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Weiner Offered Ginger Lee Advice On Stripper Career

6/16/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner exchanged emails with his cyber-mistress Ginger Lee right when his scandal broke -- advising her on how to handle club owners who wanted to hire the "stripper of Weinergate."


In one email to Weiner, sent on Jan. 2, Ginger says. "Just tell me what to do or say, this stuff is so far out of my league I can't even pretend to know what to do."

Weiner responded, "I want you to make decisions that help you be healthy and sane. We need to be zen about this."

He continued, "I'm going to stop talking about this. No new oxygen."


Ginger -- who REFUSED to call herself a stripper during a news conference with Gloria Allred and instead claimed she was a "featured dancer" --  has a bit of an identity issue ... because in her emails to Weiner she referred to herself as, "The most famous stripper in America right now."

She also told Weiner she was getting offers from strip clubs all over the country, but she didn't want to do the "stripper cashes in w/clubs because she may or may not have communicated w/somebody" thing.

Ginger eventually had a change of heart, because she was front and center at the Pink Pony last night.



No Avatar


Enough is enough, this story is a dead horse! Quit beating it!
He didn't do anything illegal! Stupid? Yes!

1194 days ago


Nice painted in eyebrows!! There's something to be said about a chick who can only make $$ in the dark around really drunk guys. I think her 15 seconds is already up, America is sick of this s---. Sorry, Tiger's girls ruined this for you. We're not making any hookers household names, it's enough we have Kim K. and Pari******on.

1194 days ago

Karl Magnus    

QUOTE: Ginger says, ‘Just tell me what to do or say, this stuff is so far out of my league I can’t even pretend to know what to do.’

A common plea from Ginger to her XXX film director.
"Just lay back and relax", whether to direction or erection from Herr Weiner.

What a hoot.
Could 2012 be the erection, er, election of the Century?
That'll be the day.


1193 days ago


This has been porn star, now stripper was out to get her fee increased. What a low life trailer park trash slut got a raise- for her to play little ol me as a victim makes me ill. A woman that would sell her body with a camera shoved up =================
ya she is so violated by texting and of course she never encouraged him either.

1193 days ago


This woman wants her 15 minutes of fame...this time with her clothes on. She needs to sit down and shut up. So does her attorney.

1193 days ago


Stripper is another word for prostitute.

1193 days ago



As of Thursday, Congress will be Weinerless!

Now if we could just get rid of the other d_cks and c_nts.

But that would leave only crickets chirping in the House and Senate Chambers, wouldn't it?

1193 days ago


Lets see ... this recent chick ... dont get why she is having a press conference. if she was anything of a moral person ... she wouldnt have egged him on with her texting. if she thought it was gross - go away and drop it. she's just as gross as he is.

1193 days ago


WAIT UP!! HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE!! How can she possibly have a problem with him instructing her about how to handle questions about their realtionship when she clearly says "Just tell me what to do or say, this stuff is so far out of my league I can't even pretend to know what to do." Biotch, he told you what to do like you wanted!! Stupid skanks piss me off!!

1193 days ago

Star Whacker    

What's that in the back of her throat???!!! Looks like a load to me. Jus' sayin'. Swallow on that for awhile...

1193 days ago


Anthony Weiner is hot...from the neck down. He's got the face of a horse's ass. His wife must be so embarrassed. Not only that, she's knocked up by this guy. Ginger Lee, you're a little ho bag trying to make $$ "Weiner-gate"

1193 days ago


The only advice Mr Weiner-head might give is a #2 or #3 sheet for cleaning you ******** because being a ******** himself he has first hand on the job information!

1193 days ago

Karl Magnus    

Sorry to see the little weiner go.
He makes for great theater.
He's a fine representative for all aspiring young Democrats to emulate, eh?


1193 days ago
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