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WWE Legend Shawn Michaels -- Animal-Killing Machine

6/17/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-WWE legend Shawn Michaels is grabbing life by the horns -- and slaughtering it with a CROSSBOW ... killing all sorts of majestic wildlife for a new hunting television show.

The show is called "Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures" -- premiering next month on the Outdoor Channel -- but according to the show's rep, Shawn ain't just hunting for sport ... the guy actually EATS everything he kills.

We also spoke to Michaels himself, who tells us, "I am a Christian, I am an American, I am a family man, and I am a predator, and MacMillan River Adventures will allow my long-time fans and newfound friends to see what really makes Shawn Michaels the man that he is today.”

** Disclaimer: Animals were definitely harmed during the production of this show **

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Brian Haynes    

Sean,YOU REALLY SUCK.Filth, are you that needy for press to kill things.I also mean after killing your career,Making with Brett Hart.Got Two Words For Ya,#$%$# it,S***-Bag.

1224 days ago


Wow, a wrestler on TMZ and he didn't get arrested.

And no, hunting isn't against the law. Sorry Libs :)

1224 days ago


Yeah, you're some Christian Mr. Fake Wrestling, that's for sure.

I hope you die a slow, horrible, painful, agonizing death from the crossbow accident you'll no doubt be involved in because from what I hear anyone who spends any extended period of time with you wants to bash your head into the ground and stomp you into oblivion, and then make it look like an accident.

Some fair fight, an armed moron versus defenseless animals.

I'm sure your kids will be proud of their daddy when they see what you're doing for money.

Clearly you've taken too many chair shots to the head and are severely brain damaged because no sane person would do the things you're doing or the things you've done.

With any luck your death will be caught on tape so we can all enjoy watching it over and over again.


1224 days ago


@mid about an hour ago

The very first pic on this article has a rifle, not a crossbow. Do not call me names
Did you actually look at the rest of the photos?

All but 2 are bow/crossbow!

Tmz is trying to sway people by showing the gun pic! Most people bow hunt as modern gun season is extremely short!

Shotguns are for fowl and small game, which has a limited season!

I have lived 8 miles from, Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge the world's largest green-tree reservoir. Located in southeast Arkansas for a few years. And I can tell you that people come from all over the world to hunt here. I've met Germans, Swedish, Australian...

What people don't understand is it's population control! Some hunt for sport some hunt for sustinance - process it into steaks, ground meat, sausage - freeze it - and eat on it for a year. What they can't eat goes to the church food bank to feed others.

He may be doing it for sport, but it's also a way of life for a lot of people. It also means those people aren't depending on the government to provide for them.

1224 days ago


He must be proud to be a man because from 200 yards away he used a high powered rifle with a scope to kill an animal minding its own business. Too bad the animals don't shoot back.

1224 days ago


There is nothing wrong with hunting,if the meat is going to be eaten and not wasted.For those talking about the bible,I am a christian too,and meat was eaten during biblical times too. People need some meat in their diets.

1224 days ago


"I am a Christian, I am an American, I am a family man, and I am a predator ..."

I wonder if he eats meat on Fridays.

1224 days ago


Nothing but canned, tamed hunting. Animals that were raised by humans, and then set loose in an area, where they still trust humans, and are easy targets. I do not condone this cr**p !!

Pretty d**n sad !!

1224 days ago


BTW, hunting season is only a few months! More animals die and cause accidents during the 9 month off season! One totaled my sisters car and she was 2 streets from downtown.

Hate to break it to you guys, but the animals in the food at all these restaurants were all KILLED! They were electrocuted, some are still alive when their throats are cut or they're clubbed!

As long as there are Subways and Mcdonalds, I don't have to worry about the Animal Scutzstaffel. A vocal minority is all you'll ever be, because steak and bacon is just to d-a-m-n good!

1224 days ago


are you serious??? Like the television companys dont have anything better to show us, then the killing of live animals..How crewl is that, I am a christian, and an american, and a family person...what part of that makes me a predator?? You should kill ony in the means of survival, if I was stranded and had no food or water, then killing an animal would be different, although I dont think I personally could do it...but that should be the only way

1224 days ago


hah figures all the nut cases would come out...

first off I am a hunter and have for many years. We don't show a animal and put a different weapon with it. That would be like some tour de france guy posing with a bmx. Sure he might ride one but he didn't race it...

To all the bible loving anti hunting nut jobs.. Hunting has been around before bible time and if you think the bible talks bad about hunting then you have not read any of it.

To all the nut job vegans.. go pop a pill for something your body needs because your forcing it to change from eating meat to plants.. Go on laughing on TMZ live that the protein replacement gives you gas.. Really makes you look smart.

To all the meat eaters who think hunting's cruel.. Hunting has been going on since cave man times and has been marked in walls of caves and in tombs in the great pyramids... so now its bad because you can buy it over the counter? Do you know why hunting party's started? it was because they didn't have weapons to kill the animal and they needed more people to make sure it didn't laugh and run off. you think that was fine for the animal? fact is the modern hunter does have a advantage with a rifle but so does the animal with a slow dieing death from being hit with 20 spears and living for a few hours because it ran off.

Oh and people.. if you think hitting a animal at 200 yards is so easy then why does the military call someone who can do long shots a sniper? after 100 yards every little thing counts and even in ww2 the snipers were lucky to get 300 yard kills. So you think its that easy I am laughing at you..

1224 days ago

Get Real    

Oh what big, bwave men, going out into the wildnerness with high powered weapons and super magnification scopes, to shoot helpless animals just minding their own business. Used car salesmen are better "predators" than these schmucks.

1224 days ago


mid. "I don't know, maybe because I've been brainwashed to believe that suicide is wrong? Yes, I am selfish; I have no delusion that I'm good for this earth."

If you KNOW that you have been brainwashed, then how can you still believe it? Trying to get my pea brain wrapped around that one. Help me.

You could be good for the earth,mid. My tomato's and cu***bers need fertilizing.

1224 days ago


You people are disgusting! You should be sent out into the woods in glowing yellow shirts so that people can shoot you down like the dogs that you are. No I am not a vegan but I will never eat deer, rabbit, squirrel, or any other such creature. When America's first settlers came here and of course the original people of this country the Indians, were here that's all they had. No grocery stores. Killing like that for food to put on your table when there is nothing else was one thing. Just for the sport. You people should be shot in places of real pain. And left to bleed out.

1224 days ago


Next it will be DON'T FISH, your killing the little fishies. Oh the horror!!! For those who want to say God didn't put the animals and fish here for us to eat....well, Jesus
fed the multitudes with five loaves of bread and TWO FISH. For those that don't like killing animals for food please do not buy any more meat from your grocery store for you are doing far worse by endorsing the inhumane way the slaughter houses kill fine animals in filthy tightly packed small quarters,they are maimed, diseased and some die before they are even smashed in the head with a sledge hammer. Go watch it some time, it will make you so sick that you will want to start going out and killing your own meat. At least you know it was killed in one shot and did not suffer. ONE not many. You clean them so you know how the meat was handled. More times than not hunting is the sport of just getting out in nature sitting quietly and taking in the beauty and the peacefulness of your surroundings and jus*****ching nature at its finest. Many of majestic animals have passed my way with the only shot fired was from my camera.

1224 days ago
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