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'Housewife' to Ex-Employee: You're the REAL Racist!

6/15/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of NYC" star Cindy Barshop is firing back at an ex-employee, who said she was canned because she's black -- claiming the employee is the REAL racist ... and it's killing business.


Barshop filed the suit today in NY on behalf of her spa company Completely Bare -- claiming ex-employee Altovise Collier wasn't fired because she's black ... she was fired because she sucked at her job.

Barshop then turns the tables on Collier, accusing HER of being the real racist -- "In an effort to mask her own deficient work performance and serial on the job screw-ups, Collier, in a racist fashion, asserts that her race, national origin and skin color were the basis for her termination."

Barshop claims Collier only worked for CB for two and a half months -- and was fired over "disciplinary and other work performance problems, including client complaints."

Collier originally sued Barshop last week -- claiming she was the target of racial discrimination in the workplace.

But according to Barshop, Collier's suit is nothing more than a "defamatory campaign" to ruin her professional reputation -- and she wants at least $5,000,000 to settle the score.


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Hey Idiot. Your right in that Whites think their 'God's favored' but of all the people that I had to terminate in 15 years of managment, most were white! Only 1 (one) Black person got fired in all that time! Don't jump on the Race Card! Its NOT White skin privilege...Its Job Performance! Knowledge! Attitude! If those are not important then it doesn't matter what color a person's skin is...Their Gone!

1190 days ago


she looks like all the OTHER "housewives" U G L Y

1190 days ago


This is one ugly tramp then to show us her fake ass boobs and sagy skinned ass. Get a job with Hustler youll fit into the Amuteur section BEAVER HUNT . She looks like she pulled her old ass out of a river bed. Sasquash has been found!!!

1190 days ago

i'm bad    

she's ugly why does her face look like that. SMH why is it all these white ppl are enhancing their ugliness with plastic surgery. EEEWWWWWW

1190 days ago


@ Ed and Stiletto (and all you other racists)

You hate blacks but yet you tan to look like us instead of the pale "dead" look a lot of you have going on and you get botox in your lips and ass to mimic our natural attributes. I actually think you envy us all. After reading your comments I can tell you also lack education and self esteem amongst other things and are disgusted with yourselves. You have to admit you have family that are ignorant like yourselves, drunks, drug addicts, have baby daddys and mamas, get food stamps, unemployed, illiterate...need I say more. YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT. You never hear of black familes and incest like whites or blacks killing their own parents or children like yourselves. Get a grip and get your lives together and just maybe you'll be able to leave that trailer park one day. Look in the mirror because you are the very miserable human being you are portraying blacks to be. How dare you put an entire race in one box. There are some of you who actually have common sense. No race card female probably buy my products. :-)

1190 days ago


This website has the most racist comments I've ever seen. The comments are discriminating and racist. Not all African Americans have babies out of wedlock. Not all African Americans sue their employers. Racism DOES still exist. The old guardis not dead yet. I am African American; beautiful, single (no children) educated and intelligent. I am efficient at my job. I volunteer and help my community. One of us were present at this company to witness was occurred. So we don't know who is right/wrong. It's people like you who poison our future generations with racism and nonsense. African Americans are successful and we no longer take your crap. It's not 1860... or 1960... anymore. All races have a good social class of people and a ghetto class..whites have ghetto people, Asians, Hispanics..etc. You're white and you're not perfect, no exceptions. And a side note: no we are not all from Africa. Most of us are of mixed heritage because your great great grand daddy's were cheating on your great reheat grandmothers sleeping with female slaves and making babies. And today, because of mixed marriages...most African Americans are multi cultural and beautiful. People go tanning all year to have my caramel complexion.

1190 days ago


Put it back in the deck!

1190 days ago


Ok I do agree that if the woman was a REAL racist, she would not have hired the lady in the first place. However, there is still racism in this nation today whether people want to believe it or not. You must live in Mayberry or some in a fantasy land if you believe it is completely gone. Yes, it is not as bad as it used to be, not even close, but it is still around. I know, because I've seen it and experienced it. Try venturing out into the real world.

1190 days ago


waaaaiiiit a minute im female and also a black american, pulling the race card?..I've never had to because my education and integrity won't allow me to do so , I'm sick of hearing black people this and black people that, just reading these comments lets me know that some of you are racist and ignorant, only ignorance would allow someone to catagorize and belittle someone who they know nothing about,when I look at the news i see every ehtnicity in the unemployment line so give me a break!!!If you don't like black people then thats you but remember that we were probably the ones who had to wet nurse your great,great,grandfather or better yet most likely the blacks that you hate so much are probably distant relatives!!!

1189 days ago


"Always the race card" ... lol! White ppl are so amusing. Who knew that every Black person who gets fired from a job, sues the company that they worked because & then claims they were discriminated against?! I had no idea that this was going on in Amerikkka! It amazes me how much white people hate other races. You guys are the only race in the world who talks **** about other ppl CONSTANTLY. That is why Whites are called racists! Get it? I cannot wait for your demise ... oh it's coming! Look around you! Look at all of your precious little white princesses who are procreating with Black/Asian/Hispanic men & creating NON-WHITE offspring lol ... your time is up! & you guys know it

I just can't give God props for your creation! You guys are the spawns of Satan .... Fact!

1189 days ago


"if she was racist why would she hire a black person?" You guys obviously don't know the story. To keep asking that dumb question. SHE CLEARLY SAID SHE WAS HIRED OVER THE PHONE. No face to face contact. She moved from Atlanta to New york for this job. There is your answer for that stupid question.

1189 days ago

Nancy Michel    

Wow!!!! unbelievable!!!! from the sound of you guys, It's does seem like racism still lives. I am a proud BLACK woman, and i am far from lazy or uneducated... whatever you guys said... There is always three story of the story, the plaintiff, defended and the #TRUTH!!!!!! SO PLEASE SAVE IT

1188 days ago


@Stiletto - oh you simpleton. " our country today, the idea that they are just dealing with a jerk, or that they were incompetant, NEVER enters a minority's mind".

You banshee of questionable morals and easy virtue! Reminiscent of the middle class dimwits on the 'housewives' shows and quick to advise, 'living life on your terms' yet sleep in fits cause you know you are about to be foreclosed on. Middle class reality living a millionaire lifestyle? To they self be true. Then again, you probably are just someone's assistant, a president of a company or something. You don't have to affirm. Acknowledge to yourself.

Rubbish like you are a dime a dozen. I can guarantee you fit the profile!

I'm a minority. No. I'm black, to be more precise. Black with a twist. We have white servants. I didn't realise the diaspora until i relocated to the United States. Until after the 3rd floor of a fortune 100 engineering firm, it was determined i was the only black with an office. All before 30 mind. ooooooh you make me SICK!

School? Le Rosey, Château de Rosey, Eton,Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg I,MIT. Better yet, Dad paid for it NOT some affirmative action [pas nouveau riche]. I EARNED my 'edumacation'.

The purpose of setting context for you (stay with me now. We'll 'edumacate' you yet] the purpose is to illustrate they don't come $umber than 'yo-self' [sp]. Overfed and woefully under-educated but quick to share the manure between your ears.

Arrogant as the day is long you garden tool of easy virtue!!!
Wouldn't be surprised if by proxy (didn't think i'd make it easy reading for you now did you?) you served on the jury that acquitted anthony.

Used to fret about demons like you till i realized, there is a special place in hell for filth like you, you bloody peasant! [I'm calling the class card on you. You opened the door with your vitriol. If the shoe fits ...well, you know the routine.]

People like you, of like mindset and education are the ones that let the murderess Anthony off. What happens when she kills again as she is wont to do 10 or 15 years down the line? She can count on you intellectual prowess to let her of****ain? The US's very own Van Der Sloot [of Natalie Aruba infamy - got to spell it out for you. Highly doubt you are capable of thinking laterally 'as opposed to vertically'; Interesting how they are from the same State that gave us the dumbest US president in history, lost so much american blood overseas and AND STILL DIDN'T GET BIN HIDIN'. When he gets taken out, oh yeah. I know and YOU KNOW you tried to link the previous admin to the death.

You are of the same ilk as palin, bachman and all else who gave us Dubya, Darth Vader, Cut and run, patriotism and all round felonious $tupidity. How dare you utter something as reviling as that? Is that the same mind you use when saying g'night to your kids? or when cheating on your partner [can't tell w/ you hence i judiciously omit the word husband](I would be very interested - no scratch that. You are not significant enough or important enough)


1167 days ago


Black folks use the race card inappropriately because too many white people let them get away with it. It white folks start speaking up about this stuff a little more then maybe we truly can work towards an equal society.

1167 days ago


Race still play a major factor in being hired. A black person n
myself with equal or more qualification, degrees n whatever, I
will be hired first. I am white so do not say I am crazy. 20/20
just did a story about this, 9 out of 10 the white person was hired..
They even told the blacks they were over qualified for the job. A
Large amount of people think becuz we have a black president
That race is no longer a issue. 40% of black men are unemployed
15-20% have college degrees or MBA, they still can not find a job.
My black friends always tell me the color of their, not their knowledge
close doors for them. When we go out to eat together, they always
try to sit us near the kitchen or bathroom, we just start laughing n
say we passed several tables up front we will sit at. The first time
it happen with us I could not believe it, my mouth was hanging open
my friends say this is what we go thru everyday. I secretly said thank
God I'm white. Until we know what's it is like to be prejudged on our
skin color, we need to shut the uck up. Just sayin- I know I got job
advancement becuz I'm white. But the world has not changed, it's

1145 days ago
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