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Britney Spears' Dad

Bargain Basement Tour Director

6/16/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Spears is going to court to get some serious money for directing Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour that kicks off today in Sacramento, CA... but turns out he'll be the best bargain in town.


TMZ has obtained legal docs that Jamie has filed with the judge in Britney's conservatorship case ... asking the judge to give him money for directing the tour and managing the logistics of the tour.

Jamie has not specified the amount of money he wants, and sources tell us it hasn't been calculated yet.  Sources tell us the amount will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it's crazy cheap for what Jamie is doing.

To give you some perspective, 5 people managed the 2009 Circus Tour.  Although the amount they made is blacked out in the legal documents, we were able to discern the amount is in the 7 figures.

With Jamie on board for the Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj Femme Fatale Tour, 3 of the 5 positions will be eliminated.  Thus, if Jamie gets a 6 figure salary for the upcoming 8-month world tour, everybody wins.

Whatever Jamie gets for the tour ... it will be in addition to the $16,000 a month he's pulling in for serving as Britney's conservator.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Maybe he could join forces with tmz tour bus!

1225 days ago


this family is a train wreck

1225 days ago


Jamie spears loves kevin federline ****! allegedly

1225 days ago


Poor Britney - her ex husband and Dad will drain as much as they can out of her money bank because they are both lazy and this is their way of making "easy money for life." They are leaches!

1225 days ago


You would think a judge would realize that the ex, Keven Federline and Dad are just "opportunists" and not let them steal money from Britney! California must have the most useless judicial system in the country.

1225 days ago


She lost custody of her kids, walked around with a shirt and no pants on in public and was allowing the paps into her home like they were friends and family.

Jamie quits his job and completely straightened up her life and is making sure she gets the help she needs. How is that taking advantage of her? She would be dead if it wasn't for her father.

1224 days ago


I completely agree! Her dad has given up his job and his everyday life to take care of Britney! Once he came into the picture, we no longer saw a Britney who was making irrational decisions in front of the paparazzi everyday. Her dad deserves to get paid.

1224 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Just pay the man. He's earnin' his pay and thinin' the herd of strap-hangers.

1224 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

Parasitic white trash leech feeding off low life pig daughter. What a disgusting pile of chit family...

1224 days ago


poppa smurf keep brit brit in that zombie state with those meds and get that money while ypu can. i hope you are saving that money and not drinking it up at the liquor store honey. your gonna need it someday soon

1224 days ago


Granted he has turned Britneys life around and it probably would not have happened had he not acted when he did.As her father he should have done it.But it's time for him to end the conservaship and go back to his restaurant.Now he is doing what the previous man in life have done,making money off of her.

1224 days ago


Her dad never wanted to be a part of her profession. He let his wife do the handling. However, when it became clear Britney was ill, her dad stepped in and she seems okay for now. The bottom line is Britney isn't 100% anymore and at least her dad will have her best interests at heart.

1224 days ago


Britney love your costumes, the tour is going to be great. Your beautiful

1224 days ago


everything he has been doing has been spot on in saving his daughter from what could have been her fate-

so he's worth his weight in gold to her and her adorable boys as well as the others now having employment working/touring and recording with her

from the guys who operate the lighting- the bus drivers - the dancers - the ticket takers - the stadiums - the recording studio - the record label - the factory workers packaging the CD's and printing the t-shirts
and on and on......

he's saved many a job and he deserves huge credit

and everyone is paying taxes on their earnings
it's a win win
not evening mentioning the fans

the job is probably a huge logistical nightmare on top of him making sure his daughter is still moving forward in her growth as a mother/person- never mind as an artist

major respect for him putting his loves/job/interests on hold all this time for the love of his daughter and grandchildren

he wasn't one of these Michael Lohan hangers-on "living off my daughter" dads
he deserves to be well paid for what he is doing

1224 days ago


The immediate family is keeping her out of the nuthouse or from being arrested, losing her star-singer reputation.. serious in care responsibility for a not too bright relative stuff they know about and have witnessed, experienced with their daughter's easy loss of control mental handicaps and possessing no sound judgment of how to live a normal lifestyle, trust the right and wrong of a situation thoroughly before she acts. She is easily swayed and swindled along with tricking others to help her do the wrong thing.

1224 days ago
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