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TMZ Live: Why Weinergate Could Be a Game Changer

6/16/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner could get slammed just as much for wimping out and resigning -- as he was for the sexting and crotch shots. Will other scandal plagued polticos choose the other door -- weather the storm and rebound? Plus, a peek at how much cheese "Idol" alums are raking in ...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) A lot on the docket: Weiner gets heckled, the Vancouver hockey riots, a MAJOR discussion on gay marriage, and much more!
(2:15) Weiner's resignation was like NO OTHER ... dude was heckled like CRAZY. How could he let this happen?
(7:50) Why don't women have big scandals like Weiner? Linda has a GREAT answer!
(17:50) MAJOR riot in Vancouver after their hockey team loses -- why the HELL do people do this?
(19:00) Brian compares sports riots -- L.A. vs Vancouver. And, would Brian ever riot?
(24:20) Gnarly video -- a rioter gets hit in THE CROTCH with a flash grenade ... then has it blow up in his face. Don't worry, we play it 15 times.
(28:30) Super Bowl champ David Tyree RIPS gay marriage ... and some of the things he say are just ... well ... you'll see.
(31:40) Johnny's passionate stance against Tyree's rant.
(36:20) Nina's turn -- she can't believe an African American could speak out against minority rights.
(24:00) Former Idol's ... and how much they make on the road. It'll shock you!


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Is it just me or does Anthony Weiner look just like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons?

1227 days ago


David Vitter should also resign for his criminal actions of soliciting prostitues through a high end D.C. madam. Anthony Weiner did not commit a crime... he lied, but committing a crime is a whole other story and Vitter should be called to leave his seat.

1227 days ago


Does TMZ buys stories, like commented in Variety? Seemed like it with the Botox Mom story/interview.

1227 days ago


Do you think the heckling during Anthony Weiner's press conference wa sout of line? Should those people gotten in trouble?

1227 days ago


While it's maddening that all Canadians are being painted with the same brush regarding the Vancouver riots, the mayor and police should have known better than to encourage such a large crowd to gather to watch the game. There was not nearly a strong enough police presence to contend with the numbers of people both being a nuisance and those trying to return to their homes.

1227 days ago


who is the guitarist that is jamming that riff in the opening and closing or the show???

1227 days ago


Why should Weiner have to resign because he twittered with some chic and posted his junk to her? He's being a GUY! Are we that uptight and sensitive that a dude can't twit pic a **** to a chick. CHICKS SHOW THEIR TITS ALL THE TIME. Let him just be a guy.

1227 days ago


due to the recent comments made recently on the Today Show and the Joy Behar are Gene Simmons and Tweed really over?

1227 days ago


As a Canadian I am so ashamed of what has happened in Vancouver. The way I see it is that these were a bunch of thugs who started it, but then ridiculous Canuck fans joined in. This country is embarrassed about last nights events.

1227 days ago


Will Kim K wear white on her wedding day, given her sex tape?

1227 days ago


Do you think Weiner's wife is finding this all hard to swallow?

1227 days ago



1227 days ago


I am Canadian and am disgusted by the Riots in Vancouver. This is not an example of typical Canadians. Those punks need to be punished to the full extent of the law and thanks to social media many of them hopefully will be! Which brings me to my question.....

Harvey, people identified in pictures can obviously be charged, but if someone posts a status or writes something on Facebook or Twitter about being involved can they be charged as well? Is that substantial evidence to press charges?

1227 days ago


As a Canucks fan, and vancouver resident it was NOT canucks fans rioting, just immature losers who wanted an excuse to cause some trouble! It should not be a representation of Vancouver Canucks fans at all! The majority of the city is disgusted by all of this!

1227 days ago


I am from Vancouver and downtown the person we were beside was the friend of the guy that brought the truck down that was the first car to be lit on fire. HE BROUGHT THE TRUCK INTO THE DOWNTOWN CORE WITH THE PURPOSE TO LIGHT IT ON FIRE NO MATTER WHICH WAY THE GAME WENT. This was not a case of sore loosers, these were douchbags that saw an opportunity go let some sh*t loose in a beautiful city.

1227 days ago
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