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Crystal Harris

Hef Will Never

Get Married Again

6/15/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Twice-married Hugh Hefner will remain a swinging bachelor until he's dead -- at least according to the woman he was supposed to marry this weekend.


Ex-fiancée Crystal Harris went on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- days after she called off her wedding with Hef -- claiming the Playboy mogul has now bowed out of the marriage game ... for good.

According to Crystal, Hef had only agreed to marry her because he believed it was what she wanted -- and he was actually RELIEVED when she called the whole thing off.

Crystal said the Playboy way of life just rubbed her the wrong way -- adding, "This isn't the lifestyle for me. Multiple girls around all the time. The Playboy lifestyle. I just wanted to be true to myself."


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She had a song come out this week and she is trying to make an album. Sounds like she used him to get some publicity. (sp) and it worked. Now that people know her name she dropped him. I kind of feel for him because he was used....and before you guys say he used all those women before...i don't believe he did. They knew what he was about and knew what he did and they still went. And if he was going to marry her because thats what she wanted he would have married Holly. I still think he should have married Holly. She loved him.

1224 days ago


GOOD FOR HER! If she were a gold digger, she would have married him and bailed later.

She probably did it for publicity, but at least she didn't marry the grandpa. I don't care how much money he has HE IS GROSS.

1224 days ago

Il Duce    

Hef will have more fun with his buddies,
than he would have had playing drama games with this skank!!

1224 days ago


how embarrassing for HER! she's 100% weird. 'this isn't the leifestyle for me'. --- um, why did you EVEN go into it then? strange strange people... I liked the cash, and the gifts, and the hot guys it brought me is what it sounds like, and why do these interviewers not ask the obvious questions like, it appears like you did this just for his cash with this about face, is that not true?

ha! oh the beautiful people - such nuts!

1224 days ago


I dont know about all that.. But i do know if i was hef and could i would.. Live the good life.. why not if you can. He is a PIMP even at 86. he's living every mans dream. Just goes to show ya tho, even being Hef with all the woman and money, he is still human and has problems too.

1224 days ago

so glad I am not a housewife    

Just yesterday it was please respect our privacy and today she does an interview with KISS FM to talk about it.

1224 days ago


A lying gold digger and a dirty old man seem like a perfect match.
She will dump the new boy friend who is enabling her music career.
This interview with RS is about as self-serving piece of garbage that I have ever heard. Hefner never learned that a bleached blonde bimbo does not equal a good GF or wife.

1224 days ago


What a gold digging whore!

1224 days ago


well im rootin for Hef's happiness.He isnt doing anything wrong.. Just chillin and livin the good life with hot chicks.. Whats wrong with that? Dont be surprised if ALL of this is a set up just to promote Crystal and make her famous. Thats what im thinkin.

1224 days ago


Yeah, like the sleeping around and music career story isn't true.
We knew that this was never going to happen.

1224 days ago


whatever! She's a golddigger and fame-hungry.

1224 days ago

Another Hef    

My guess is that she read the pre-nup. Everything goes to Christie.

1224 days ago


Good luck on that music career, nobody will buy your records lady, you couldn't pay me to buy your music and from what I've heard you suck (at music) LOL

1224 days ago


she should be removed from all playboy connections and black-listed.. your music career is over.. sick and tired of these 20-something no brains bimbo gold diggers

1224 days ago


Be true to yourself??? What that YOU'RE A WHORE !

You CHOSE that lifestyle.

You CHOSE to accept money in exchange for sleeping in his bed.

You CHOSE to seek fame as his "girlfiend/fiancee".

It all comes down to this Crystal baby, you accepted MONEY to climb into Hefners bed, that makes you a WHORE.

I suspect you finally realized that the paycheck wasn't going to be the amount you had banked on so you're moving on to another "John".

Perhaps Charlie Sheen is up for another marriage.

What a no talent loser you are.

1224 days ago
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