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Mel Gibson Sued In Recycled Rubber Dispute

6/15/2011 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is being sued by a man who claims Mel cajoled him to put his life savings in a newfangled technology to recycle tires ... the guy lost it all and now claims Mel is swindling him.


Nader Sherif met Mel at a dinner party in 2007.  According to the lawsuit, Nader claims Mel started jawboning him about a Malaysian company called Green Rubber, which developed a technology to devulcanize rubber so old tires could be recycled.

Sherif claims Mel tried convincing him to invest $200,000 in the company -- his entire life savings.  Sherif says he was resistant, but someone from the company who was present at the dinner assured him the company would re-purchase Sherif's stock for the full face value whenever Sherif wanted.

But Sherif was still uneasy, telling Mel he had just had a child and could not afford to lose money. Sherif alleges Mel -- who is a "significant investor" in the company --  then told him if the company wouldn't make good, Mel would buy the shares from Sherif for the full $200,000.

Short story -- Sherif was going through hard financial times and wanted Green Rubber to buy his stock back.  Sherif claims the company repeatedly refused to do so, and he then went to Mel, who allegedly ignored his demand.

Sherif is suing for $200,000 plus interest. We could not reach Mel's rep for comment.

0615_green_rubber_awardHere's a video of Mel back in 2008 -- presenting an award to the CEO of Green Rubber at the Global Green Sustainable Design Awards.


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Wonder if this is the same guy?


Embracing his sense of adventure and curiosity of the world, Nader Sherif left his home of Florida to see the world. At the young age of 16, a surfing trip with friends led him to his first experience with Costa Rica. He didn't realize it then, but one day Costa Rica would become his home. In the meantime, Nader worked striking up several opportunities which provided him with both a good income and an independence which he sought, Nader managed to accomplish incredible leaps and bounds professionally; and every career fell back on his innate ability of Sales. Visiting nearly every corner of the planet (Egypt, Trinidad & Tobago, Philippines, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, St. Thomas and the name a few), it was his talent in Sales that magnetically pulled him to Central America and more specifically, Costa Rica. It had been 16 yrs since his first raucous surf vacation but this trip would be different. Situating himself in the up and coming market of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa (located on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula), Nader opened, set up and ran a satellite office for the franchise Century 21. Within months he began to conquer the market. With no fluency of the local language, Nader seemed to have accomplished what few have still been able to achieve. Selling millions of dollars worth of inventory and establishing himself with local and international developers, Nader began compiling an unparalleled list of clientele. Nader decided that it was time to take the next step. Whilst Century 21 experienced a transition of upper management, Nader decided to take the leap and formed "South Peninsula Realty", which would be later recognized as his catalyst to success. In nearly two years, Nader began to attract sport icons, mega-celebrities, C.E.O's and investment moguls of the highest caliber. Nader's sales in his first two years here in Costa Rica toppled the $30 million mark and the rest is history.

Although his success has awarded him a certain level of local celebrity, when asked, Nader will tell you that his sales approach is built on the most basic sales philosophies; listening and taking care of the customer is the only formula for success. A customer's well being instills a confidence and through this confidence comes the building of strong relationships. Coupled with Nader's unparalleled effort in customer service and a complete understanding of the market, laws and regulations it's no wonder that Nader is the success story that he currently lives.

Nader currently lives in Mt Shasta California but still keeps strong ties with Costa Rica and continues to help people fulfill there dream of owning their piece of Paradise through Coldwell Banker Peninsula Trading Company Costa Rica.

1193 days ago


Mel needs to use rubbers and not recycle them.

1193 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This investor is a Luser!!! He thought he was getting into a "nor risk" investment, yeah right!!

1193 days ago


@Tellthetruth59 - you are so right!! Most humans, especially those in corporate america and the government, don't care enough about the environment to put in the money required to make green living a succes.

As for this douche and his lawsuit - get a grip, take a trip and embrace your innner twit.

1193 days ago


Green rubber is still a company. How could he have lost everything?

1193 days ago


@Tammy - first rule of investing is "spread it around." He's a moron for taking his life savings and investing in one spot - never mind something "green."

1193 days ago


@Majestik - (bowing with a hand flourish): Most most welcomed. LOL!!

1193 days ago


Does he have it in writing? If not then he doesn't have a case.

1193 days ago


Ok, took me a while to stop laughing at this Nader fellow's complaint. I, too, went looking for him and to add to angelika's very informative post, I offer client testimonials about Nader's real estate professionalism -
Note the copyright date - 2007.
That was also the year Mr. Mel purchased the ranch in Costa Rico. Snippet from supporting article -
-- He brought the property in 2007 for $25.8 million.--

Of course, we don't know for certain that this is the Nader in question, but the unusual name and the Costa Rica connection combined makes it a fairly strong bet.

1193 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Majestik about a minute ago

From what I read of TMZ garbage writing, he supposedly fell on hard times and needs his money back. Maybe now we'll get someone on TMZ staff actually RESEARCH this craptastic allegation and come back and give Mel some proper credit instead of yet again trying to make Mel look bad.

Is Nader Oxykaka's latest conquest by any chance?


Yes, interested to see the degrees of separation. I was wondering how many lawyers he has.

1193 days ago


Mel looks really tired and exhausted on that picture. I am sorry Mel. Leave Mel alone.

1193 days ago


The are millions of morons, another one has just added to that list!

1193 days ago


@Maj - Mr Spoke is heavily invested in the "vulcanized" rubber, which I understand is doing quite well. It's logical...

1193 days ago


@Tellthetruth59 - I didn'y even pay attention the investing his whole life savings b/c I'm fairly certain this is a lie. Now, if he actually did invest his whole life savings, he desrves to lose it all.

1193 days ago


But I am going to see to it that you meet your MAKER, you ****** and your friends! Mel isn't meant.

1193 days ago
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