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WWE Legend Shawn Michaels -- Animal-Killing Machine

6/17/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-WWE legend Shawn Michaels is grabbing life by the horns -- and slaughtering it with a CROSSBOW ... killing all sorts of majestic wildlife for a new hunting television show.

The show is called "Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures" -- premiering next month on the Outdoor Channel -- but according to the show's rep, Shawn ain't just hunting for sport ... the guy actually EATS everything he kills.

We also spoke to Michaels himself, who tells us, "I am a Christian, I am an American, I am a family man, and I am a predator, and MacMillan River Adventures will allow my long-time fans and newfound friends to see what really makes Shawn Michaels the man that he is today.”

** Disclaimer: Animals were definitely harmed during the production of this show **

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Leave the dude alone. He kills it, then eats it. I'm sure there's no shortage of what ever the hell that is running around.

1226 days ago


I would watch Shawn Michaels eat air.....LOVE HIM. And for those of you who are intent on running your uninformed mouths...MID....hunting animals for food, Shelter, clothing has LONG been a normal process for humans! People who have this "oh don't kill animals blah,blah,blah.....shut up! So sick of whining,crying BABIES!!! YOU people are what is wrong with America NOW....if you don't like the lifestyle...don't live it and don't talk @ anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

1226 days ago


For all the haters, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Hunters provide funds to help preserve habitats and help manage the population of animals. There are numerous stories about deer over population which leads to starvation, chronic wasting disease, etc. Most hunters are the ultimate environmentalists! They know if they don't care for the land, it won't be there to enjoy.

1226 days ago



Keep calling me names. It won't sway me. And I'm talking about the use of weapons for sport in this article, not the history or evolution of weapons. We're debating the current sport of hunting animals with powerful weapons. Telling me to go kill myself will not make you a better debater either.

1226 days ago


mid less than a minute ago

You called me names because I referred to the rifle instead of the crossbow or the arrow when all three are included in the article's pictures. Why? All 3 are deadly man-made weapons used to hunt unarmed animals for sport.

Cry me a river!


Sorry for calling "you" a dumba$$! What I meant to say was your logic is as DUMB AS A$$!

Millions of restaurants and grocery stores serve tortured meat!

No one should drive now because there's public transportation! Right?!

No one should build their own home because the gov't can provide you one! Right?!

We shouldn't go to Walgreens and get some tylenol when we can go to the doctor/hospital! Right?!

We shouldn't get involved in our kids education - the school should teach them "everything" they need to know! Right?!

We have debit and credit cards now - why teach kids how to count money! Right?!

Why bother teaching english - texting acronyms should be sufficient! Right?!


The lesson is: Traditions and common knowledge are passed down to each generation! What's being proposed by the vocal minority is the laziness of convenience.

When has an animal nazi's spoken-up for the indentured servitude, inhumane working conditions and ouright mistreatment that most immigrant workers endure! Those vegetables in the can and in the produce section are on the backs of the severly underpaid/overworked. Where's the outrage!

And you can't claim farmers markets and growing your own food is a viable option, because that the same as hunting your own meat!


1226 days ago



I don't have time to respond to your angry book of off-topic generalizations. I'm interested in debating the issue of modern game sporting using man-made weapons. Maybe you can chat with somebody else?

1226 days ago


This is no surprise, really. Who really cares if the guy shoots a deer? It's legal, and it's been happening since the beginning of time. If any of you have that big of a problem with it, just go throw yourself in front of a deer, and protect it that way.

Oh wait you won't hear anyone say that. Oh and instead of trolling on the internet complaining about everything you see, you need to be out there interacting with society. Get out of the house people.

1226 days ago


disgusting!!!!! I hope someone shoots BOTH of their brains out. Killing animals as a sport deserves the worth punishment ever and Im glad I dont live in those hick towns because **** would go down on my end. I dont believe in killing for sport and this is really pissing me off!!!!!!!!!!

1226 days ago


Ya know....this is all Disney's fault.

Hunting was all fine until Bambi's mother got shot....and now people freak out over hunting animals.

Man has been hunting for food AND sport for CENTURIES.

Move on, already.

1226 days ago


This kind of killing is different than the slaughter of African animals. For one thing, they aren't in danger of extinction. So many animals in Africa are bei,ng slaughtered for bush meat, including gorillas and many species of monkeys. The problem is they can't reproduce fast enough to overcome the heavy demand for their meat and many are teetering on the verge of extinction.

1226 days ago


@mid and you call it a sport.. A sport is for fun and hunting is for many reasons. He eats the meat and doesn't toss it away so there is nothing "sport" about it.

come up with something better... if you don't like hunting then fine don't hunt but to make up BS is crap. I have never met a "sport" hunter in my life and I live in the mnt's and hunted since I was a young kid. I am taking my 6 year old girl out next year turkey hunting because she wants too and asked me to take her. I guess I should tell her no because people like you bud into other peoples ****.....

1226 days ago


I'd rather hunt vegans... To each their own.

1226 days ago


All these people who have an issue with hunting because they think it is cruel... go read about, or watch videos on how the chicken, cows, and pigs most of you hypocrites eat on a daily basis are raised and slaughtered.

Some of you think it is ok because you don't have to see it. Some of you think it is ok because those kinds of animals aren't "cute"(Sandy, wow).

It's plainly obvious reading this thread that the people who actually care more about the animals are the hunters/those for hunting.

"It's not a question of whether it's better or more humane for the animal. Of course it is. The point is how can a human being enjoy the killing of an animal? ENJOY IT being the main point. If it came down to my family starving or me killing an animal, of course I'd do it. There would be tears on my face but I'd feed my family. I certainly wouldn't enjoy it or think it was "fun". Big difference."

Do you enjoy it when you eat a burger? Or do you choke it down with tears in your eyes as you contemplate the sacrifice of the cow?

I'm sorry but if you eat meat, you are just as "cruel" as a hunter. Only difference is, you don't care how the animal lives, just as long as it doesn't die in your presence. Wow, how humane you people are.

1226 days ago


This guy is a massive loser. All you hunters also fall into the category of loser. It is not necessary to kill these animals. You do it for fun, to watch the animal die. It is not humane, not necessary and you do it to get off with your sick, twisted little minds. It is not a sport. The fact that this has been made into a tv show is ridiculous and disturbing. He is not killing the animal because he NEEDS to in order to survive, he is doing it because he WANTS to. And that's what is truly upsetting.

1226 days ago


@ linz..so the dogs of Michael Vick..the are just animal to love but at the same time Michael gets thrown in jail..for killing for fun. animal are animal..dogs cats pigs deers rabbits goats birds bulls elephants Sarah Palin and the list goes on. In mexico Bulls get slain if they lose. And this is a TV show? killing animals isn't that a double standard in MV case...(bull****).

1226 days ago
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