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Massive Riot Erupts in Vancouver After Stanley Cup

6/16/2011 5:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got downright violent in Vancouver last night -- when angry fans RIOTED IN THE STREETS after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in a 4-0 asskicking.

Cars were flipped and burned, windows smashed and stores were looted by drunk/angry hockey fans as police armed with pepper spray, tear gas and flash-bang grenades rushed to break it up.

Local law enforcement tells TMZ ... the situation is finally under control.

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I have had it with TMZ. TMZ is so irresponsible and unprofessional for this incomplete reporting. Go back to school *every* last one of you "reporters". TMZ sucks big time.

1188 days ago


Wow - I live in Vancouver and calling us "Sore Losers" does not sit well.
First of all, The riot was caused by idiotic young people who have nothing else better to do and want to cause trouble. They are not in any way Canuck Fans. They would have caused a riot whether we won or lost.
Secondly, REAL Canuck fans are dissapointed and disgusted in these people and their horrible sportsmanship and respect for our city.
Just so everyone out there understands how we're feeling.

1188 days ago



1188 days ago


@ NikkiVancouver

Thanks for all the energy supplies, I rather use yours first when it is still cheap than tap into america's supply. End the end we win. lol

1188 days ago


Mr Obvious,
"How are you so confident this riot was caused or fueled by solely Canadians?"

Because those of us in America have known for a long time that canada sucks and this just proves it to the rest of the world?

Canada could fall of the face of the planet and no one would even notice."
You show amazing ignorance. You sound just like the rioters - maybe you were here helping the rioters. And Harvey Levin - check your facts - these were not hockey fans - there were postings on facebook and overheard conversations on public transportation regarding the planning of this - win or lose! Living downtown right in the middle of everything that happened, I can guarantee you this is not acceptable to most of us. Maybe you want to report on how many Vancouverites (both fans and non-fans of the game) were out there volunteering to clean up the mess and on how many videos and names were supplied to the police before 5am the next morning. We are proud of our city and would like to see all the responsible parties punished.

1188 days ago


Aside from a few stupid comments, I appreciate the Canadians/Vancouverites [sp?] commentors taking the time to care enough about their country to apoligize and the truly classy ones who offer congrats to our Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup 2010-2011 Champions. BTW, wasn't Tim Thomas the only American born player on the ice? So, its really not a USA v. Canada situation, is it? We are all North Americans and hockey fans, right? And its better than living anywhere else. GO B'S!

1188 days ago


I'm sorry but these were not fans that did this. This would have happened regardless of who won the Stanley Cup and for you to call the real Canuck fans sore losers is wrong! This could have happened anywhere, any country and to any teams city! Just because you put on a certain jersey does not make you a fan! Real fans are there for the ups and downs. They walk away wishing the outcome would have been different and say good job and congrats to the team that won. These people are hooligan and thugs who not only took away from what the Vancouver Canuck's accomplished this season but made Vancouver and the REAL Canuck fans look bad. We are embarrassed, ashamed, disappointed and sad that this happened. So please don't call this jerks fans because they are not a fan of anything but destruction and disregard for what's right and wrong in life.

1188 days ago



1188 days ago


The only people mad at TMZ for posting this are from Vancouver. Typical... LOLZ

1188 days ago


Actually Josephina I'm from the states and happen to live in BC and I'm mad! Anyone would be mad is this happened in your city or state. So don't go saying the only people that are mad are from Vancouver. I'm mad this this happened. I just wish people would stop making this about Vancouver because it's not. It's about stupid people that destroyed a city and made everyone in that city look bad and don't care about anything other the destroying something. These people knew what they were going to do before it even happened. One person brought there truck down there for the sole purpose of destroying regardless of whether the Canuck's won or lose. These are the same people who protested even before the Olympic's started. Some of these people aren't even from Vancouver.

1188 days ago

Dizzy Lizzy    

Actually Josephina, you are incorrect. I am not from Vancouver,but have been there, and it is lovely. Why don't you hate on all of the good citizens of Vancouver who volunteered to clean up the mess


It saddens me that so many people think this is a USA/Canada debate. I notice there are a lot of Americans that hate the Canadians so very much. Since you want to make it about that, answer this...why? I would strongly encourage intelligent answers. Please state when your last visit to Canada was and why you went to Canada. Explain what the whole of Canada did to make you dislike them. I am just curious because it is a border that divides us and I have never had anything but good experiences in Canada.

1188 days ago


since it happened here in Montreal, a few years ago. I bet anything that the outcome would have been the same if they had won.

1188 days ago


How am I making this a Canada/US debate? Honey, I live in Canada and everyone where I'm from hates Vancouver and knows they have zero class. I don't think this is about Canada vs. US, I think it's about Vancouver citizens being vandals and crybabies. And I didn't say anything about the people who volunteered to clean up. Personally, I don't like Vancouver as a city. Way overhyped. And you live in BC... of course you're mad that it happened. I think it's sad that it happened, certainly. But I still think of Vancouver as sore losers, because they are.

1188 days ago


And by the way, as a Canadian AND American citizen, I can tell you that it's mostly CANADIANS that make things like this Canada vs US. Americans don't give a rat's *ss what Canadians do, but Canadians are always keen to "beat America." I love Canada, don't get me wrong, but that's the truth.

1188 days ago


I'm sorry if any of my comments have offended people from Vancouver. I'm sure there are some nice, classy people who live there/around there, and I realize that the rioters comprise a very small faction of the population. I have personal reasons for disliking Vancouver that are just my experience/opinion, and I know my views are biased and what I said was rude. I actually really am sorry.

1188 days ago
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