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WWE Legend Shawn Michaels -- Animal-Killing Machine

6/17/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-WWE legend Shawn Michaels is grabbing life by the horns -- and slaughtering it with a CROSSBOW ... killing all sorts of majestic wildlife for a new hunting television show.

The show is called "Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures" -- premiering next month on the Outdoor Channel -- but according to the show's rep, Shawn ain't just hunting for sport ... the guy actually EATS everything he kills.

We also spoke to Michaels himself, who tells us, "I am a Christian, I am an American, I am a family man, and I am a predator, and MacMillan River Adventures will allow my long-time fans and newfound friends to see what really makes Shawn Michaels the man that he is today.”

** Disclaimer: Animals were definitely harmed during the production of this show **

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AyeJay what a giant puss! Why don't you screamin liberals stop tryin to run everybody elses life?

1227 days ago


Common people.... you guys can't be that sensative....HBK is a great guy...and its looks like a good hunting show especially if they are showing people how they are eating the animals.(If they were just wasting the animals and hanging in on the wall it would be one thing) but if they are actualling using the meats and showing everybody how they are eating it..it could be a good show.....We shall see HBK....

1227 days ago


The sexist comments about hunting being a way to prove you are a "manly man" are cracking me up! You need to expand your horizons. Hunters are not all men! Women and young girls make up a huge part of the hunters in this country. Welcome to the year 2011, you obviously passed through the 80's, 90's, and 00's! I agree not all people are able to go a kill their own meat, or garden their own vegetables ~ they like to keep their hands clean. We won't comment about your laziness and you don't comment about how "manly" we are! hahaha

1227 days ago


It's not a question of whether it's better or more humane for the animal. Of course it is. The point is how can a human being enjoy the killing of an animal? ENJOY IT being the main point. If it came down to my family starving or me killing an animal, of course I'd do it. There would be tears on my face but I'd feed my family. I certainly wouldn't enjoy it or think it was "fun". Big difference.

1227 days ago


What a low life jerk! Hunting animals with a cross bow is a very painful death. I hope karma bites this man in the ass!

1227 days ago


Shooting game in a staged enviro isn't hunting... it's slaughter. Aholes.

1227 days ago



I had no idea that hunting animals with powerful weapons was 'womanly.' Forgive me for my ignorance. Next time I see a hunter with his gun, I'll tell him how feminine he looks.

No comment on those who don't hunt or grow their own food, yet you call those people lazy? I hope they forgive your ignorance; most people live in urban areas and cannot grow their own food or kill animals. For the majority of people, it has nothing to do with 'laziness.'

1227 days ago


staxis98 14 minutes ago

AyeJay what a giant puss! Why don't you screamin liberals stop tryin to run everybody elses life?


For one, I'm not a liberal.
Two, who's life am I f-cking running?
I stated a comment, not a fact.
You really need to read your sh-t right.
So I'm a giant puss because I don't have the heart to kill an animal?
Wow. Like I said, I said I DON'T UNDERSTAND why someone would kill animals for a hobby.
If you needed meat that f-cking bad you'd just go to the grocery store and buy some.
Depending on where you live, you'd probably spend more money on gas then buying a few pounds of meat.
I eat meat but ain't no way in hell I'd kill an animal, unless it came down to it.

1227 days ago


TMZ, and most of their commenters, are a bunch of libtards that have no idea what they're talking about. If you eat ANY type of meat, STFU about hunting.

1227 days ago


the funny thing is most these anti-hunter anti man leftist think nothings wrong with killing an unborn child, go read the bible and then ya can start using god to support an argument idiots

1227 days ago


Ryan 11 minutes ago

the funny thing is most these anti-hunter anti man leftist think nothings wrong with killing an unborn child, go read the bible and then ya can start using god to support an argument idiots


Where did anyone say about anything supporting abortion?
From what I read, I only read one person bringing up God in their argument.
Why are you saying most?

1227 days ago


Ryan, it's a debate about the treatment and use of animals, not beliefs about a book or human reproduction. Grasping at straws and making generalizations actually weaken your argument.

1227 days ago


I would watch Shawn's reality show if it was nothing like it is. Killing animals? How pathetic. Go to church instead and pray for forgiveness from all those crotch chops.

1227 days ago


I've lost all respect for Shawn Michaels. I do not condone killing or hurting animals for fun. Dude, if you want to hunt something, why not hunt down the monsters that rape, torture, abuse and kill animals, children and regular people. That sounds like more fun than hunting innocent animals that cannot defend themselves. Karma's a bitch Shawn & I hope you go straight to hell.

1227 days ago



Generalizing people who don't hunt or don't agree with it as anti-man and leftist is grossly inaccurate. There are men, women, and children from all walks of life and political leanings who do not agree with it.

1227 days ago
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