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Massive Riot Erupts in Vancouver After Stanley Cup

6/16/2011 5:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright violent in Vancouver last night -- when angry fans RIOTED IN THE STREETS after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in a 4-0 asskicking.

Cars were flipped and burned, windows smashed and stores were looted by drunk/angry hockey fans as police armed with pepper spray, tear gas and flash-bang grenades rushed to break it up.

Local law enforcement tells TMZ ... the situation is finally under control.

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Dizzy Lizzy    

Wow Josephina, you can really tell us that??? It seems on here that Canadians are apologetic about the behavior of the rioters and being treated harshly by the Americans. You clearly believe you are very educated and know best. I think you are a bit confused with fact and opinion, but regardless, you are entitled to YOUR opinion in both countries.
Anyway, no more of my time will be wasted on the ever so clever Josephina, it is unfair to argue with a half wit.

1163 days ago


As a Vancouver resident I can tell you that this is not a representation of our city. As a matter of fact there were just as many people on the streets of Vancouver trying to stop these morons. It was not the Canucks fans that were behaving like this. It was a bunch of drunk jerks using the game as a reason to behave badly. The people of Vancouver sent out two posts of Facebook today. One was to help with the cleanup and the other was to post your pics/send them to the Vancouver PD, so that these idiots could be brought to justice. Most of us were watching in horror as this took place. It is a black mark on our city and we as a whole are devastated by it.

1163 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

@Embarrassed anybody with a brain would not honestly believe that the riots last night represented an entire nation or an entire city. This was not even about hockey. This was about people plotting to go downtown Vancouver and cause a riot because the opportunity was there. So many of those that took part actually were dumb enough to post on their facebook profiles that that is what they had set out to do in the first place. Quite frankly, those that are that narrow minded should be embarrassed. And I think Josephina has realized that also.

1163 days ago


@Dizzy Lizzy

I see that you are not one of the classy Vancouver citizens that I believe are out there somewhere. When did I say I am educated? I said I'm a citizen of both countries and currently live in Canada, where most people NOT from BC are the ones judging Vancouver most harshly. I'm sorry that you are as immature as all of Canada and the US thinks Vancouverites are right now; it's really a shame for them that YOU are on here representing Vancouver.

1163 days ago


this had NOTHING to do with the HOCKEY game! Vancouver was beaten fair and square by the Bruins.....congrats to them! I'm a life long Canucks fan and was upset at the loss, but also proud of the Canucks for the season they had.

This was started by people who brought bottles of gasoline, hammers and other weapons in to the massive crowd and unfortunately the "mom mentality" took over.

These actions DO NOT represent Vancouver, BC, or Canada. If you recognize any of the faces in the photos, please turn them in to the Vancouver Police.

1163 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

You are correct Josephina, I am not one of the classy Vancouver citizens that you speak of...on some of your posts (you seem to flip flop on your opinion) I can explain why that is...I AM AMERICAN. The educated part was sarcasm. I have not witnessed any Canadians blaming citizens of Vancouver. I am interested in knowing what part of Canada hates Vancouver. I am also interested in knowing how you can speak for everyone in all of Canada and the U.S.
Perhaps you should read your posts to see the various messages
you are putting out there. You try figure yourself out Josephina...I can't seem to follow your wavering opinions. If you could clarify it would be great, if not, just as well.

Josephina 5 hours ago


Josephina 5 hours ago

The only people mad at TMZ for posting this are from Vancouver. Typical... LOLZ

Josephina 3 hours ago

How am I making this a Canada/US debate? Honey, I live in Canada and everyone where I'm from hates Vancouver and knows they have zero class. I don't think this is about Canada vs. US, I think it's about Vancouver citizens being vandals and crybabies. And I didn't say anything about the people who volunteered to clean up. Personally, I don't like Vancouver as a city. Way overhyped. And you live in BC... of course you're mad that it happened. I think it's sad that it happened, certainly. But I still think of Vancouver as sore losers, because they are.

Josephina 3 hours ago

And by the way, as a Canadian AND American citizen, I can tell you that it's mostly CANADIANS that make things like this Canada vs US. Americans don't give a rat's *ss what Canadians do, but Canadians are always keen to "beat America." I love Canada, don't get me wrong, but that's the truth.

Josephina about an hour ago

I'm sorry if any of my comments have offended people from Vancouver. I'm sure there are some nice, classy people who live there/around there, and I realize that the rioters comprise a very small faction of the population. I have personal reasons for disliking Vancouver that are just my experience/opinion, and I know my views are biased and what I said was rude. I actually really am sorry.

1163 days ago


I am DISGUSTED by the "fans" reactions. Keep in mind, though, that these people are NOT fans. True Canuck fans and Vancouverites take pride in their team and the great game Boston played. Fans came out in droves to help clean up the city today. We are appalled by the disrespect these hooligans showed to our city, our team, the Bruins, and our country. Vancouver was just voted the most liveable city in the world and this was NOT because of the character of drunken rioters but rather the character of the majority of Vancouverites who are enraged by such a dispicable act.

1163 days ago

John Stone    

Idiot Canadians.

1163 days ago


HEy guys..listen up...arrests have been made and are continuing :-) and mos of these ******* are actually from portland seattle toronto and montreal...they came on not as even hockey fans..they came to riot IT WAS PLANNED

1163 days ago


HEy guys..listen up...arrests have been made and are continuing :-) and mos of these ******* are actually from portland seattle toronto and montreal...they came on not as even hockey fans..they came to riot IT WAS PLANNED

1163 days ago


Don't pretend like you know the story.
Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world and this article is not doing it any justice. People that live here know that the real fans don't bring pepper spray, ski masks, hammers, and gas bombs to hockey games. These were rioters who simply wanted to screw around: this riot does not represent Vancouver in any way. The Vancouver Police Department already released a statement saying that most of those who were arrested last night were not even from Vancouver. So get your facts straight before you make an entire city look bad.

1163 days ago


Hi everyone, I didn't read all of the comments but only few. Seems like there are many comments debating Vancouver people or Canadian are losers or other names called etc. I think "rioters" is the appropriate name for them. I assume most of these rioters are trailer-trash from far away little towns or suburbs. Because the things they were looting were household items like shampoos and hand creams...etc. I saw some girls in the picture were stealing Coach bags...WTF Coach bags !! Looters from Vancouver would go to LV store across the street or Hermes store just few doors down. Anyhow there would of been a riot either win or lose because someone told media there is a small group of people had it plan out for burning up a truck.

1163 days ago


Some of you Americans are real idiots. Last year when the Lakers won the championship it was followed by a riot. And when the San Francisco giants won the championship last year, it was also followed by a riot. There are many hypocritical idiots posting on here.

1163 days ago


This is what should be talked about and what REAL Canuck fans do:

For all the right reasons

1163 days ago


Its true some hooligan's that don't represent the greater whole of Vancouver committed some seriously heinous acts. Please also share some photos like these. 1000's of Canadian's proved who we really are by cleaning up that mess yesterday.


1163 days ago
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