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Weiner Offered Ginger Lee Advice On Stripper Career

6/16/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner exchanged emails with his cyber-mistress Ginger Lee right when his scandal broke -- advising her on how to handle club owners who wanted to hire the "stripper of Weinergate."


In one email to Weiner, sent on Jan. 2, Ginger says. "Just tell me what to do or say, this stuff is so far out of my league I can't even pretend to know what to do."

Weiner responded, "I want you to make decisions that help you be healthy and sane. We need to be zen about this."

He continued, "I'm going to stop talking about this. No new oxygen."


Ginger -- who REFUSED to call herself a stripper during a news conference with Gloria Allred and instead claimed she was a "featured dancer" --  has a bit of an identity issue ... because in her emails to Weiner she referred to herself as, "The most famous stripper in America right now."

She also told Weiner she was getting offers from strip clubs all over the country, but she didn't want to do the "stripper cashes in w/clubs because she may or may not have communicated w/somebody" thing.

Ginger eventually had a change of heart, because she was front and center at the Pink Pony last night.



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Not just a whore, but a Stupid whore.

1039 days ago


Yeah, right you're texting with a Rep. and you're upset because your name is now well known due to this. What did Ginger think would happen when the story broke and she had to know that eventually it would considering who Weiner is. She's saying her texts were innocent and Weiners are not. Maybe she purposefully made sure hers innocent and Weiner stupid as he is did not. Now she hires Allred to vindicate herself of what? I'm sure given what her profession is. If she didn't like Weiners tweets just stop tweeting with him. Allred doesn't take a client unless there is going to be money made off of this. What a joke!

1039 days ago


looks like she has a little chinck in her, round eyes, no wonder shes a stripper.

1039 days ago


Ginger Lee - "The most famous stripper in America right now."

I would not be so sure of that since Bree Olson is out there "FEATURE DANCING" this weekend at The Scene on Long Island.

1039 days ago

Fred Farkel    

She looks kinda cute to me boys...

1039 days ago


she is just skanky; ugh; these guys cheat and they cheat on such sleazy and low class people.

1039 days ago


Weiner is so stupid he's pathetic! Who did he think he was texting and sending photo's to his priest for confession or his therapists for treatment? I don't want anyone that stupid as my Rep.

1039 days ago


Harvey, Who pays Gloria Allred? The people she represents usually can't put two nickels together.

1039 days ago


Nice face...she looks like a blow-up doll. I wouldn't do her with Weiner's Wiener.

1039 days ago


I can't believe how TMZ has the nerve to try and lead on this story. You guys ducked this issue in the beginning, as did most of the media. I send you several emails womdering why youe were not reporting on this story.
Why not just be good reportors and do what you do best; feed us the garbage?

1039 days ago


Ginger is worse than a slut or a whore, she is a bloodsucking tick selling this guy out with crap that will ruin his life, harmless crap. Kind of sad when and our government is full of people that are actually doing crap to screw our country up...............

1039 days ago


This girl would be unknown if she wasn't continuously putting herself out there and providing information. Clearly she wants the attention! As far as their conversations, big deal!! If she didn't like what he was saying a simple I'm not interested in your stupid package would've done the trick! Don't tell me she didn't encourage him to keep talking about this stuff! What a liar and a ho this idiot is.
She's making money now off his name, she should be thanking him!

1039 days ago


appears she saw her oportunity to up her profile and asking price for striper jobs..and she jumped at it

gotta love free enterprise!!

1038 days ago


Weiner Tale: Tawdry, sad, flaky, stupid, sick, out-of-touch, dirty, seamy, messy, impolite, crude, offensive, inappropriate, unfaithful, without moral base, unbelievable, maudlin, career ending. (Did I miss one?) Maybe the media will discover some truth and take out the other Democratic vicious loudmouths Wasserman-Schultz, Rangel, Frank, Schumer,....etc?

1038 days ago


I think you mean June 2; it says Jan. 2.

1038 days ago
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