'

6/15/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley called 911 yesterday and begged the operator to send cops to the "Teen Mom" star's Indiana home ... warning, "She's going to hang herself"


TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 phone call Gary placed yesterday, in which he says Amber had recently mentioned that she was "having a hard time with her life" and he feared she might commit suicide.

Gary, who sounded very calm on the phone, explained, "I just spoke with my girlfriend and she had said something to me ... said she's having a hard time with her life ... call the police, they can find my body in the garage."

Gary added, "I'm calling you guys because I don't want her to kill herself."

Cops eventually responded to Amber's home -- and though she did not appear to be injured, she was taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.


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so let her! shes a nothing anyway.......nothing but a douchebag! both of em...the fat turd should join her! just an attention ploy for a lil whore!

1188 days ago


Wow! What a horrible operator. Very unprofessional. Did it not occur to her that he obviously had something on his mind when he misunderstood her question?

1188 days ago


I feel sorry for the good folks of Anderson IN - that dispatcher reflects poorly on her community - shame on her!

1188 days ago

Rob Base    

I heard when the paramedics got there they stated,"Where going to need a bigger boat!"

1188 days ago


I refuse to believe that all the comments about the operators could possibly come from multiple idiots... I'll put any amount of money that's it Fatso, with the phone transplant, trying to deflect the attention from his goofy ass. That trashy bastard is so damn stupid. I can't imagine being a 911 dispatcher and having to communicate with a moron. That ugly ass piece of ********tt is yet another reason we need to reinstate the draft, and make sure he's on the front line, this country could use some ethnic cleansing of bio waste.

1188 days ago

Phil Alger    

911 was not being mean. The caller was so calm it would make anyone wonder if that was a joke! Not to mention how many times have the 911 operators had this call from this group? I think its best to stop paying attention to TMZ! My gosh hey are such trash!

1188 days ago


The operator needs to have action taken against her. So uncalled for. As an operator, you are trained to diffuse stressful situations and to speak as clearly and directly as possible. And concerning the transportation of the mother, IRRELEVANT! All she needed to know was that the mother was expected to be there. Bitch.

1188 days ago


Oh Pleaseeee! It's media attention like this that these NON-Celebrity individuals seek and TMZ as well as others continue to give to them.
They need to grow up, get an education, get a real job and try being real parents to their child and maybe then they might earn our respect. Instead, they are paid to act like trailer trash while the rest of us live REAL lives.
To many of these 'reality' show characters actually BELIEVE that they are famous, they aren't, their fifteen minutes of whatever warped fame they think they had is way past up!

TMZ--what's up with this crap,can't you find any REAL celebrities to report on???

1188 days ago


Gary Shirley name should be like this Gary"THE FAT HEAD"Shirley

1188 days ago


Hurry up! Do it before you have another white-trash, trailer park, welfare, ghetto pig like yourself. Do the world a favor.

1188 days ago


QUIT GIVING these attention seeking people press. You are also as responsible as MTV. Shame on you too.

1188 days ago


Amber Porkwood can kill herself if she wishes to... but what's with the 911 responder? That could be anyone of us calling to a responder who hates her job

1188 days ago


What an unprofessional operator!!! Talk about not liking her job... Geez

1188 days ago


wow, that 911 operator is a bitch, she should be fired.

1188 days ago


he called 911 because?

1188 days ago
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