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Cops Ready

To Arrest Paps

During Royals' L.A. Visit

6/15/2011 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement from the US State Department and the LAPD are making the rounds in a fancy L.A. neighborhood, warning residents Prince William and Kate Middleton will be guests of honor at a party on their block, and to be on the lookout for paparazzi.

Two LAPD cops and a member of the State Dept. are telling residents in Hancock Park, William and Kate will be attending a bash thrown by BAFTA -- the British Academy of Film and Television Arts -- and law enforcement plans on coming down on paparazzi like a hammer, arresting anyone who trespasses on private property to get a shot.

The trio is going door-to-door in the area surrounding the British Consulate, smack in the middle of Hancock Park.

One resident was told the event would be held on July 9.

Law enforcement said they wanted residents to contact police immediately if there was any sign of photogs, and the cops would take swift action.


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I'm sorry!! Who are they? Such a shame, our celebrities can't depend on such protection but we're protecting him and her... Who the hell cares? I hope they get lots of pics of them just to prove a point... Their no better than us Americans.

1193 days ago


First, what a way to spend taxpayers money. If they plan to come here then they should be putting money forth for the police efforts. A nice donation to the LAPD or fire department would go a long way to endearing them to Americans especially since they're British going to a British event. Second, people need to get used to us calling her Kate Middleton, one advantage of winning the revolution is not having to kiss these people's asses.

1193 days ago


Calling people their real names and titles is not exactly kissing their asses. I didn't know the American revolution had as one of its goals to make people impolite and vulgar like you, Arianna. I'm not an American citizen, but I still wouldn't call your president Barry. I know what I'd like to call you, though - but I'm too nice to do that. :)

1193 days ago


Do Americans think that they pay for all of the security surrounding their President when he travels to other countries? I don't hear other countries whining about protecting him the way they are about protecting William and Kate! Is the USA turning into a bunch of whiners?

1193 days ago


Good!!! Send them all to hell!!

1193 days ago


1776 USA is formed after fighting the British Empire, 2011 the British Empire rules the USA once again

1193 days ago

Ellie G    

Get informed people. They aren't just coming to California for a vacation. Whether you like them or not they do represent their country and deserve protection. Other countries foot the bill to protect our dignitaries.

1193 days ago


heres a song about the hollywood paparazzi seems to fit the bill, and yes paparazzi were somewhat responsible for Princess of Wales (Diana) Williams mum) death so yes think he is entitled to be a bit sensitive.


1192 days ago


Can you say "selective law enforcement?"

1192 days ago


when did taking pictures in a public area become a crime? I'm not saying that I like what paparazzi do or respect it but, as long as they are not breaking any laws can you arrest them. This country is becoming more and more like the soviet union every day. unbelievable.

1192 days ago


You all complain about the PRESS (PAPS) yet you all took the time to read the tmz story and comment! What a bunch of HYPOCRITES !

1173 days ago


Eff them!

1173 days ago


An anti-monarchist made a comment earlier that it's kissing asses to refer to Kate as the Duchess of Cambridge, hence "Kate Middleton". Which is great, except that using that name is completely wrong. If that's the case I will no longer refer to Michelle Obama by that name. She's now Michelle Robinson. Regardless of title, she did not keep her maiden name upon marriage. So if you happen to know what the family name of the British royal family is, then use that if you insist. Or Catherine Wales which might also apply as William and Harry use the last name Wales in their military careers. Forget whether you support the monarchy or not - the #1 rule of journalism is get people's names right or else you lose all credibility.

1171 days ago

Vivi, The Original    

On the spiritual journey of life, God is trying to teach us a lesson of love amongst brothers and sisters. It seems a few of our classmates are keeping the rest behind, too caught up in a net of propaganda, poor cultural habits, so called love commodities, and especially self-distracted traditions such as the monarchy, whose tyranny attempts to claim all liberties. A foundation of lies passed off as royalty instead of the clever thieves they are. Quit wasting God’s time.
There is no such thing as royalty in America¸ so stop referring to con artists as kings, queens, princes, and princesses. I thought we are about political correctness¸ that’s the most incorrect we can get.

1167 days ago
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