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Bristol Palin

Lost Virginity Drunk,

On Wine Coolers

6/18/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night Bristol Palin lost her V card to Levi Johnston was not real romantic -- She was drunk on wine coolers, didn't remember a thing, and when she woke up ... Levi had split. Oh young love!

In excerpts from her memoir, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far," Bristol says she and Levi used condoms, but she got knocked up anyway. Levi's reaction when she broke the news -- "Better be a f**king boy."

Bristol says her mom was kinda shocked, because she had no idea Bristol was sexually active.

When the doctors asked Levi -- a real wordsmith -- to cut the cord, he responded by saying, "gross," and backed off.  The honors were left to Sarah.

Bristol goes on to say Levi cheated on her constantly, coming home drunk, with hickeys on his neck. She says she finally ended things when Levi told her he got another girl pregnant and that Levi named the child Bentley, which was her first choice when they were naming Tripp.

The book comes out on Tuesday -- Levi's memoir comes out in the fall.

Move over, "Outliers."


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Wow! I just found the home base of The Stupids. You punks don't know anything about the world you live in. Bristol is just like all of you twits out there. I guess your mommy and daddy, brainless as they must be, told you all your life how special and smart you nitwits are. You are the greatest emetics on the planet. Your stupidity is overwhelming.

OK, your turn, idiots......dis me to death......


1189 days ago

you know it    

Sounds like my ex husband.

1189 days ago


So she's essentially saying he raped her. I guess that's one way to justify being an unwed mother to the people paying you to preach abstinence.

1189 days ago

Get Real    

So Bristol doesn't remember a thing, but knows he used a condom? Which is it? She remembers, or doesn't she? I'm thinking the whole "I was drunk and didn't know anything about it" sounds like B.S. Hmmm, where would she learn how to spin tales like that?

1189 days ago

red sox    

To everyone saying 'if she couldn't remember a thing how does she know they used a condom?!?'...don't be ridiculous, perhaps an empty condom wrapper by the bed the next morning? Or a used condom in the trash? You people will pick out anything to bash people - grow up.

1189 days ago


I can't believe that she's getting all this press....... It like 'it's okay to have kids when you're still a kid, no problem'......

Media whore just like her mother......

1189 days ago


You hit it right on the head Heidi, whores

1189 days ago


She's angry that Levi was not an adult-like father in high school? These are young kids. And that he cheated on her and got another girl pregnant? He's very young and much better looking than she is. This was never going to end well.

The Palin family is nothing more than trash with money. And a snake oil salesman for a mother.

1189 days ago


now of course she blames him and not the fact that shes a skanky ho

1189 days ago


Sarah Palin was pregnant when she got married too. Of course she knew Bristol was a one person entertainment committee in high school.

1189 days ago


When he got sober and saw her without clothes and took a good look at those ham hocks she calls legs he ran can you blame the guy, she's a fat sweat hog.

1189 days ago

No comment    

Who would buy a book that was written by someone else for this twit? I can't understand how someone who got pregnant from not practicing abstinence is now the authority on abstinence. Did she graduate from high school, or did she get her GED?

1189 days ago


Levi thought the condom was an oral contraceptive, so he was chewing on it while he had sex.

1189 days ago


I love this revisionist history of herself. She writes that she was on birth control pills only to help her with cramping. Yeah, right.

She was a little fat whore who wanted to F the hot guy in Wasilla. That's the problem with these Palins. They have to whitewash -- i.e. lie -- about their sordid past.

We all know the Palins are the biggest pieces of white trash. F Sarah Palin and F Bristol Palin.

1189 days ago


Next Bristol Palin will be selling wine coolers.

"Tastes so great you won't be wearing panties the next morning!"

1189 days ago
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