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Gay Rights Org. Calls Malarkey on 'Anarchy' Claim

6/16/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A powerful gay rights organization claims Super Bowl hero David Tyree is wrong -- legalizing gay marriage will NOT send our country into a state of "anarchy" ... and there's proof all over the world.


A rep for the Human Rights Campaign tells TMZ ... "Anarchy? Hardly. Committed gay and lesbian couples have been able to legally marry in five states and the District of Columbia — not to mention a number of foreign countries — for years now and cows are still giving milk, little boys are still pulling little girls’ pig tails, and we still drive on the right side of the street."

The rep adds, "New York’s passage of this law will result in nothing more than a more just and equitable society."

Jarret Barrios -- President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- ain't holding back either, telling us, "Tyree’s statements are as misleading as they are ridiculous, and do not accurately reflect the growing acceptance that we're seeing from sports stars like Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, Sean Avery, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Scott Fujita and fellow former Giant Michael Strahan."

061611_david_tyree_videoAs TMZ previously reported ... the former NY Giants star took a very hard line against gay marriage during an interview yesterday with a faith-based organization called the National Organization for Marriage.

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St James III    


nobody is scared but you should't be attacked and automatically be labeled a homophobe just becuase you disagree with the issue or homosexuality in general.

I'm straight and i disagree with it but I aint scared of so-called Gay people and don't wish harm on them either. I don't even consider that a "kind" of person. That's just a label given to somebody because they like the same sex far as i'm concerned.

You aint gonna see me marching anywhere cause i like tall skinny women and think i should have rights because of that. a ha hahah [just joking by the way...i get the issue].

1225 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

I just do not see what the big deal is. It is their lives let them do what they want, just like you have the right to. If the church does not want to allow it that is their right, it is their organization. But when it comes to the government not allowing it, that is not treating people fairly. Gay or straight everyone has the right to be treated fairly. I am not saying this to support or condemn a gay lifestyle. But just simple logic.

If people feel that gay marriage is wrong, they have that right. But they do not have the right to control how someone else lives their life, that is their right as well. And if the objection is religion based you have that right as well. It is up to religious leaders to set rules within their church and have the right to allow it or not. But this country is based on both equality for all and separation of church and state. And religious belief has no place in dictating the rights of people.

Let the church decide if same sex couples can marry in church, that is their right because religion is like a club and you gotta follow the club rules. But no religious judgement on marriage should be able to govern a persons right to go to city hall.

Equality is equality, it means everyone has the same rights. How would you feel if someone else told you that you cannot voice your opinion. You would be outraged because it is your right as an american to say what you want to. And you are absolutely correct, regardless of how someone else may feel about what you have to say. Gay marriage is no different. You may feel it is wrong but in a country based on equality if you can do something so can someone else.

Our forefathers decided the concept of every man is created equal important enough to include it in the Declaration of Independence. You can argue their interpretation of it all you want, but you can also do that with the right to bear arms or free speech. And one thing our government has tried to uphold all this time is that these are our rights regardless of how certain people feel. And equality is no different. Every person in this country has the right to be treated equally, not just you.

Now how do i feel about homosexuality? I do not understand it. I have no attraction to anyone of the same sex. I am happily married with two children. But does that mean that my lifestyle should dictate how everyone should live? No. Because this is America. A country based on ideals that so many have fought to the death to defend. And when someone tries to take the freedom and equality from another american that just pisses me off. Because you spit in the face of everything our country was based on. And you insult the sacrifices that many many have made.

1225 days ago

St James III    


Even that doesn't really hold a lot of water. People are always categorizing folks and saying they have a view based on that category which is inherently insulting.

"Oh They Think this because they're Progressive Lierals"...."Or they think that because they're conservative" and blah blah blah

NO!....sometimes people actually soul search, use logic and come to their own opinions without it being blind ideologically based.

A lot of folks in politics aren't any better than street gangs. They even have the same colors....red=bloods blue=crips red=republicans blue=democrats

Please! The issue is the issue is the issue.

When people start focusing on issues for a change instead of what set somebody is claiming maybe as a society we can come to some resolutions.

1225 days ago


@St James III "I find it disturbing that one can't express there opposition towards homosexuality without being labeled "Homophobic". VERY disturbing. Now if the guy said "I think gays should be killed, etc etc etc then i would see a point but as long as this guy isn't actively working to hurt, kill, or infringe on the liberties of people that happen to practice homosexual relationships he should not be attacked for his OPINION."

So...let's see...if I were to say that black athletes were congenital morons who should keep their racially inferior mouths shut, I shouldn't be attacked for my OPINION. How about if I simply said that giving Bible-thumping African-American football players civil rights has led to the breakdown of society? How DARE anyone angrily respond, correcto?

Fact is that many of us find the National Organization for Marriage IS seeking to infringe on our civil rights - and courts (most recently a federal bankruptcy court) ARE finding that same-sex marriage is a right. But then, what do they know about the Constitution compared to a retired wide receiver? Come to think of it, who's better qualified to discuss the subtleties of human sexuality than Tyree, huh?

And, of course, though not every anti-marriager is a hard-core homophobe, every hard-core homophobe is against SSM. Hey, if gays are indeed bringing on the anarchy that will destroy civilization, if gay rights is, as the ineffable Michelle Bachman says, "a part of Satan," wouldn't that count as a call for radical action...like imprisoning or killing gays? After all, isn't that exactly the situation in, say, Uganda? Or am I missing something?

I do find it odd that you seem to continue to frame having a same-sex relationship as a choice on the same level as buying a new pair of shoes.

1225 days ago

St James III    

The whole argument of "It's Their Lives...Let them do what they want" doesn't hold up either.

If the argument is that then people can pretty much do anything and everything under the sun. Gotta have a lil more than "Let them do what they want, it dont affect me". A lot of you have been blessed to not have any serious crimes or even other things that are not neccesarily crimes but things that have rules placed on them. That doesn't mean there should be any laws or rules.

c'mon now.

Now with regards to Gay Marriage it affects everybody ultimately because we live in a democracy so ultimately things have to be voted on.

So while i disagree with homosexuality.....if it becomes the law of the land that Gay Marriage is legal...then so be it. It is what it is. No problem.

But i'm still entitled to my opinion so it aint about it being a big deal. It's a persons opinion and they can voice it period bottom line.

1225 days ago


Tyree's claim that my marriage will cause "anarchy" is nothing more than a deliberate lie designed to scare people from supporting same-sex marriage. People in the 1950s and '60...s used that same kind of fear-mongering lie to prevent interracial marriage from being legalized. Just as their lies proved they were racists, Tyree's fear-mongering lies prove he is a homophobic bigot.

1225 days ago


St. James: "Now with regards to Gay Marriage it affects everybody ultimately because we live in a democracy so ultimately things have to be voted on."

The right to be treated equally under the law is enshrined in the United States Constitution's XIV Amendment. Equal rights are NOT something that should be put up to a popular vote. If interracial marriage had been left to the whims of the electorate, such relationships might still be illegal in most of the South.

1225 days ago

St James III    


again STRAIGHT to race with the "Well what if blacks etc etc etc"

I'm sorry Apples and Oranges.

Nobody is BORN GAY. You don't come out of your mother's womb being attracted to anybody. That stuff develops over time.

People out out the womb BLACK....WHITE....FEMALE..MALE etc etc.

Apples and oranges argument their.

Now technically if you were to say that about black atheletes.....technically...YES..even you should not be attacked for that opinion. Ya know whay?? Because that's what YOU THINK what YOU FEEL and it shouldn't matter to the next person unless you hold some sort of power economically or in a government capacity.

TO be quite honest i could care less and wouldn't get upset if some white person jumped up and said black people are nothing but useless ******s. I would chalk that up to a cornball losers opinion and keep it movin and probably laugh at his dumb ass.

Call me crazy but i think in 2011 it's time we stop running to the Anti-Defamation Leage, GLAAD, NAACP and everybody else the second some insignificant ******* that might have a little attention in entertainment or sports says something DUMB!!

I worry more about the train of thought of Elected officials, People that run things at my Job, The Cops etc etc Not some football player or people that post on the TMZ Board.

And by the way.....no matter what you consider your sexual orientation to be EVERY SINGLE RELATIONSHIP you engage in is in fact a choice.

1225 days ago

St James III    

excuse my typos. need to get my proofreading skills up LOL!!!

1225 days ago


what a fool.

1225 days ago


St. James III: "Nobody is BORN GAY. You don't come out of your mother's womb being attracted to anybody. That stuff develops over time."

Your blanket statement conveniently ignores extensive research indicating that in-utero factors can contribute to a propensity toward homosexuality.

1225 days ago


I'm very upset that in this country we as people can't nowadays say what we want to say now I personally don't know about the anarchy or what have you but i will say this everybody does not and have no obligation to agree with such a thing I personally don't have anything against gay people but when you start to force your lifestyle upon everyone else I have a problem with that as long as people aren't hurting people I'm fine with you speaking your opinion if you don't agree with homosexuality then you have a right your 1st amendment right someone say they don't like gays then GLAAD and eveyone that's gay wants to make people apologize I think those that agree with it if you aren't gay you have a hidden agenda and that's to make sure you stay in the position to have them patronize you or your business it's not about hurting people but it is about free speech if they can come out and say I'm gay and I want to marry my lover or whatever then I or anyone else has a right to say that I don't like and or agree with it don't control my situation control that in which you are involved in this guy has a right to speak his mind and disagree stop trying to control everything people that read the bible and read it and know it can honestly say that according to the Bible if you believe in God you know its an abomination to him and it's a sin but because people now wants to turn it around for their benefit now at some point they don't believe it is a God and please don't say god Loves everybody because he does but dont use that as an excuse to do what you know is wrong

1225 days ago

St James III    


That may be the case based on extensive research and i'm not ignoring that this may be the case. My point is propensity and active participation are two different things.

So while that may be the case, propensity still doesn't mean you come out the womb ready to have sex with somebody. Sexuality isn't apparent until well after one is born so that is a social thing....not physical biological structure.

1225 days ago


he's afraid his boyfriend will propose.

1225 days ago


I am into anarchy today --

How about getting rid of Federal entitlement programs? That way the government has no issue with someone's sex life. Don't want government in my sex life nor is it anyone else's business.

See, problem solved.

ps -- Getting really fed up with the politically correct brownshirts denying citizens free speech.

1225 days ago
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