Ginger Lee's Nude Strip Show -- Weiner'd Out

6/15/2011 1:30 PM PDT
Ex-porn star Ginger Lee is taking it all off tonight at a strip joint in Atlanta -- hours after blowing the lid off her e-fling with Anthony Weiner -- and we're told, there's only one item on the club menu ... weiners.

Ginger Lee Nude

Sources at the Pink Pony strip club tell TMZ, the place will be selling super-sized hot dogs during Ginger's 20-minute performance tonight -- in which she'll strip completely naked in a room full of dudes.

We're told the Pony booked her last week -- just as Weinergate was blowing up.

And it really pays to be at the center of a national controversy -- we're told Ginger is getting THREE TIMES her normal stripping rate to appear tonight.