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Massive Riot Erupts in Vancouver After Stanley Cup

6/16/2011 5:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright violent in Vancouver last night -- when angry fans RIOTED IN THE STREETS after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in a 4-0 asskicking.

Cars were flipped and burned, windows smashed and stores were looted by drunk/angry hockey fans as police armed with pepper spray, tear gas and flash-bang grenades rushed to break it up.

Local law enforcement tells TMZ ... the situation is finally under control.

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PECKER: Leave me alone, English IS NOT my first language! But at least I'm trying to learn your language! I can't say the same for you! SO STFU !!

1195 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

Mr. Obvious,
I can tell you who would notice...THE NHL.
Between Vancouver and Boston there are 59 players. 32 Canadian, 19 Euopeans and 8 Americans. However, if you fell off the face of the earth, nobody would miss you or even care...probably not even your mom.

1195 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

Actually Tucker...most of Canada is embarrassed by the idiots rioting in Vancouver...but the truth is, the cup will be coming to Canada for a visit with the 17 players out of the 26 who play for Boston. It just so happens that playing for an American team does not make a player American.It means they work out of America. I am seeing so many posts telling Canadians to get over themselves. This is not a Canadian issue. This is an issue of stupidity and I don't know who is worse the rioters or the people that are just looking for a reason to bash Canada. When you bash Canada you are only bashing the majority of the team that won that cup for Boston.

1195 days ago


Stop calling those asses fans! They're just asses and they're not sore losers ... they don't care about the game. Just jerks who showed up to riot, because an opportunity presented itself.

1195 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

You're correct Jo,
The idiots who were looting and rioting were there to do just that. They were dumb enough to post it on their facebook pages. Fools.


1195 days ago


what a horrible way to end a fantastic run. i wish the press would show the REAL vancouverites that showed up this morning to clean up the mess left by the losers from last night.

1195 days ago


real hockey fans AND Vancouverites were not the ones responsible for this riot - the real Vancouverites are the ones who have acted in ways to take back OUR city and to clean up the mess those hooligans and f******* anarchists made. As a classless, trashy website reporting a pure BS headline calling us sore losers, congrats for lowering yourself to pure s*** YET AGAIN!

1195 days ago


Why do angry mobs trash their own towns to show how pi**ed off they are?? Don't they realize how ridiculous that is??

1195 days ago


I don't know if TMZ should talk. They're based in L.A right? As shown when the Lakers lost to the Celtics a few years ago, L.A. fans are the kings of sore losers.

1195 days ago


This makes me ashamed to be Canadian... Also gives a bad name to good vancouver fans. Congrats to Timmy Thomas.

1195 days ago


This is AWESOME! I thought Canada was a soft, weak and pretentious Country...You guys are f&%king great!!

1195 days ago


I'm embarrassed to be Canadian because of these idiots!!! It's freaking hockey losers, Vancouver lost....get over it dumbasses!! Canada is an awesome country to live in, I'm proud to be Canadian and I hope these idiots are ashamed of themselves for making Canada look bad!!

1195 days ago


This would've probably happened even if the Canucks would've won. A few bad apples to ruin it for all Canuck fans.

1195 days ago


[quote]According to friends in Vancouver, the City of Vancouver had designated Fan Zones with giant TVs in the downtown core for the 2 games where the Canucks played in Boston and for the final game.

After the 2 games the Canucks played in Boston where they lost, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the Fan Zones to watch went home peacefully. [/quote]

This exactly.

What hapened last night is not a reflection of the fans or the Canadian people, but a small number of criminals with a plan. These are criminals NOT fans.

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful city on the planet and Vancouverites are friendly, respectful people.

1195 days ago


These weren't hockey fans that started the rioting. Who brings a mask and gasoline to a hockey game? Not that you could get into any arena with it, no, these were hooligans who just wanted to cause **** after the game, win or lose. Congrats to the Bruins on a great series, as for the Vancouverites who joined in the rioting, shame on you all.

1195 days ago
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