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Cops Ready

To Arrest Paps

During Royals' L.A. Visit

6/15/2011 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement from the US State Department and the LAPD are making the rounds in a fancy L.A. neighborhood, warning residents Prince William and Kate Middleton will be guests of honor at a party on their block, and to be on the lookout for paparazzi.

Two LAPD cops and a member of the State Dept. are telling residents in Hancock Park, William and Kate will be attending a bash thrown by BAFTA -- the British Academy of Film and Television Arts -- and law enforcement plans on coming down on paparazzi like a hammer, arresting anyone who trespasses on private property to get a shot.

The trio is going door-to-door in the area surrounding the British Consulate, smack in the middle of Hancock Park.

One resident was told the event would be held on July 9.

Law enforcement said they wanted residents to contact police immediately if there was any sign of photogs, and the cops would take swift action.


No Avatar


Good thing TMZ can be counted on to get the word out about when and where it will be so it can be complete chaos. I hope you all get arrested.

1226 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, so now the US state department is scaring the residents, telling them 'the brits are coming'?...when'd the 'the russians are coming' get replaced with the brits??

1226 days ago


What's this visit costing the serfs I mean tax payers?

1226 days ago


They should stay their butts in the UK. Over rated nonesense, there is no such thing as kings, queens, royals anymore. A bunch of people with money, playing a over played role that was ok a long time ago but even then, what a bunch of BS.

1226 days ago


Could be worse it could be his douchbag of a father coming

1226 days ago


@ Love My Fans
You are such an ignorant American! Do you know your first President George Washington comes from the same family tree as Princess Diana and the Royals? Just check out the colors of your flag!!!

1226 days ago


Agree with Anonymouse... Leave these people alone. It is great opportunity for us (los angelinos) to show to the world we can (sometime) behave with compassion.

If the event is located at or near a Consulate, DO NOT underestimate the power of the police and the Dept of State. People will get arrested!

1226 days ago


Very much......YES. wE HAVE TO PROTECT THESE PEOPLE. Sorry Paps

1226 days ago

Fred Garvin    

Paps should be shot out right regardless.

1226 days ago


Good to know that the police are cracking down on trespassers for the Royals, but won't do that for American citizens. Nice priorities.

1226 days ago


who cares, let the paps do their job and make a living.

1226 days ago

Mega Millions    

If I lived in this neighborhood and lived next door to the supposed location for the party, I would sell space on my roof to the paps so that they may get the pics that they need. I could be rich if I did. Why didn't I move to California years ago, oh ya I remember why now.

1226 days ago


OK, so -- let me get this straight. The cops won't help protect celebrities in this country from the paps, mostly they just say it's what you get for being a celebrity. But they will spend taxpayers' money to protect foreigners? Am I missing something here? Let them pay for their own protection. I hope that is the case.

1226 days ago


Good to know that the police are cracking down on trespassers for the Royals, but won't do that for American citizens. Nice priorities.

1226 days ago


Give the kids a break. They put their honeymoon on hold due to the US going ofter Bin Laden. I'd bet money The Queen knew about what was to go down the Sunday after their wedding, and advised kids to postpone thier honeymoon. Also, in light of the way the paps treated William's mother, give the kids a break. We can do without one night of celebrity photos. I'm ure their will be official photos released.

1226 days ago
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