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Massive Riot Erupts in Vancouver After Stanley Cup

6/16/2011 5:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright violent in Vancouver last night -- when angry fans RIOTED IN THE STREETS after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in a 4-0 asskicking.

Cars were flipped and burned, windows smashed and stores were looted by drunk/angry hockey fans as police armed with pepper spray, tear gas and flash-bang grenades rushed to break it up.

Local law enforcement tells TMZ ... the situation is finally under control.

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Sore losers or not...that's the impression left on everyone watching! It wasn't loosing the game that caused the mayham, it would have happend regardless of the outcome! I know this was difficult for police to control, but they should never have politely given the crowd a chance to calm down, they should have blasted those f**kers as soon as things started getting out of control. I know many of those kids are between 18-30 but their parents should still lay a woopin' on them...then hand them over to police!

1195 days ago


These losers make their city look bad. Take your ass kicking like a man!

1195 days ago


Seriously...enough with the Americans vs Canadians comments! Everyone needs to realize that both countries have their share of problems and neither is superior to the other. This riot did happen in Vancouver but it could have happened in the States as well.

1195 days ago

Total Recall    

These are not fans...these are a small number of hooligans who used the game as an excuse to take out their anger and frustrations...no doubt they would have done it had the Canucks won or lost...it was nothing about the game. Don't forget to report on all the citizens who are volunteering downtown today helping to clean up the mess made by a few criminals.

1195 days ago


These were not fans rioting. I am from Vancouver and I am really embarrassed and ashamed of this!! This was a small percentage of losers who went to downtown Vancouver to riot whether the Canucks lost or won!! A lot of the losers brought molotov ****tails and other weapons with them when they went downtown. They went there solely to start a riot!! They are not Canucks fans at all. The true Canucks fans can say good job Boston, especially Thomas. Thomas did amazing and deserved the cup. The Canucks did great and made it really far so true fans should be proud of how great the Canucks did this season!!

1195 days ago

right straight    

Why do people care what Americans think of them? "Please don't think this is what Vancouver is like" Who cares...they don't think about you,and you should return the favor.

1195 days ago


those were not fans they would have rioted whether Vancouver won or not, what fan would bring rocks to a celebration inside a backpack, those that started the riot should be strung up over an ant hill with honey dripping off them

1195 days ago


Being Canadian, the acts of these people are embarrassing, yes. But those were a bunch of drunken idiots and shouldn't represent all of Canada. And who's to say there weren't any American's involved in it either? I know some American's who are Canucks fans.

1195 days ago

Jennifer Chow    

I’m sure I can speak on behalf of many Vancouverites. This is truly an embarrassing moment in Vancouver the World has to witness.

Unfortunately it was a large group of young men & women who had intentions of doing this no matter what the outcome of the game was. Can you imagine the horror for the parents who witnessed their child on the news behaving in this manner? Teach them a lesson and call the police because you're doing them a favor.

1195 days ago


Sara 30 minutes ago
"Just look at that idiot in the middle of the first picture...it screams out loud "LOOSER" "

Learn to spell LOSER loser.

1195 days ago


I'm embarrassed to be Canadian today. These riots are a small handful of hooligans and anarchists who would probably have rioted had the Canucks won anyways! Last night's activities have now become a black eye on the face of Canada, one that hopefully, by the work of those eager to restore our reputation, will soon be erased.

1195 days ago


@ Pecker...
Actually Vancouver rioted back in '94 when they lost in the finals then. This would have happened whether they won or lost. Hockey fans are stupid sometimes. Yes, there were a large number of thugs involved in last nights riots but there were also a lot of people in Vancouver jersey's seen smashing things, tipping over cop cars, etc.

1195 days ago


Seriously if the so called fans of the Canucks we so upset with the loss then why are these hooligans poseing for pictures with smiles on there face? If they were so upset then why isn't there anger in there eyes, I am not agreeing with the violence, Ia m just stasting that these so called fans are truelly ignorant. Unfortunately the hooligans are everywhere and ruin it for everyone. Congrats tot he Bruins for there championship, but congrats tot he Canucks as well, its not easy to get to where they got, everyone should hold there heads up and know they achieved a lot.

1195 days ago


This wasn't a bunch of sore losers. It was a bunch of losers!! These morons were in diapers back in 94 and for some reason see glory in a riot! Shame on them. I was 16 in 94 and couldn't believe what happened. Today, 17 years late I was so disgusted and brought to tears! I hope everyone one of those jerks gets caught.

1195 days ago


Not proud to be a Canadian today. This was pre-planned by anarchists taking advantage of a huge inebriated crowd. The majority of people that were there were with families, got out of the area when the game ended. I trust that the people responsible will get caught, especially with all the media taking pictures. Shame on you for ruining our reputation!!!

1195 days ago
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