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'Housewife' to Ex-Employee: You're the REAL Racist!

6/15/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of NYC" star Cindy Barshop is firing back at an ex-employee, who said she was canned because she's black -- claiming the employee is the REAL racist ... and it's killing business.


Barshop filed the suit today in NY on behalf of her spa company Completely Bare -- claiming ex-employee Altovise Collier wasn't fired because she's black ... she was fired because she sucked at her job.

Barshop then turns the tables on Collier, accusing HER of being the real racist -- "In an effort to mask her own deficient work performance and serial on the job screw-ups, Collier, in a racist fashion, asserts that her race, national origin and skin color were the basis for her termination."

Barshop claims Collier only worked for CB for two and a half months -- and was fired over "disciplinary and other work performance problems, including client complaints."

Collier originally sued Barshop last week -- claiming she was the target of racial discrimination in the workplace.

But according to Barshop, Collier's suit is nothing more than a "defamatory campaign" to ruin her professional reputation -- and she wants at least $5,000,000 to settle the score.


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Every response to this story is racist. Except mine, of course.

1204 days ago


CoJoe looks so different with dark hair. Does this mean he's not going to be commenting on fashion anymore?

1204 days ago


jada 23 minutes ago- if you people knew the whole story you would know she did not meet with the spa in person before getting the job. So there goes your "if she was a racist she wouldn't have hired her" theory
Then Jada, if you "have the whole story" please enlighten the rest of us. Maybe TMZ will give you a job since you seem to have the inside scoop.

1204 days ago


Whites not getting hired due to affirmative action is a real fact of life. In my eyes its completely unfair and inappropriate, even disgusting. Blacks are born into this country with MORE chances and advantages than most whites because of absurd laws such as affirmative action. Even saying the words make me want to throw up. They claim offense even though they weren't alive to be offended, against those who weren't alive to offend them, and people are getting about damn sick of it. Maybe it will come to a peaceful resolution, but probably not. Things are coming to a head in this country and eventually there WILL be war. See how far the race card gets you on that day.

1204 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Isn't that Alice Cooper?

1204 days ago


This should make more sense:

EVERYONE is somewhat stuck on their opinions and regardless of your education, race, background,money, we all have that bad taste in our mouth that still lingers from people we have have encountered in our life and have had a bad experience with. Whether its that persian rich ahole at the car dealership that was rude and obnoxious or Latishia from 7eleven that gave you a nasty look and spoke to you rudely, now you somewhat have a bad taste in your mouth at the sight of every black person. I think racism is over rated, I think its just a dislike with people. Color doesnt have anything to do with the reason why I dislike people or why people dislike people. It has to do with their past experiences with people of that ethnic background.

Every race has bad, rude, annoying, stupid people, yes even WHITE race. Color has nothing to do with anything at this point, its how people carry themselves and speak to others. You give me a rude look and run your mouth, I will damn sure shut you up quickly. Now if you are black and I am white, I bet I will be called a racist for shutting you up right? Thats whats wrong with our world today. No matter what race you are, color, respect is earned. If you are nice and respectful, you will get it right back. If you arent, well expect rude as well.

We tend to be ignorant, all of us do, because we base our opinions and dislike for people based on our own personal experience SOMETIMES...often... doesnt mean every white person is white trash or stuck up, doesnt mean every black person is ghetto. Generalization is the issue!

1204 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Who'd wanna work in a "hooha" salon waxing private parts??? Yuck!

1204 days ago


Yet ANOTHER "housewife" who isn't even a ******* Housewife!!! WTF is up with these stupid women....this one is even dumber since she decided to have/adopt, whatever, twins that she is never ever home with. Seriously, she has about 15 people running around her apartment doing all of the mothering. Stupid bitches!! Get some real women/housewives, they will show you how its done!!!!!!

1204 days ago


@miss scott - you are so right!! I am black and am mostly disgusted by blacks and hispanics becauseas I am going to and from work on public transportation, those are the races that behave the worst. Those are the races that are loudest, most disruptive/disrespectful and carry themselves like the s*** of the Earth. Furthermore, it makes me sad that this seems prevalent in teens and young adults and I cannot imagine what possible contributions these people will make to the betterment of the world. It also upsets me because it reflects badly on my race and I look forward to spending my retirement in a nother country when it's time for me to leave the workforce and collect my benefits.

1204 days ago


It isn't all of any one group who make stupid claims like this. It's just the abusive few who know how to use and manipulate the system to deflect any deserved punishment/discipline away from them and back at you.

All I know is what I see. I work for a rather large government agency. I've been there for 12 years and in that time there have been exactly 7 black people who were discharged for various reasons. I'm not sure of all the original reasons they were let go but I do know that two were because they lied on their time reporting over a period of three years, two were for assaults on co-workers, and one was for insubordination after standing in the middle of a packed cafeteria and cursing out three managers one of whom was her own, and this person had been a disciplinary case from the beginning and didn't get along with anyone. In every single case the people filed racial discrimination suits and in every single case they got their jobs back. NOTHING about their discharges had anything to do with racism but that's the charge that got them back in the door.

In that same time I know of 5 non-blacks who were let go and none of them were allowed to get their jobs back. The reasons they were let go were similar, except one was because the guy failed a tax audit.

It's gotten to the point that there isn't a manager in the site that would sign their name to a disciplinary action that had anything to do with policy interpretation. It's the reaso******ve up my manager's position. There's nothing you can do to any black employee regardless of their job performance or how they treat other employees. But the sad part is that they all know it and some abuse it to the point of intimidation, flaunting it in your face. I knew it was time to get out when I called an employee into my office for taking a 3 hour lunch and I received a reprimand/warning from our dear Equal Employment Opportunity representative, signed by my manager.

1204 days ago


I get this all the time when I fire black employees from my job, be it for stealing, or just constantly showing up late. Its always because they are black.

1203 days ago


Why is it when an 'African American' is fired it's never their own fault? It ALWAYS becomes a 'race issue'. Maybe she DID suck at her job and got the boot! It has NOTHING to do with her skin color, if her boss was a racist she would have never hired her in the 1st place! Her work ethic was horrible according to her own boss even customers, Period! End of story! Stop with the 'race card' being thrown out for eveything because soon it won't mean a thing when in fact it may have substantial cause. The people using this an excuse for everything are making themselves look stupid.

1203 days ago


Good for her. It seems as of lately, that people (of color) would rather be judged by their skin color than their character....just a shame.

1203 days ago


These blacks have worn out the RACE card ,nobody gives a crap when they wine now .

1203 days ago


Anyone read where a White person sued a Black for getting fired

Don't think so

1203 days ago
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