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Tracy Morgan

'Hey, Homeless

Gay Teens ...'

6/17/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan put on his serious face today in NY -- to meet with some homeless gay teens and victims of anti-gay violence -- in an effort to educate himself after his recent homophobic comedy act.


During the meeting -- organized by GLAAD -- Morgan spoke with two young gay people, Jayden Love and Raciel Castillo (pictured above, to the right of Morgan), who were forced to live on the streets after they were shunned by their families.

Afterward, Jayden and Raciel said, "We really appreciate that we were able to meet with Tracy Morgan ... We hope that our stories have the power to change not only Tracy's perspective, but those of any parent who may be struggling with accepting their child."

Tracy plans to go to Tennessee next week (the site of his homophobic performance) to apologize to the people he offended and to meet with the Tennessee Equality Project and local advocates.


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Dom The Mover    

Gee, WWRP Say, What would Ricard Pryor Say, Enuff Tracy, you said homophobic rants jokingly,in bad taste it wasnt funny and you apologized, and thats fine, we'll get over it, but please stop all this drama, its making look like an Over-achiever Or maybe Im wrong, when you make tons of money do you get stupid after awhile!

1194 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This is a freaking joke, another victim of the Gay Gestapo Brownshirts and Brownholers. You people can kiss my azzz freaking sick bullies.

You start having some respect for those of us who abhor your behavior and we'll have some for you once you learn to keep your sexual perversion choices to yourselves and not stormtrooping America shoving this 'we're queer and here' crud down everyone's throat like a Bendover Barney ***********er.

1194 days ago


jchancey,I agree with you completely, it makes me sick how we are not allowed to have our own opinions and that Tracy is letting this pervert's organization telling him what to do, it's a shame.
What's next? We should apologize to pedophiles for not agreeing with their LIFESTYLE, or maybe apologize to the polygamists or the ones who marry their pets...ALL OF THESE ARE ALSO CHOICES THAT PEOPLE MAKE LIKE BEING GAY, stop the stupidity, being gay is a lifestyle and not a third , fourth or fifth gender...idiots...
Com'on the Political Correctness is sending this country straight to hell....

1194 days ago


If more people took the time to go and actually meet the people they "hate", "judge" and discriminate against, they might find that the people they are judging are nice people, that have lives, compassion for others, and the same day to day lives we do.

It took a lot of guts for Tracy to say that he was wrong and to publicly make an effort to educate himself on the subject. I applaud him for this.

Now if every other person who judges another would do the same, then we just might get somewhere.

Good for you Tracy! I am really proud of you today! :o)

1194 days ago


OMG America has gone to Sh^t!! Shame on you Tracy for being bullied by a bunch of homos! You homos may have the right to be who you are but I and other people have the right to put you in your place for it!

1194 days ago


What's the difference between a teen who is kicked out of the house because he is using drugs against his father's wishes and a teen who is kicked out of the house because he is engaging in deviant sexual activity against his father's wishes?

Both involve childish impulsive pleasure driven animalistic desire that the teen is failing to control like a normal human and honorable member of society.

In both cases, the father as an elder, is telling the child that behavior is not tolerated under his roof. The child is dishonoring and disrespecting his elders and the hand that feeds them. Therefore, they run away.

These children are not "shunned", but choose to disobey their parents based on personal choice. They lack respect and deserve to be on the streets. I hope they have trouble finding food, because their choices have led to their condition. They deserve ZERO treatment and ZERO care from the public because they already rufused care that was given to them by their parents.

Had they respected their elders, they would still have a home. Too bad, too sad.

Note to the Liberals in the bubble: 95% of fathers do not want a gay son. Get over it. It's called biology. Not religion.

1194 days ago


Soooo, speaking out against homosexuality as a sin is "homophobic"?!? What next? Narcophobics? Alcoholphobics? DrunkDrivingphobics? Incestophobics? Pedophilephobics? Whorephobics? Slutphobics? Adulteryphobics?

This is the absurdity of the gay movement. The sex act in the privacy of their home isn't good enough for them. They act like they deserve their own ethnicity. Who's next? The adulterers unite and plead for an equal social-class standing as the non-adulterers?!?! And then, the adulterers call the non-adulterers phobics if they don't support them? Grow-up!

1194 days ago


LOL .. actually Jennifer no you don't.. you are just an fake name on TMZ acting all tough. You have a right to an opion but like they say.. opinions are like a.zz.holes, everyone has one and no yours isn't special or more correct than anyone elses. "Right to put people in their place",... hahahaha yeah sure.

1194 days ago


No superman, he said he would stab his own son to death if he acted gay.. now if you don't get why that is bad and not funny then it's you who have a problem.

1194 days ago


That is one poor example of a BROTHER! He just lost all RESPECT in the HOOD but at least he can hang with GAY homeless people. Tracy just dont drop the soap and you should be ok!

1194 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Tracy and a few other might be bullied, but damn if some switcheroos are going to dictate my words, movements or beliefs.

Tracy will not keep gay teens from killing themselves. That is the job of the parents. JUST LIKE EVERYONE LIKES TO BRING BLACK INTO HOMO CHIT...........WHEN OUR KIDS COME HOME FROM SCHOOL OR ACTIVITIES AND ARE HURT BECAUSE SOME WHITE GROUPS HAVE BELITTLED THEM.........WE THE PARENTS HANDLE IT. IT WORKS, WE HAVE NO HIGH SUICIDE AND BLACKS HAVE HAD HARSHER TREATMENTS THAN GLADD OR ANY OTHER ******* WHO IS TRYING TO INSINUATE THEIR NASTY LIVES INTO OUR COUNTRY AND CALL IT NORMAL. When you see civil rights workers speaking of a case, it is always not approved nor required by a black white situation.You are weak, weak pu))ies. Act like parents and take care of your own.

1194 days ago


How can anyone throw their kids on the street for being gay, oh thats right, religion, the same thing that is "supposed" to teach love. Bunch of bull sh_it.

1194 days ago


So the gays have a cry about being mad fun of and this joker is running around meeting them and asking for forgivness.You ameicans have a very funny sence of humor.No wonder your country is going down the toliet

1194 days ago


What a waste of time. Comedians are supposed to say ridiculous things. Sometimes it isn't funny or crosses the line. Oh well. Not a big deal. What's spoken on stage often isn't even what the comedian believes. Comedy acts are meant to inspire laughs or reactions, instead of scrutiny. What happened to free speech in this country? Our inalienable rights have become alien.

1194 days ago


What a sellout!!...these homo's a have to stop! no one in there right mind wants there child to be gay! whether its right,wrong or indifferent!...also he is a comedian,thats what comedians do they say outrageous ****.if you do not like it whether u agree with it or not then do NOT go to comedy clubs.his politically correct bull**** has got to STOP!!!

1194 days ago
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