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Bristol Palin

Lost Virginity Drunk,

On Wine Coolers

6/18/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night Bristol Palin lost her V card to Levi Johnston was not real romantic -- She was drunk on wine coolers, didn't remember a thing, and when she woke up ... Levi had split. Oh young love!

In excerpts from her memoir, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far," Bristol says she and Levi used condoms, but she got knocked up anyway. Levi's reaction when she broke the news -- "Better be a f**king boy."

Bristol says her mom was kinda shocked, because she had no idea Bristol was sexually active.

When the doctors asked Levi -- a real wordsmith -- to cut the cord, he responded by saying, "gross," and backed off.  The honors were left to Sarah.

Bristol goes on to say Levi cheated on her constantly, coming home drunk, with hickeys on his neck. She says she finally ended things when Levi told her he got another girl pregnant and that Levi named the child Bentley, which was her first choice when they were naming Tripp.

The book comes out on Tuesday -- Levi's memoir comes out in the fall.

Move over, "Outliers."


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One-thing-we-know department:

No one is going to out-outrageous this guy.

He at least understands he has to bring as-much-dirt-as- possible.

Her book sounds like image-cleansing -

Shining it up.


1231 days ago


This has got to be GEORGE BUSH fault.

1231 days ago


What-might-have-been-interesting Department:

Had she acknowledged raping the dude on a camping trip.

Behind cherry wine coolers that she assure him were safe.

Thus the name for their child.

"We conceived our child on the camping trip - then named the child ..."


1231 days ago

george fudge!    

Guess the kid is named for that night, she Tripped up while drunk. Something tells me this 'memoir' from a 20 yr old, won't be a big seller.

1231 days ago


Our mom taught us if we were going to lie -

Then really go for it:

"He plied me with Diet 7-Up, and pretty soon I was oblivious."


1231 days ago


Who gives a Sh*t.

1231 days ago

Pamela Jackson    

Sure were drunk, don't remember a thing...but you do know you used a condom. Yeah, right. Still media hungry and saying the dumbest mother like daughter!

1231 days ago


Doesn't shock me. That's probably how Levi gets most of his chicks. If they don't won't drink the date rape drugs in the soda pop, he plies them with wine coolers.

Bristol was probably upset when Levi dumped her at the altar, but three years later she should thank her lucky stars that Levi is out of her life.

Bristol will move onto to a good life, while Levi will be hooking up with sugar daddies who are turned on by his Playgirl spreads.

1231 days ago


"Bristol says she and Levi used condoms, but she got knocked up anyway . . "

The condom probably fell off. Levi couldn't find any Trojan Micros in Alaska.

1231 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

What is it about this family that scares you Liberal Flamers so much?? Oh damn now Im homophobic

1231 days ago


I bet everyone who has responded so negative, I bet your mothers knew when you were having sex as a teenage..I seriously doubt it. how many teenage girls had sex but were just lucky enough not to get pregnant, so before everyone wants to jump on the bring down bristol wagon thank about how fortunate you were not to get caught, and isn't it funny how everyone seems to take up for Levi and he is the 1 acting the most irresponsible. if this were a democrat girl everyone would be praising her for keeping her child and doing the best she could and not going on welfare

1231 days ago


She's so bull----ing. How can you not remember a thing but then remember using a condom. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

1231 days ago


When will this family just go away?????

1231 days ago


I don't believe what any of these grifters have to say. They are just going to lie and make excuses to put themselves in a better light! That's what nearly all of these books do.

Bristol's name and image is trademarked now. Does that mean you have to pay her to use her picture? Ironic how she "trademarks" her image when her plastic surgery makes her look like Snooki.

1231 days ago


If Bristol can admit that her first choice of baby names was 'Bentley', why can't she just admit they didn't use a condom?

1231 days ago
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