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Bristol Palin

Lost Virginity Drunk,

On Wine Coolers

6/18/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night Bristol Palin lost her V card to Levi Johnston was not real romantic -- She was drunk on wine coolers, didn't remember a thing, and when she woke up ... Levi had split. Oh young love!

In excerpts from her memoir, "Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far," Bristol says she and Levi used condoms, but she got knocked up anyway. Levi's reaction when she broke the news -- "Better be a f**king boy."

Bristol says her mom was kinda shocked, because she had no idea Bristol was sexually active.

When the doctors asked Levi -- a real wordsmith -- to cut the cord, he responded by saying, "gross," and backed off.  The honors were left to Sarah.

Bristol goes on to say Levi cheated on her constantly, coming home drunk, with hickeys on his neck. She says she finally ended things when Levi told her he got another girl pregnant and that Levi named the child Bentley, which was her first choice when they were naming Tripp.

The book comes out on Tuesday -- Levi's memoir comes out in the fall.

Move over, "Outliers."


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Drunk on wine coolers! WTF, gimme a break!

She needs to come stronger than that to even make this hogwash semi-believable.

1230 days ago


who the heck cares. at least he was actually there for the birth and didn't run away, cutting off ALL ties to her. boo ******* hoo some people have it ten times harder in the real world without money and living on the streets with kids because they had no parents growing up. im tired of her thinking she is supposed to be some kind of idol.
1.she got preggers when her mom did
2. she gets plastic surgery for the most ridiculous reason.

god she annoys me. who the heck is going to go out of their way in life to read her book. useless. how about you go to college and make something of yourself instead of taking fame from your mother and using it to benefit yourself.

1230 days ago


TMI. Way too much information. Does this girl have no pride, or maybe she really is stupid.

1230 days ago

Rhonda C. Poynter    

The parents are dumba##es, the kids are dumba##es, and the grandkids are going to be dumba@@es, thru no fault of their own. Yeah, Palin in 2012 - Armaggedon sounds like a better fate.

1230 days ago


This book will be a best seller because MAMA BEAR will buy up all the books.
The condom story may be true because LEVI'S weiner was'nt even big enough to fit any that have been manufactured. It's illegal to sell childlike condoms. That would of course be promoting kiddie sex.

1230 days ago


Underage drinking, teenage pregnancy...yea, she's an amazing rolemodel for today's youth.

1230 days ago


@ rhonda
lol! well said.

the last thing we need is a republican at this time. being liberal, i am not totally against republicans views or ever having another republican president in the future, now is just not the time. especially an idiot like her. it will never happen. you know, people think that there will a zombie apocalypse, those are probably the same idiots glorifying an idiot like sarah.

1230 days ago


Who cares anymore!!

1230 days ago


Levi, sue the pants off of her! No pun intended.

1230 days ago


Please do NOT buy this book. Please do NO*****ch her reality show and make her and her family go AWAY!!!!

1230 days ago

Studley Buck    

Whooo, sweet Bristol, she so fine. She too good for that punk Levi.

1230 days ago


Who hasn't?

1230 days ago

dee cee    

Accuse not until you walk in her shoes.. having a baby is not a sin.. aborting it is, she escaped, was a minor and he's never gone to jail or been fined for what he does, wants to do.. and he's really stalking her for money and fame.. why let the low-life have his blackmail fun? Blackmail is a crime involving threats to reveal substantially true and/or false information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates unless a demand is met. Even if they do forgive him and try to help him he continues to stalk and slander the mother of his child and her family.

1230 days ago


Bently....hahahhahaha. Isn't the name of the douche bag on the Bachelorette.

1230 days ago


jackbauer888 3 hours ago
Maybe they used a rohynol drugs thats why she can't remember a thing...


I'm thinking she was stoned from more then just few wine coolers, and there were no condoms involved, and this is just her BS white washed version of events, that in the end still make here look like the idiot she is.

Wonder what Levi's account of events will be. lmfao!

1230 days ago
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