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Playboy's Shannon Twins -- Movin' Back in with Hef

6/17/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karissa Shannon's break-up with Sam Jones III wasn't based on a ruse after all -- because Karissa and her twin sister Kristina tell TMZ, they ARE moving back into the Playboy Mansion.

We broke the story this morning -- Karissa pulled a bait-and-switch on the "Smallville" actor yesterday, lying about moving back into the Mansion with her sister ... so Jones would help her pack before she dumped him.

But something changed in the last few hours -- because the twins just rolled up to the Mansion, telling us, they're moving back into Hugh Hefner's palace after all.

The girls shacked up with Hef for the first time back in 2008 -- living with him as his "girlfriends" for over a year.



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Vix the problem is he can't be engaged to them both and marry both of them. That's why he took the skanks back. No pressure.

When Hef kicks, which will be soon, they might as well level that mansion because nobody is going to want it. The ghost of Hef will probably haunt it for decades. He knows he's going to hell and will hang here on earth as long as possible.

1224 days ago


You know, it's really a shame these two girls aren't trying to support themselves, just running from man to man for a place to stay and a couple of bucks. What happened to self-respect ladies?

What are they gonna do for a living when they hit their 40's and no one wants them anymore?

1224 days ago


There will never be a shortage of women for Hef. There are a lot of old disgusting men with money who have young women in their beds, and they can't offer the women a Playboy spread and a reality show career like Hef can. I hope he fills up his mansion again.

1224 days ago


Freaking makes me want to puke. We were only interested in Hefner because of the Girls next door, mainly Holly and Kendra. When they were gone, he just became that old disgusting pervert again. Didn't care about Crystal, or the sleazy skank twins when they were there before and don't care about them now. Let them knock themselves out being the prostitutes they truly are. I don't want to hear anymore about them.

1224 days ago


One last gasp for old Hugh Hefner to reel in Kristina and Karissa. It's now or never!!!

1223 days ago



retch puke LOL

1223 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Here is another set of Twins that lived @ the mansion, only one of them was connected to a murder victim on 48 hrs. Read about what a greedy bitch one of them was, or watch the show. I live about 2 main streets from where it happened.

1223 days ago


Oh, this is bad, very very bad. These two are the biggest golddiggers of all. He is trading one problem in for two. I never realized how much Hef can not be alone until he tried to replaced Holly,Kendra and Bridgette with these three girls. Maybe that is all he want's after all , a little make believe family. Problem is these girls are pure white trash and he could do so much better. At his age he should be concentrating on only letting real true friends in his life , is this like Elvis where no one tell's him what's really up? I'm just speechless as I know the outcome will not be good. Oh well, It's summer, at least he will have some girls laying around the pool, why waste the season?

1223 days ago


Mary hide the silver the hos from michigan are back . stock up on flea soap and lice spray.. I can't be alone I'll take anybody in at this point.

1223 days ago


Why all the disgust and hatred for Hef? All the man has to do is sit back and they all line up to be with him. You think ANY man would turn that down? Hell no, and can't blame him. I do feel bad for the man having to deal with these two skanks though. Where's Holly been hiding out? Nothing from her?

1223 days ago

Khate sucks    

These nasty UGLY twin*****e Heffer!

1223 days ago

Josh Laughlas    

That picture made me think of House Bunny.

1223 days ago


Poor Hef...He's a mere shadow of his former self. Now just a doddering old man TRYING to act 60 years younger than he really is. The goofy looking Captain'***** I see him in only makes him look like a FOOLISH, doddering, silly, out of touch with modern society, stuck in the late 60s to early to mid 70s old man that probably has at least MILD Dementia by now. Does anyone think it's likely that he'll eventually cop a token on the clue bus that these air headed, gold digging vulture-ish bleach blonde bibmos wouldn't pee down his throat if his tonsils were on fire if he were an AVERAGE 80 something old man with a small Social Security check and a smaller yet pension from the accounting firm he once worked for but was forced into retirement 20 years ago? Hef...PLEASE try to protect what "Street Cred" and public image you still have before it's too late, come to grips with the fact that you just 'aint what you once were, start acting your age and just sort of fade into the background before you're nothing but a complete joke?

1222 days ago


Of COURSE NONE of these bleached whore have any affection of feelings for Hef. He supplies nothing more than a fancy motel, and gives them all "allowances" and too many small dogs and skimpy outfits. They ALL think they will get "discovered" but NONE of them, even the ones who seem to have made a tiny bit of a name seperate from him really have broken from him of made their own name or have any talent other than shwing off their still young bodies. When that goes south, the panicing will begin. You can't live off your looks forever. Hef is truly pathetic at this point and I doubt that even the people that still come to his parties respect him, but like to use him and his place for what they can get, whatever THAT is. Last I heard it was LEGIONAIRES DISEASE!

1222 days ago
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