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TMZ Live: Why Weinergate Could Be a Game Changer

6/16/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner could get slammed just as much for wimping out and resigning -- as he was for the sexting and crotch shots. Will other scandal plagued polticos choose the other door -- weather the storm and rebound? Plus, a peek at how much cheese "Idol" alums are raking in ...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) A lot on the docket: Weiner gets heckled, the Vancouver hockey riots, a MAJOR discussion on gay marriage, and much more!
(2:15) Weiner's resignation was like NO OTHER ... dude was heckled like CRAZY. How could he let this happen?
(7:50) Why don't women have big scandals like Weiner? Linda has a GREAT answer!
(17:50) MAJOR riot in Vancouver after their hockey team loses -- why the HELL do people do this?
(19:00) Brian compares sports riots -- L.A. vs Vancouver. And, would Brian ever riot?
(24:20) Gnarly video -- a rioter gets hit in THE CROTCH with a flash grenade ... then has it blow up in his face. Don't worry, we play it 15 times.
(28:30) Super Bowl champ David Tyree RIPS gay marriage ... and some of the things he say are just ... well ... you'll see.
(31:40) Johnny's passionate stance against Tyree's rant.
(36:20) Nina's turn -- she can't believe an African American could speak out against minority rights.
(24:00) Former Idol's ... and how much they make on the road. It'll shock you!


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Society needs population growth to pay for unfunded liabilities, Social Security, Pensions, Medicare, etc. FACT.

Only 4% of homosexual couples have kids using adoption, other modern methods, etd. FACT.

60% of heterosexual couples have kids using normal methods. FACT.

Society has an incentive to promote heterosexual coupling for the long term survival of society and the human race. FACT.

Society needs heterosexual coupling, homosexual coupling is optional at most. IOW, homosexual people, ON AVERAGE, do not benefit society in the LONG TERM. FACT.

Homosexuality is defined as a sexual fetish, and is therefore a choice. FACT.

1191 days ago


Harvey hit the nail on the head!!! People fear what they don't understand or don't know about!! Education is the answer!

1191 days ago


Nina, loved your words and you look fantastic.

1191 days ago



Legally speaking, if gay marriage is allowed, what legal basis would there be for denying plural marriage or marriage between relatives? Incest is very unlikely to cause birth defects unless it is an ongoing thing along the family line. It doesn't make any more sense than denying marriage to people from lines that are likely to pass on Tay Sachs disease, but that isn't illegal. If the definition of marriage is changed for one group, how could any other change to the definition be legally defended against?

1191 days ago


The woman who just spoke about people contradicting themselves at church is a walking contradiction herself. Picking and choosing what you want to believe in the bible is laughable. I'm an atheist and find it insane to base your life on a book that you don't even fully believe.

1191 days ago


Kate, that argument is really old. New material request.

1191 days ago


I notice how religion and Christians are constantly bashed......isn't this the same as the intolerance you are discussing about Gay marriage?? Think about it....

1191 days ago


Fans Behaving Badly
The so-called fans should be penalized for their unsportsman like misconduct PULL THE FRANCHISE I'm sure the team deserves a better base of fans

1191 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Country fans are more loyal than POP / Rock because Country stars dont "grow" out of their genre.

1191 days ago


Do you have beer in the TMZ refrigerator?

1191 days ago

nee nee    

Lee(Dead Behind the Eyes)Dwyze has not put out a hit record, and has zero personality

1191 days ago

Marie Meier    

Since when do we care what David Tyree thinks?
Wasn't aware that football players are now the moral authority. Put a sock in it, Mr. Tyree...nobody cares!

1191 days ago


Harvey, by the way you were describing homosexual marriage in 20 years and it being a non-issue do you believe it will be legalised by then? Do you think the influential minority has enough power to cause this drastic change, greetings from Australia!!!

1191 days ago


Your comments and many people of your generation about gay, race, marriage, etc. are somewhat true. The problem is it is also very distorted. I do not mean this negatively. If you would have lived at that time you would realize that the blanket statements are just as invalid now.

1191 days ago


(Sung to the tune of "You Say Tomato")

You spell it whimping, I spell it wimping.
You spell it "peak at," I spell it "peek at."

Whimping, wimping
Peak at, peek at,
Didn't you kids go to school?

1191 days ago
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