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Amber Portwood 911

'She's Going to Hang Herself'

6/15/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley called 911 yesterday and begged the operator to send cops to the "Teen Mom" star's Indiana home ... warning, "She's going to hang herself"


TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 phone call Gary placed yesterday, in which he says Amber had recently mentioned that she was "having a hard time with her life" and he feared she might commit suicide.

Gary, who sounded very calm on the phone, explained, "I just spoke with my girlfriend and she had said something to me ... said she's having a hard time with her life ... call the police, they can find my body in the garage."

Gary added, "I'm calling you guys because I don't want her to kill herself."

Cops eventually responded to Amber's home -- and though she did not appear to be injured, she was taken to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation.


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Aren't their fifteen minutes of fame up yet???

1133 days ago


the operator is a total bitch and Amber is a nutjob

1133 days ago


if they would have found her dead...think of how many accusers would have pointed the finger at the boyfriend just because of how he sounded on that phone call!!! scary huh? wonder how many have been falsely accused in a situation like this?

1132 days ago


What a HORRIBLE operator!!! Asks him a question and then cuts him off with another. It's obviously a stressful situation for Gary and she's yelling at him!? ...She definitely needs more coaching!

1132 days ago


oh and by the way even if she was attention seekin so what?! everyone deserves some attention half u lot who are bitchin about her 'attention seekin' have probably attention seeked more than once so stfu and get over urselves the sun dont shine out ur arse

1132 days ago


I like Amber fair enough she needed a few lessons on bein a mom but i would have treated gary the same way she did hes a fat bint best thing he did was to ring 911 Ambers way too good lookin for hi. Really hope she ok and keeps her chin up take no notice of the bull**** comments u read Amber they got less sense than a peanut

1132 days ago


who are these people? And why are they famous again?

1131 days ago


tht operater is a stuck upcsnappy bitch she shuld get fired she is suppose 2 help not b snappy horrible little bitch hope u rot in hell

1130 days ago


wtf was up wit the yellin and questions? just send the frickin police and ambulance!!

1130 days ago


promises, promises, promises......once again, all mouth and no action! please, just DO IT already!

1130 days ago


seriously...this 911 operator is a rude ass bitch...if u hate your job get a damn new one bitch. Then she asks a question and interrupts him w/ a different question. These are peoples lives they r dealing with. She asked him 2x's what her number is and didn't let him finish! Ughhhhhhh...

1129 days ago


I'm a 911 operator, and that 911 operator was a mean bitch. You don't talk to people like that when you're to provide a public service.

Her questions were all over the place, and not only did she not get all of the information, "are there weapons?" (officer safety issue) she put his mother in danger as well.

Ugh. Stuff like this makes me angry!!!!

1129 days ago


That operator was RUDE! Someone needs to FIRE her... SMH!

1129 days ago


I don't think the operator was being unreasonable. He was wasting time telling her which car his girlfriend has in her garage and they're on an emergency line. She was just trying to get the info as quickly as possible.

1129 days ago


That operator should be fired! My BF tried to commit suicide and I was crying and not answering things correctly (I forgot our address and gave them our old one for a minute) and the person I was talking to was very calm. When something like that happens (even if you aren't together) you can get really upset. I mean, she didn't have to snap at him. It's her JOB to be polite and get the information.

1129 days ago
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