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Gay Rights Org. Calls Malarkey on 'Anarchy' Claim

6/16/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A powerful gay rights organization claims Super Bowl hero David Tyree is wrong -- legalizing gay marriage will NOT send our country into a state of "anarchy" ... and there's proof all over the world.


A rep for the Human Rights Campaign tells TMZ ... "Anarchy? Hardly. Committed gay and lesbian couples have been able to legally marry in five states and the District of Columbia — not to mention a number of foreign countries — for years now and cows are still giving milk, little boys are still pulling little girls’ pig tails, and we still drive on the right side of the street."

The rep adds, "New York’s passage of this law will result in nothing more than a more just and equitable society."

Jarret Barrios -- President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- ain't holding back either, telling us, "Tyree’s statements are as misleading as they are ridiculous, and do not accurately reflect the growing acceptance that we're seeing from sports stars like Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, Sean Avery, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Scott Fujita and fellow former Giant Michael Strahan."

061611_david_tyree_videoAs TMZ previously reported ... the former NY Giants star took a very hard line against gay marriage during an interview yesterday with a faith-based organization called the National Organization for Marriage.

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Danny 12 minutes ago
First of all, it seems that anyone with an opinion against gay marriage is scrutinized. FIRST AMENDMENT PEOPLE!!! Secondly, what happens when/if gay marriage is legalized? Then we as a society will move on to marrying children.


Danny, you and Tyree have every right to say what you think. And so do I. And this is what I think: You and Tyree are utter morons.

1191 days ago


To the idiots who keep yelling "First Amendment"...Please, read your dang Constitution. The First Amendment specifies that the GOVERNMENT can not interfere with speech (except, courts have found, under certain cir****tances). NOBODY is suggesting that some jock can't voice his ignorant opinion, even if it's based on some utterly stupid book dreamed up by goatherders thousands of years ago. Sure, he's entitled to voice his prejudices, no matter how idiotic. And yes, his opinion is contrary to historical fact, and based on the hissy fit of some deity whom Richard Dawkins called "arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction."

1191 days ago


Being Gay is not a social practice - it is very much "a state of being," and if you're hetero and you doubt that - try and have sex with someone of the same sex and see how that goes.

Gay rights groups are not trying to limit your freedom of speach nor can they, but oganizations like NOM are limiting our freedom to live our life the way we choose. Gay people are being tortured, beaten and killed all over the world today so I don't have much sympathy for people who think we need to just shut up and stop talking about this.

When our own government has different laws regarding taxes, health care, bankruptcy, hospital visitation right etc.. for gay and straight people - that is wrong. I'm proud to be American but I'm ashamed that some Americans don't believe I should have the same rights that they enjoy.

1191 days ago


Heidi 25 minutes ago
Shut the hell up!!! All these damn gay rights groups. Stop ramming it down our throats.


If you want them to shut up, the best approach would be to give them rights equal to everybody else. I you won't give them equal rights, expect them to keep complaining, just as you would do if somebody restricted your rights.

1191 days ago


Who??? Oh yeah, that one guy who made a lucky catch in the Superbowl. He plays for....right, he doesn't anymore. Is he relevant?

Yes everyone, he does have a right to his opinion, but at the same time, we have a right to ours. Just because he is getting criticize, doesn't mean we aren't giving him his right to free speech. He expressed himself...his right has been exercised. The beautiful thing about America is that a person has the right to tell other people that his or her opinion is idiotic. It is called a "dialogue." That is the basis for free speech. He was able to express himself.

1191 days ago


David Tyree is free to say whatever he wants - and I'm also free to call him a moron for saying anything so stupid. But then he's an athlete. Not that ALL athletes have eggs for brains - but Tyree clearly does!

1191 days ago


what a stupid liar

1191 days ago


Billy -

Fat kids are being bullied, I was bullied by guys! Everyone gets bullied - it's a part of life. Even the most popular person has a person making their life hell. It's NOT just gays that get beat up. It happens in clubs all the time with straight guys! I was attacked before, because I was alone and female! No one is safe from being attacked these days!

I"ve had to fight my entire life! I'm straight! I'm sure many other straight people will tell you the same! It might be cause their clothes are worn and they are poor. Because they are fat or ugly. People get jumped for all kinds of reasons!

1191 days ago

Sue Who    

Why is that gays have to tell you what their sexual preference is and the rest never mention it. If we have to put up with the gay thing, just shut up about it.

1191 days ago


Shady, what is your point? That it is OK to bully people, or be bullied?

Gays do not have the same rights as straights. That is undeniable - the marriage issue is only one example. Do you think it is right that gays don't have the same rights as straights?

1191 days ago


Sue Who about a minute ago
Why is that gays have to tell you what their sexual preference is and the rest never mention it. If we have to put up with the gay thing, just shut up about it.


So, in addition to restricting their right to marry, you also would like to limit their right to free speech?

Nobody is forcing you to listen to anything. But the best way to stop people from complaining that they don't have equal rights is to give them equal rights.

1191 days ago


It doesn't get any dumber than Danny's claims that legalized same-sex marriage will lead to legalized child marriages. Danny is so stupid, he apparently doesn't understand the fundamental difference between CONSENTING ADULTS and CHILD MOLESTATION. Then again, nobody ever accused the anti-gay crowd of having any brains.

1191 days ago

St James III    

Ok Somebody said Gay's don't have the same rights as Straight. Let's see you name 10 Distinctive rights straight people have that gay people don't.

aaaaaannnnnnnddd GO!

1191 days ago


Yes he has a right to voice his opinion and I have the right to say he is an ignorant homophobe who hides behind religion, poor Jesus! he was good guy who has an abundance of nutjobs using his name to spout hatred, the exact opposite of what Jesus taught.

1191 days ago


Yeah....like Sue said. If you meet a straight person, we don't act all concerned about our sex life. We don't go out of our way to tell everyone. Or make a big deal about it. If you aren't ashamed, say it's time to bring it all out - which you all have all in our faces. We KNOW you're here and you're doing ya thang.

Marriage has a defination and we're not changing it. You might get a civil union. But really, giving us all a break from your decade or longer campaign would be a real treat and much appreciated! Broken records get blocked out after a while. Give us some space! We hear you, Cali just voted No. Move to a state you can get married in. That's all I can tell you.

I don't hate you or judge you. I just don't want my arse messed w/like that. 4real. People get injured. My friend did. It's not a safe practice. I'm sure you all know that tho.

1191 days ago
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