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TMZ Live: Why Weinergate Could Be a Game Changer

6/16/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner could get slammed just as much for wimping out and resigning -- as he was for the sexting and crotch shots. Will other scandal plagued polticos choose the other door -- weather the storm and rebound? Plus, a peek at how much cheese "Idol" alums are raking in ...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) A lot on the docket: Weiner gets heckled, the Vancouver hockey riots, a MAJOR discussion on gay marriage, and much more!
(2:15) Weiner's resignation was like NO OTHER ... dude was heckled like CRAZY. How could he let this happen?
(7:50) Why don't women have big scandals like Weiner? Linda has a GREAT answer!
(17:50) MAJOR riot in Vancouver after their hockey team loses -- why the HELL do people do this?
(19:00) Brian compares sports riots -- L.A. vs Vancouver. And, would Brian ever riot?
(24:20) Gnarly video -- a rioter gets hit in THE CROTCH with a flash grenade ... then has it blow up in his face. Don't worry, we play it 15 times.
(28:30) Super Bowl champ David Tyree RIPS gay marriage ... and some of the things he say are just ... well ... you'll see.
(31:40) Johnny's passionate stance against Tyree's rant.
(36:20) Nina's turn -- she can't believe an African American could speak out against minority rights.
(24:00) Former Idol's ... and how much they make on the road. It'll shock you!


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I think it was so cheap and appropriate for those people to be shouting such negative language....

1036 days ago


Not proud to be a Canadian today. This was pre-planned by anarchists taking advantage of a huge inebriated crowd. The majority of people that were there were with families, got out of the area when the game ended. I trust that the people responsible will get caught, especially with all the media taking pictures. Shame on you for ruining our reputation!!!

1036 days ago


I'm from Vancouver and witnessed what happened last night after the hockey game. It was absolutely disgusting, and definitely doesn't represent the majority of citizens in our city. The rioters ARE NOT hockey fans, and shouldn't even be allowed to live in our city!!

1036 days ago


why are you even discussing the rioters? it happens all the time because some people are pathetic and need an excuse to FSU it has nothing to do with the team or the fans. That poll is just ridiculous...

1036 days ago


politicians who have HAD SEX with other people and have come out and say theyre gay have had better respect at their speeches than he did. he didnt have sex with anybody. im not saying what he did was right, but he's not the worst of them.

1036 days ago


In regards to Anthony Weiner, I read somewhere online today, where someone said they heard someone on TV say if they would check all the cell phones and computers of all the people in government, they wouldn't have been so quick to bail on him.

1036 days ago


"Weiner pulled out early"

if a republican did what Weiner did, the uproar from the left would be LOUD. But since Weiner is a lefty .. it's okay. HYPOCRISY!

1036 days ago


I think the media made such a big deal of poor weiner "sexting", what about the guy Bill o Reilly and his famous loofah episode...he got away with it...and still acts like he has the right to condemn others....

1036 days ago


There should be background music to the Canucks flash gernade shot........

"Your Sex Is On Fire" by the Kings of Leon!

1036 days ago


Harvey: We did not see the ***** of all of these other guys, and we did not see photos highlighting their narcissism. That's the difference between Weiner and these other guys.

1036 days ago


What Channel on Sirius XM Radio will you be broadcasting... And at what time?? I AM A XM RADIO ADDICT/TMZ ADDICT.....SOOO I can't wait to get the best of both worlds!!!!

1036 days ago

St Murphy    

yo harvey..

long like to ask you think it went way to far for the enquirer for a fraternity prank in that wiener pic??sorry if you answered and i am late.

1036 days ago


It was not the fans rioting, it was hooligans dressed as fans. They came armed and ready for rioting. This is not my Canada!

1036 days ago


Re Vancouver riot was orchestrated by criminal elements. London Drugs representative said that the store had been sussed out, they knew exactly where the expensive items were and those were the things taken.
Police couldn't get in there without hurting the thousands of joe's who were doing stupid things like hanging out, texting, twittering and generally being idiot voyeurs. They protected the criminals by sheer volume.
Not to mention prior images of Facebook pages promoting a planned riot.

1036 days ago


A couple of options for Mr. Weiner to replenish funds:

* Have the Vivid Entertainment guy sign him to a contract. Maybe Octomom will reconsider her offer then.

* Tour the country in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

1036 days ago
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