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TMZ Live: Obama's Lotto HOOKS Gamblers

6/15/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dinner with President Obama's going cheap -- all you gotta do is drop $5 on his re-election lotto. But should the prez prey on We the People's gambling instincts? Plus, porn star turned "feature dancer" -- Ginger Lee says she's offended by Rep. Weiner's package -- you buying it?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Topics today: Possible plot to kill Joss Stone, one of Weiner's women speaks out, J.Lo's possible "Idol" exit, and much more!
(2:00) Will and Kate are coming stateside -- and you won't believe the measures being taken to keep paparazzi the hell away from them!
(6:20) Ginger Lee -- Rep. Weiner's former porn star pal -- held a news conference today with the help of Gloria Allred ... and, naturally, it was a SCENE.
(10:45) Lee claims she couldn't work (strip) after the scandal broke -- but don't worry, she's triumphantly returning to the pole tonight!
(17:50) John Edwards' mug shot -- impossible to describe in words.
(20:34) Jennifer Lopez says she's undecided on an "Idol" return -- is she serious? Is it a money play? Or does she just love the attention?
(28:10) Harvey says President Obama is "feeding on people's gambling instincts" -- you'll have to listen to understand why.
(37:00) Reese Witherspoon's mini-donkeys -- Honky and Tonky -- are driving her neighbors crazy. But they're soooo cute!
(41:10) Great webcam question all the way from Malta -- are all these celeb scandals making us numb to controversy?
(48:20) Charles -- a Yankees fan -- is heartbroken because Derek Jeter is hurt.


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Harvey! Do you Like Anthonys Weiner?

1225 days ago


The prez did something similar when running for election it was the top ten phone call makers meet him btw brother won that here.

1225 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

What polls..? SOMEONE forgot the POLLS today!!
I', 100% against a LOTTERY to eat a meal with Anyone!

1225 days ago


Oh shut up harvey,
the president's lotto a great idea.

1225 days ago


Re: Obama...selling access what about FEC laws?

1225 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

The Government doing a "LOTTERY" to raise funds.. That just sounds SHADY! Completely SHADY! But THAT dont suprise me, something SHADY in Washington..? NOWAYRLY?
He WAS a lottery, and so far the Country has LOST with THIS ticket..!!!!!!!!!

1225 days ago


I think American Idol should give JLO the boot. I tune in to watch AI and these kids NOT JLO and her new singing career. I am boggled as to why she gets air time. OVER RATED as well...

1225 days ago


Harvey, you can enter the drawing without contributing! There's small print in lawyer-speak.

1225 days ago


Voting for president is kinda like gambling? 50/50 chance with trillions of $$ at stake.

1225 days ago


Relax Harvey.... I think Obama has a GREAT idea, if
you don't want to support Obama, just don't buy a
ticket!!! & don"t forget "just because you talk louder,
doesn't make you right"!!

1225 days ago


Harvey you are so right. Obama is disrespecting the office. Sorry Charlie!

1225 days ago


ho *** the kardashians sister or there mom never say that they are part mexican.

1225 days ago


Lopez just wants to have a fuss made over her. I thought it was suspicious when she started getting emotional on the show after Steven Tyler was being hailed as the savior of the show. Lopez is looking for accolades and kudos. She shouldn't have agreed to appear on the show if she was only going to stay a year. Eh, whatever. I stopped watching regularly when Simon left. Maybe it's time for American Idol to be canceled.

1225 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Have they even asked or answered ONE viewer question..? Or am I just imagining they are re-hashing their own webpage stories that WE'VE already read..?
I havent seen / heard ONE VIEWER question addressed...! WTF Harv..

Obama Lottery = Lose, LOSE!

1225 days ago

Larry Stoodley    

Politics is always been a gamble so what is the diff? maybe because it's more out in the open instead of behind closed doors?

1225 days ago
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