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Cops Ready

To Arrest Paps

During Royals' L.A. Visit

6/15/2011 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement from the US State Department and the LAPD are making the rounds in a fancy L.A. neighborhood, warning residents Prince William and Kate Middleton will be guests of honor at a party on their block, and to be on the lookout for paparazzi.

Two LAPD cops and a member of the State Dept. are telling residents in Hancock Park, William and Kate will be attending a bash thrown by BAFTA -- the British Academy of Film and Television Arts -- and law enforcement plans on coming down on paparazzi like a hammer, arresting anyone who trespasses on private property to get a shot.

The trio is going door-to-door in the area surrounding the British Consulate, smack in the middle of Hancock Park.

One resident was told the event would be held on July 9.

Law enforcement said they wanted residents to contact police immediately if there was any sign of photogs, and the cops would take swift action.


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Kate is getting awfully thin. Maybe it's the stress from being in the public eye. I hope people lay off of them for a while. It seems like she needs that.

1226 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they are probably coming to LA, becuase they are trying to get a foot in the door of the movie industry. they want to be actors. i bet!! gonna have to start waiting tables first, tho.

1226 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

Not defending anyone, but it seems to me that celebrities twitt their locations all the time. Most of them like the attention from the paps, I don't think the Royals feel the same. The Kim Ks and so many others "celebs" always hang out at paps infested places, the paps don't even have to try too hard to get pics since the Hollywood celebs make them easier by using twitter, Facebook etc to let every pap their location. I mean just look at Lyndsay staging "candid" moments of her on the roof. Let them have their privacy if they want it.

1226 days ago


In all honesty, I could really care less about these people. I am sick to death about hearing every aspect about William, Kate, royal family and the Middleton family. Frankly I don't get why the media won't let up on their coverage. Here, in America, we have gone YEARS without barely hearing a word about them. All of a sudden Prince William gets married to Kate ("a commoner"...daughter to millionaires)and they become so relevant. Frankly, all I have seen are pictures of them attending extravagant galas. I thought that Prince William is in the military....shouldn't he be getting back to base with his comrades instead of parading all over the world? Just my opinion

OH and BTW, I dont get the fascination the media has with Pippa Middleton....just don't see it.

1226 days ago


So a pap that follows the laws and does not trespass will still be harassed because that's how the law works look at the patriot act just another reason for "The Law" to make a mountain out of a mole hill..

1226 days ago


I read somewhere they are splitting up and having the wedding anulled. They're not compatible sexually.

1226 days ago


you people sound like ignorant fear mongering republicans
its still a free country. and if anyone wants to visit they can.
stop living in the past and bringing up thing that happens centuries ago. and btw who doesnt want to visit beautiful california.

1226 days ago


Why are Will and Kate so cozy with America now? Seriously the Brits dont own the yankees anymore. The queen herself is just a figurehead they are form of human tradition memorabilia, a living museum reflecting a dark and brutal feudal past of a family that held power over the people it took by force. weather or not there will even be a monarchy when wills time rolls around is in question. The British parliament is democratic ~will and kate cant negotiate anything and there no need for Obama to waste public money hanging out with them, and they dont need to be doing anything in America on public funds either. The security costs alone WHY? Broke nations hosting future figureheads of a nuetered monarchy that have no real power anymore. what a waste.

1226 days ago


IMO - I don't think you have to worry about William's work schedule, he and his employers are probably quite capable of doing that themselves. He's not worrying about your vacations, you know. He's working as a helicopter rescuer, and went back to work immediately after the wedding. Only later did they have a short honey moon.

1226 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

We L.A. taxpayers had better not be paying for any of their security - or anything else!! They have enough money of their own...they can pay for it!!

1226 days ago


Gosh, you're really polite and welcoming to guests. With that attitude, don't come and pester us in Europe, being loud and rude.

1226 days ago


I've been to the British Consulate house in LA many times. I know the staff personally. They will have a great evening but will only stay for about 2 hours. I also know a few of the guests that will attend.

1226 days ago

just me    

I'm sorry but why are we doing this for them, our celebrities that live here have to deal with it everyday, just because they are from another country why do we treat them like that and not our own people...disgusting!!! not that I dont like them, but really why, they are royalty over there, NOT HERE!!! geesh

1226 days ago


Listen - when your president, or some other celebrity come here, do you think we protect them or not? That's right - we protect them with our money. That's what you do, when guests visit. Even on the rare occasions when people DO bring in their own security, the local police cooperate.

I don't think this couple will ruin you, by causing you police people to turn away some paps entering people's lawns.

1226 days ago


Re: "Paparazzi can be VERY nasty and agressive; however are they not protected by the law?"

They don't have a right to tresspass on the British consulate. If I'm not mistaken Brish law applies there, just like American law applies to our consulates around the world.

1226 days ago
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