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Hayden's New BF -- Closer in Age & Height

6/17/2011 7:06 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Since breaking up with her super-sized 35-year-old ex  Wladimir Klitschko, Hayden Panettiere has moved on to a shorter, younger man ... NY Jets wide receiver Scotty McKnight.

Hayden Panettiere New Boyfriend

Hayden and her 5'11, 23-year-old baller were spotted at Mel's Diner in West Hollywood on Thursday.

The 21-year-old blonde has gone from giants to Jets.

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maybe she has worked through her daddy issues and will now date young men in her own age bracket

she is getting old before her time and will end up looking used up by age 40

and too bad she's not a good actress-she just gets by

1223 days ago

Evan Benz    

That is why Google is Google.

Am I missing some inside joke ???

Are you all the dudes that sit at home PhotoShopping Hayden Panettiere's head onto someone else's body.

Cause if you are those people . . . . You all got me !!!!
You totally had me fooled !!!!
You dudes are AWESOME !!!!

1223 days ago


But does TMZ know that Mark Sanchez, whom she was last seen with, and Scotty McKnight are childhood friends and now teammates on the Jets. Sounds like Marky played matchmaker on this one.

1223 days ago


She's weird looking.

1223 days ago

PRO US    

fkeys 50 minutes ago

Why do dudes wear those stupid toques in warm California?
ldh 15 minutes ago

actually it is cool and overcast for much of the day in california we are having what they call the june gloom and only have a few hours of sun
Begin rant

What a joke. Warm enough to wear a T shirt but cold enough to wear a wool hat? Trying to cover up your early onset male pattern baldness with receding hairline there, Scotty? You'll have to pull that tuque down lower over your forehead for people not to see it, Scotty.

Scotty, why you so worried about your hair. Hayden has a bigger forehead and more of a receding hairline and more male pattern baldness than you do, and she still looks relatively good as a half-bald woman.

Hey, no one's perfect physically, right?

Mel's looks like a nice chain restaurant with decent formula frozen, pre-packaged, pre-cooked, pre-measured, additives and preservatives laden, factory-made, re-warmed, microwaved food. It's open 24 hours. Does that mean that they have a Chef working there on all 3 work shifts, or only illegal immigrant short order cooks and part-time hi-skule students?

End rant

1223 days ago


I don't understand TMZ's fascination with this woman's dating life and the height of her boyfriends.

1223 days ago


This guy was measured at 5-10. Hes not 5-11

1223 days ago


she's got to be bigger than the bat cave after her last beau.

1223 days ago


nice boots

1223 days ago


I don't like her face. Why does everyone think she's hot? She looks like Rutger Hauer for Christ sakes!

1223 days ago

PRO US    

Steinberg 5 minutes ago

I don't like her face. Why does everyone think she's hot? She looks like Rutger Hauer for Christ sakes!

Rutger Hauer was very good looking, IMHO.

1223 days ago

Master Po    

No evan we arent the ones, but you are the fool who falls for it. The 2 links I posted where from google. Type Hayden Panettiere nude beach and you will see a few pictures away from your naked picture you are quoting for truth along with the real picture of her in a swimsuit.

But nice try at taking shots at people who pointed out how stupid you are. It totally makes you look smart again. Hey if you get a email from a *****ian prince its totally real.

1223 days ago


she is hot...not even in her prime years yet

1 thing though...seems like she relies on men a lot....she is never single for long

1223 days ago

Master Po    

Anyone else find it ironic the guy who fell for fake topless pictures is giving people tips on how to surf the internet, I know I do.

1223 days ago

Toby Weymiller    

She will dump him when he is cut by the Jets next year.

1223 days ago
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