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Ginger Lee's Nude Strip Show -- Weiner'd Out

6/15/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-porn star Ginger Lee is taking it all off tonight at a strip joint in Atlanta -- hours after blowing the lid off her e-fling with Anthony Weiner -- and we're told, there's only one item on the club menu ... weiners.

Ginger Lee Nude

Sources at the Pink Pony strip club tell TMZ, the place will be selling super-sized hot dogs during Ginger's 20-minute performance tonight -- in which she'll strip completely naked in a room full of dudes.

We're told the Pony booked her last week -- just as Weinergate was blowing up.

And it really pays to be at the center of a national controversy -- we're told Ginger is getting THREE TIMES her normal stripping rate to appear tonight.


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Loves it!

1190 days ago


Way to go Pink Pony! Somebody was on the ball at this club. I hope Ginger Lee banks big time for doing this.

Really, look at the scathing comments she's received on this site. She came forward with a story and will be under fire from people who are quick to judge. She's being a good sport!

Anthony Weiner is and embarrassment to our country.

1190 days ago



Please explain to me how this friend of yours can be shy yet show her entire body to complete strangers? I'm plugging my nose, I smell BS!

1190 days ago


Jenna4 hours ago - Bravo!

But you are trying to hold back the tides when you expect the TMZ commetariat to be anything but mouth-breathing, low-fife, ignorant, mysogynistic, jerks. I am sure amost all of them have watched porn or gone to strip clubs but they seem to feel that as the consumers of adult entertainment they are morally superior to the producers.

I no little about Ginger Lee but I can be quite certain that she is a better person that 90% of the previous commentators. The only sad thing is that much of the extra money she is going to be earning will be scooped up by her lawyer - Gloria Allred.

1190 days ago


If you're a dirty whore between the ages of 20 and 30 and you feel you've been mistreated, please call Gloria Alred for a free consultation...

1190 days ago


****in whore! How dare you rat me out!

1190 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

I say good for her. She wasn't married and a congresswoman, he is the one who is married and a congressman. The Weiner has lied from day one and wanted her to lie for him, what does that say about him? Good for you girl!!! Take those men bills in GA!!

1190 days ago


Sign me up!

1190 days ago

Hugo Fahkov    

You know, I kept thinking they were talking about Ginger LYNN...the old 80's porn star. LOL Kept wondering why a punk ass politician would be talking with her, then I saw this chicks pic, and saw the difference in the name.

This chick is hot! I'd certainly do more than just Sext her!!!!

1189 days ago


wow a porn star who is offended. im so suprised.

1189 days ago


@Jake - I know nothing about this girl - and haven't kept up with the news either - but I tend to be on her side - I have no beef with porn stars (guess I got that from actually looking up some of them due to the Charlie Sheen fiasco) and thought Hummmmm.... well we all have to make a living and the one he hooked up with seems like a pretty smart girl with a good head on her shoulders (though I have to say I can't get my head around how she makes a living BUT) I don't dislike her any the less for her choices. So having stated that - I don't pass judgement on this girl either - Yes of course she can use all the publicity for her own career - She does after all have to survive like everyone else and likely has a manager of sorts also to do bookings for her - So while I wouldn't have chosen this as a career, nor would I want anyone related to me to make that choice - I don't automatically slam them - Frankly I started out being negative to Bree Olsen and then started to admire her so I give this girl a chance to disapoint me on her character.

1189 days ago


On my commute home from work I pass the Pink Pony sign announcing the appearance of dancer Ginger Lee. I understand the monetization of exotic dancers, but how do you get paid for receiving an unwanted text?... Bet not come from the secret fund congress has for inappropriate action and so on and so forth fund because this is not a scandall cuz I receive this foolishness all day. If you dont want to receive msgs from certain folks block it. THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT!

1189 days ago


They are all sick. They need Jesus Christ in their lives. Sin is the root of all of this. God needs to flash the red light and tell them they all, I mean all must repent. This countru meeds to get back to God. He is the answer.

1189 days ago


Dumb slut just wanted her 10 min. of fame.At least she was standing up when she got it.

1189 days ago

Robert A    

Allred must be on retainer with TMZ and ET

1189 days ago
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